Let's Play 13th Age: Time to Cry Edition



I keep wanting to post new art I’ve been making but it’s all spoilers! Argh!


Draw more generic stuff then, you dork!


Just post it once it’s not spoilery anymore :smiley:


Woke up to a bunch of PMs on Discord from a few players asking me to clarify some stuff about the world after last night’s session, so either I did something extremely right yesterday or my dumb mouth stumbled over some words. Can’t wait to share the session with the thread, because it was loads of fun.


Per Julia’s prodding, I have written up a little recipe for the drink Apolena requested at the bar. It’s very good!

Wotan Old-Fashioned

the strongest liquor in the house (traditionally a dark spirit)

1 egg

This old favorite of the ravenfolk is frequently used at high-stakes trade meetings to seal a deal, but it’s also just enjoyed by Wotan across the land. It’s a rich, unique experience that can make one feel right at home, or at the very least very drunk.

Simply crack open one egg and empty it into a glass, mug, or whatever the establishment has on hand. More adventurous types are said to include the shell, but this may just be a prank that the Wotan like to play on others.


Egg in vodka… :thinking:

Do you stir it?


You can, but you shouldn’t if you’re offered one unstirred.



It’s time for today’s update! In this episode, the crew rests by a lucky grove on their way to Forge, and things become complicated. Hammer is forced to confront aspects of his faith and god, while Hugh questions just how much he can really trust the dwarf-forged cleric. An old enemy makes themselves known, as things become even more complicated. The episode is here.

This week we also have a very special two part fireside chat, where Apolena and Squire discuss the stars, friendship, and, perhaps most importantly, dragons. Later, Hugh and Apolena try to sort out their feelings about what happened at the Grove of Carmaest. Also, a magical conspiracy is revealed, and a queen is greatly saddened. You can find the fireside chat here.

And, as always, Apolena’s journal has been updated.


Dragons are pretty good. Glad I got to talk about them.

Think my audio was a bit quiet in this one. Sorry folks! We def fix that. Anyway I liked this one because it let us peer into the complex simplicity that is Hammer.


Hey, folks, sorry about the audio glitch that happens in this episode. Right near the end there was a bunch of weird feedback that sounded exactly like Squire telling everyone about the events of the prologue session?

But I can assure you that did not happen and we absolutely did not forget it happened between now and the next session.


We’d never… >.> Consummate professionals. Vessels of perfection. That is us.


Wow, that sure was a weird audio glitch that I’ll completely ignore from now on.

Also, I really like this series so far! The latest fireside chat really lived up to the thread title. :+1:


It only gets better (or worse, depending on your perspective) from here! We’re gonna be hitting all sorts of emotional beats!


I’m sick, so please enjoy this very early 13th Age update! This week, the gang stops in the town of Diktunairy, where they are welcomed with open arms by the knowledge loving kobolds that inhabit it! But despite the kindness and acceptance of the kobolds, something that threatens the entire town lurks in the shadows, something from Hugh’s past. You can find out exactly what that something is by listening to the episode here.

And when you’re done with the episode proper, treat yourself to a triple length fireside chat, where the party must deal with the fallout from Diktunairy. Squire and Hugh try to come to terms with who they are, while Apolena and Dawn must strike an agreement about their continued association. If you like emotions, then you’ll probably like this fireside chat! Listen to it here.

If you still want more content, then Apolena’s journal is also updated to reflect the events of Diktunairy; you can find it in the supplemental reading section!

Finally, I suspect that some people are going to want to know a little bit more about what the heck happened in Diktunairy, so the following is going to be tagged as a spoiler; I strongly recommend you listen to the episode first before you click it to see what’s what!

Sir Hughsnak is a fusion of the demon Hugh Manmon and the kobold Squire Shoesnak; taking from Squire’s carefree attitude and Hugh’s drive to protect his friends, Hughsnak will always be there for his friends, come Hell or high water. He’s brave, bold, caring, and a little uninspired (seriously, look at that name!), but most of all he’s a great friend.

Sir Hughsnak is played by dijon du jour.

If you’re curious about how a demonic fusion works, then you should also read the custom mechanics Dijon and I made for it! You can find them here or in the supplemental reading section (they’ll be spoiler tagged there as well).


Hell yeah! Hey. If you have noticed Apolena is super hard to hear, this is where we catch that and fix it (mostly). Now you get to hear me! … yay?


Biddle’s tragic backstory is now in full swing.


Landed on us like a steam engine!


This week on 13th Age, awful magic storms (you know, those things from the prologue!) have forced the caravan to seek shelter in the small town of Mala Orlytlar, and elven town at the foot of the mountain that houses Forge. While this in itself is strange, the sheer number of pixies everywhere is what really gets the gang concerned, as well as the appearance of the Ebon Gauntlet. Something’s rotten in Mala Orlytlar. You can listen to the episode here.

Following the events at Mala Orlytlar, Dawn, Hugh, and Apolena sit down to try and understand what just happened and how they could be betrayed by someone they thought they understood. Hammer and Apolena also sit down and have a chat about everything and nothing, as Apolena tries to understand Hammer and Hammer tries to be understood. You can listen to the fireside chat here.

Apolena’s journal has also been updated!


I haven’t updated my art in here in a while…

Here’s one of Dawn trying to teach Hugh how to human better.

And here’s a spoiler for the just posted episode, the first in a series I plan to continue. :speak_no_evil: Don’t click until you’ve listened to the episode okay?!


Bless you, goop child.