Let's destroy one last ancient civilization in UNCHARTED 4: A THIEF'S END

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is Naughty Dog’s final Uncharted game, and the first for the PS4. If you don’t know about Uncharted, it’s about Nathan Fillion stealing treasure, blowing up roughly 700 to 1,000 men, and then destroying an ancient civilization. He also has an immortal grease grandpa that is kept together by tape and glue. It might be my favorite Uncharted game, just beating out Uncharted 2, but I’m still not sure yet! The directors of this game last did The Last of Us, and there’s a very noticeable influence from that game’s design on this one, especially narratively. It’s still actiony and goofy, but you’re gonna see a lot more character moments than before. Also boxes. I should mention that this game is extra rewarding if you’ve seen/played the previous 3 games, but they’re not required to enjoy this one.

Just don’t spoil the game! It’s very story focused and has a lot of really cool moments and set pieces that I’d like to remain unspoiled, both for the audience and for Ironicus. Thank you!!!

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Episode 1: The Game of StrifeCut Commentary
Episode 2: Pyrate FalsehoodsCut Commentary
Episode 3: DeviousDrake69Cut Commentary
Episode 4: AlcázarCut Commentary
Episode 5: SullyCut Commentary
Episode 6: Dude-Seeking Punch MissileCut Commentary
Episode 7: Monk HouseCut Commentary
Episode 8: Porch LightCut Commentary
Episode 9: Punchin’ and Lunchin’Cut Commentary
Episode 10: The DragonCut Commentary
Episode 11: Point and ShootCut Commentary
Episode 12: The Two CathedralsCut Commentary
Episode 13: Spicy BreadCut Commentary
Episode 14: Say Cheese!Cut Commentary
Episode 15: Tight GraphicsCut Commentary
Episode 16: Save the Rec Center!Cut Commentary
Episode 17: Peep PipeCut Commentary
Episode 18: Skin CareCut Commentary
Episode 19: Big Ass MapCut Commentary
Episode 20: CMCut Commentary
Episode 21: Sluice GateCut Commentary
Episode 22: RSVPCut Commentary
Episode 23: Macho NachoCut Commentary
Episode 24: JAWSCut Commentary
Episode 25: A Thief’s EndCut Commentary
Episode 26: V for VenomCut Commentary


Hi! If you’re new to our LPs, we have two versions of each video, when applicable. We have the normal version of our videos, which include us talking over cutscenes and important story moments. The links labeled “cut commentary” will give you the same episode, but without us talking over the story. It’s all up to your preference which one you watch!

Let’s continue with this latest update, where I have to apologize for some really bad backronyms. Oh dear.

Episode 22: RSVPCut Commentary


Never apologize, just BYOB!

Blow Your Own Bepis.


The meta retsupurae of DeviousDake64 bloody owned! Great thread, glad to see this thing here!

I reckon that the third goose is Upper Corporate Management Goose. It even comes with a tiny pair of goose spectacles.

I personally can’t wait for Uncharted 5: Drake’s Gameshow, where Naughty Dog just completely sells out and it’s a Wipe Out game featuring Nathan Drake and it’s somehow for the Wii.


They really went all out for this last game, I’ve been pretty impressed with some of the setpieces!

I’m really hoping for at least one more Monkey Island reference before the game ends.

So, suppose the Super Drake Bros. go to New Donk City. Which one of them gets Luigi’s low traction/high jumping skills? Sam, because he’s the taller brother, or Nate, because he’s the younger brother?

Nate is Mario, Sam is Waluigi. There is no Luigi counterpart.


The Uncharted games are always…to put it bluntly, kinda torturous to play, for me. Something about how they work rub me the wrong way. Probably just bad experiences with the first one. Point is they’re a game that is far funner to watch than play. So thanks, Chip, for putting so much effort into this stuff. Excited to see how it ends.

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Birth Day; Salubrity Mandatory! Render Severe, Vigorous Punishment.

(I’m struggling to cope with the idea that Guybrush might have deliberately taken part in these events. He’s a good boy!)

I have to imagine the instant they set foot in Libertalia, he saw what was up and turned the other way.

Obviously the Bondage Goose was into Really Strange Video Pornography of Big Damn Singing Mariachis. It’s the only explanation. He thought it was going to be a public showing!

Rate my Sous-Vide Pork

Oh my god the jokes. The jokes. The goose jokes. ohhhhhh.

Also gotta look up to see if Guybrush survived. He’s gotta!

He didn’t. Poisoned as well. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I’m currently unable to watch new episodes of this LP (very terrible internet), but what I watched previously has been fantastic.

Sully is Yoshi. All-consuming, possibly immortal, occasionally known to breathe fire.


Hey, I didn’t see no Threepwood body. Obviously, the events at Libertalia occurred just before Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge, and all the treasure Guybrush loses at the beginning of that game was the Libertalian horde.

Buy Donk, Super Mario. Resist Sending Victuals to Parakoopas.


I just started watching this LP the other day after I marathoned 2 and 3. I heard good stuff and boy oh boy, Naughty Dog sure loves to get deep in extreme amounts of attention to detail. What an unbelievably cared-for game.

I just assume that it’s all a part of a multi chain puzzle to get a used boot to feed an octopus or something.

Or manipulation via voodoo woman