Let's Fillet! The Cooking Thread


I have found a rad cooking channel & now really want to do metal etching to a chef’s knife someone save me


i’ve been rambling about street foods/snacks in southern california to myself a bit, so hell why not put them here and see if anyone shares my sentiments or gets interested in that

Churros are awesome and have a lot of variations internationally. Typically North American made ones are coated in cinnamon sugar and stuff like thatf, but other countries use fillings like chocolate, dulce de leche, cajeta (syrup made from caramelised goat milk) and my favorite, vanilla.

or just dip them in nutella, it melds well i think
I read (really just a statement :x) that churros are also popular over in France, and I got really excited and started googling if they have some variation like other countries

they crossed churros with toast(??)

I’m not complaining at least

also, i grew up with chicharrones de harina (rinds of flour, don’t let the name put you off) and wouldn’t say no to a passing street vendor selling them on my block. They look like this, so if you for some reason want to feel like you’re eating edible wheels with spokes, here’s your snackfood

also they look like this, if you don’t like wheels or somethin’

they are usually eaten with a type of salsa picante and lemon juice, and crap im peckish for some now

also! you can make them yourself, just buy a pack from a local store that sells them (typically mexican ones)


My sourdough starter is finally strong enough for breadmaking, so I’ve been real busy.

First of all I made a simple sourdough loaf.

After that I decided to get saucy and made a chocolate sourdough loaf too.

Served with butter(milk frosting). It’s great! Well, the inside is. I think next time I’ll omit the chocolate chips because the ones on the outside got overcooked and gave the outer crust an overly bitter taste in parts. Still an overall successful experiment I think! The sour taste of the buttermilk frosting really well compliments the sourness of the bread, too.


Update - i totally did this and didn’t use enough tape.

That part in the center that’s perfectly in-tact? That’s where there were two overlapping layers of tape.


Anybody cook in bulk for the week?
So I marinade chicken, oven bake and tear it up. I usually mix in a vegetable sauce I made but its not really fancy, i literally cook up just random vegetables and puree them.

Any suggestions for vegetable dishes to go with chicken that’s freezer/microwave friendly?


Does anybody have suggestions for what I could do with leftovers? sometimes I cook a meal that isn’t very popular in my household, so I end up with a lot that I don’t want to leave to waste. :sweat:
I feel like I could eventually eat what’s left, but eating it for X many days straight feels like too much, and possibly not heathly?


It’ll only last so long so really you should eat it. But that depends on what the dish is really.

Also chat with your housemates on what kinda meal you can agree on so you don’t end up making a ton only to end up with too much leftovers.


It was a baked pchicken pasta, so I don’t know how long that would last, but thanks for the advice. :smile:

And you’re right about talking with them, which I do try, but trying to make something that would please eveyone’s tastes can be hard; really rewarding when I manage it though!


Buy many plastic containers and store excess food in individual portions in the freezer, easy.


I made some damn caramels and they are delicious. I think next time I might let push the caramel a bit further to get some bitter tones, and not forget the vanilla, but they are still great. Especially with extra salt :drooling_face:


I only just now made the connection that it was you who got retweeted by Stella Parks, you lucky bastard.


:smiley: Yep that was me. It really made my day, hah. I’m beyond excited for her book - only a few more weeks!


In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to I’ve been perfecting my bread technique!

You’d think at some point you’d get tired of having fresh bread in the house but no, it’s always awesome.

I also got a bamboo steamer that’s been seeing a ton of use.

Soup dumplings drools


welcome 2 carbtown population me


Two important updates:

  1. It was one of our dog’s birthday a week or so ago, so I made them both peanut butter oatmeal cookie-cake-biscuits. They were okay.

  2. I uh. I may have volunteered to make my brother his wedding cake. Nov 11th. Thankfully I have Bravetart, but who knows what he’ll be looking for. He is a very anxious person (like my entire family) so getting answers out of him will be hard. Expect pictures of my test cakes over the next few months. :birthday::man_in_tuxedo::man_in_tuxedo:


Look at this cake I helped bake for my birthday. :3:


That’s brilliant! Is it Lemon Meringue?


A tres leches cake; it’s popular here in Venezuela, but we did use this recipe, which is in english: http://www.cookingclassy.com/tres-leches-cake/#more-29066


Cherry pie in honor of Twin Peaks last night.
It wasn’t good. The cherries I got were bad. :frowning:
Pie crust was excellent though!


I made some Chorley Cakes (shortcrust pastries filled with raisins for those not in the know)

Not the first time I’ve made these to be fair, but these particular ones were different because I tried sticking a teaspoon of blackcurrant jam in each one. And whatdyaknow, it worked well and they turned out super good.