Let's give him a hand: Let's Play Dead Space.

Welcome! Welcome to the West’s attempt to make a Resident Evil 4 clone. That’s Dead Space, but to be completely honest, it worked. IT WORKED SO WELL! To call of it a clone would be rude, but one could see how Resident Evil especially 4 influenced the design of this time. While it has the typical jump scare tropes, and all that fun jaz there is something amazing about this game. It was made so well and with such love it’s hard not to be enamored by it. What makes a good action horror game, at least in my opinion, is the weapons and Dead Space really delivers on some fun gunplay.

FUN FACT: They made the artist look at bodies in car crashes to help design the Necromorphs.

So what’s the dealio here? Simple enough, it’s October and I wanted to do a scary game LP, though I shoulda probably started it earlier. EITHER WAY! We’re here on the spoopiest day of the year so let’s have fun with this by going into insane difficulty. That’s right! We’re going straight into the shit on the hardest difficulty we can because we got to spoop it up. So let’s just sit back, relax (as much as possible), and enjoy dismembering aliens limb from limb.

Will try to update every Tuesday.



Excuse you, that fact is not fun. :staredog:

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Yeah, I probably would have quit at that.

Ah, Dead Space. A good game that didn’t have any sequels. At all.

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Hey guys! Sorry for the late update! I totally forgot to post it before I went out today. So there’s that. We’ve made some pretty great progress and get one of the second most iconic things in this game. The Kinesis module, and it’s really good! Like Gravity gun stuff in games is really great unless we’re talking about Doom3 stuff cause that’s straight trash.

That body rag doll was probably one of the best things I’ve seen all week.

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Dead Space does the amazing thing of having the perfect ragdolls. It’s not QUITE Dark Souls levels but it’s still glorious.

I don’t care if they break immersion. If a body doesn’t flop in the most awkward way and isn’t able to by dragged or thrown around by running into it, what’s even the point of playing the game?


You don’t know how much I agree with this on a spiritual level.

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We’re still gathering everything to finally get the captain’s authorization. The Necromorphs learning to play dead a lot in this video. I’ll eventually get around to making a compiled list of all the text logs I SWEAR IT! :psyduck:

The zero gravity sections are really cool. I would definitely like to see more of those.


We finally get the codes from the captain completely unaccosted… Nothing went wrong during any of that part. Also turning on some engines and having the game freak me out.

Before I downloaded the V-Sync fix issue I did try v-sync on for 3 episodes. It feels very different and I’m not really sure I like the way the game plays at that frame rate. For those not in the know the game runs at 30 fps or is supposed to. With Vsync off it runs at 60+ which I FEEL has some gameplay impacts and which I’m more used to. You’ll see some of these impacts as we post new updates.

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Holy shit I’m blond for a reason… update

So we’re getting our butts into gear here and I know it’s always something breaking down but that’s how it is in the life of a space engineer. Going places and pressing a button to make it work again. Super hard stuff.

With the addition of the egg sac type enemies, I can definitely see some correlation between the necromorphs and the flood from Halo.

Oh for sure, they really took a lot from tons of popular sci fi media. The Thing being the most prominent IMO, but there’s others too.

Fight room round 2~ LET’S GO!

So we get vengeance on this room… Thank god! It was embarrassing but still it had to be done. Not much to say about this episode outside of typical “Isaac needs to fix shit”. We do encounter everyone’s favorite Necromorph the brute. And my first showing was a bad one cause I’m dumb and bad.

Next episode is going to be the one everyone hates. The Asteroid defence mini game. I will say that episode 7 somehow and strangely decided to Desync near the end which I’m not sure how/why. Never had this problem before. It happened though in the editing. Maybe combining the audios together but it’s still strange that it would happen that way.

I think I know what my main problem with the game is. All the areas look very similar. I’m not feeling a sense of progression despite being six episodes in.

You’re not wrong, and I’m not sure if that’s due to it being where we have to go is all mechanical stuff or what. There are “different” areas of the ship… It’s just… I don’t know. It’s kind of weird right?

Yeah. I understand we’re seeing the behind the scenes stuff that the normal populace probably wouldn’t normally get to. But little touches would be nice. I wouldn’t normally think an engine room would look the exact same as a defense system room right? But maybe it was to reuse assets and make development easier.

Yeah, but I would say the medical bay and morgue looking somewhat similar made sense at least to me.