Let's Fillet! The Cooking Thread


Man that crust looks tasty.

Got a slow cooker over the weekend. Plan is to use it for weekly lunches and kick start the diet again.

Any slow cooker recipes low in calories would be much appreciated.


Can I go back in time and get in on both of these because holy damn


anyone got any hot falafel tips, i tried to make some the other night and they dissolved into the oil i was using to fry them

it was maybe the worst thing i’ve ever tried to clean up in a kitchen, and this includes detail cleaning the line at a panera until 3 AM


Sounds like the oil wasn’t hot enough. It should be around 370-380 degrees F. You want it hot enough that the outside hardens quickly and forms a shell that contains the innards.
Also make sure you fry in small batches. you don’t want to add so many they bring the oil temp below 370.


Also, if they’re just collapsing consider putting in a bit of binding agent (like flour), which’ll help them keep their shape a bit better.


The recipe I found was vegan even though I’m not so I might just throw some egg in there next time? I did add flour but it didn’t help.


Pineapple-dolphin upside down cake!


Hell yeaaaaa I saw that recipe in the Bravetart Cookbook too. Can’t wait to make my own.
Yours looks delicious btw.


I made this pizza from scratch, the first time I’ve ever done any kind of “bread” baking.

It tasted good, but the base was a bit too soggy.


Raspberry Oreos. Took me forever because I kept messing up.


Chocolate chip cookies, but oops I had no chocolate.


I… shit is there even a name for chip-less chocolate chip cookies??? I feel like there should be, right?




just cookies, i think, would be the technical term.


Hell yea Im sharing this here too cause I made a good fudge after making a good first batch then ruining three batches beyond recognition and it’s only 4 am!

God I still have so much candy to make tomorrow.


Ah, a cookie-less chocolate chip cookie.


God I still have so much candy to make tomorrow.

You’re trying to win the illustrious “best halloween candy” award aren’t you?


It’s… finally over. Cake went over well, I think. At some point I had to let it go and not fuss over the mistakes.


Tomorrow is the last day of my Red Cross first aid course (hopefully I passed! ) and we’re having a compartir (which is a reunion where everyone brings something to share, if there’s a word for it I’m entirely spacing out on it), so I decided to make these potato buñuelos.


Potluck might be the word you’re looking for. Those look so delicious!