Let's Casually Play Pokemon Red!

Hi there! This is just a casual video Let’s Play of the first Pokemon generation. :slight_smile:

Pokemon? Really???
With the 2016 release and craze of Pokemon Go, and the extremely recent release of the new Sun and Moon, I figured we could all use a trip down memory lane back to the classic games that started it all.

Which version?
I’ll be playing through Red Version since that’s the version I like the best and that’s what I grew up with. (Actually I grew up with both, but I played Red before Blue) If you played Blue Version (or the Special Pikachu Yellow Version) you might notice some changes between the two but it’s nothing really gamechanging. I’ll try and discuss the differences as they come up, so don’t worry if you notice something that doesn’t quite match up to what you remember. :wink:

Ugh, a video LP with Subtitles?
Sorry, my mic’s quality isn’t up to what I would like to have in a good video LP, and screenshot LPs are a huge pain. :frowning: The music in this game is really good though and a lot of the stuff looks better in motion. If you’re worried about grinding or repetitiveness though, don’t worry, because I will be fast-forwarding or cutting a lot of that out.

Spoiler policy?
Please try to keep heavy spoilers in tags. There’s actually a lot of surprises in this game and I’d prefer to keep the people who haven’t played the game in suspense. Anything after gen 1 is fine though, I don’t care. Absolutely no Sun and Moon spoilers, though, please.

You missed this thing!
This is an incredibly casual LP and definitely not a completionist one, but if you absolutely have to see me show something off, please tell me!

So I want to go hardcore discussion mode about the mechanical nature of this game for chil-
Sure, whatever, but let’s not go out of control, okay? Thanks.

Part 1 - The Pokedex
Part 1.5 - Loose Ends
Part 2 - First Badge
Part 3 - Leaving Pewter
Part 4 - Mt. Moon
Part 5 - Nugget Bridge


That super effective sound effect is blowing my mind. I’d thought it had always been the same as it currently is.
Shows what I know about a game I played 18 or so years ago.


please don’t steal my “nice” gif (just kidding, please do)

Pokemon We Got:

Magikarp. It sucks.

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Thank you for supporting the sciences, enjoy your stay and strange real life references. I have no clue what they were thinking with those, but it’s just How Gen One Is.

fake e: those are some really impressive edits later in the video as well I’m just amazed at the first major change.

look buddy you’d better take back what you said about my boy magikarp, it can learn a whole two other attacks

This LP is going to give me conniptions before it’s done, and I love it.

not in gen 1! hope you like tackle!

fuk, i forgot flail was a later introduction, i am shamed

what the fuck
Color Printer, what did you do
I don’t think you’re being completely forthright about the nature of this LP.


There’s something slightly odd about this, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Well, I haven’t played Pokemon Red in 17 years (holy shit what) so it’s no wonder your mind will start playing some tricks…

Can’t wait to see how insane this gets later on.

Huh. This game has a lot more dialogue than I remember. It has been over 10 years though.

I am aware of the joke and am curious as to where this is going.

Wait a minute…

This thing, this is a thing I have to watch.


You absolutely brilliant bastard.

i am Upset

To be honest it’s been so long since I’ve played the original Pokemon that I think most of the changes are going to go right over my head.
One thing that freaked me out as a kid was the Team Rocket design. They look a lot creepier than the other characters.

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…hold the fucking phone…

I don’t know what you guys are talking about, this seems perfectly normal. Exactly how I remember it!

Except actually the first Pokemon game I played was Silver, and I never played Red. I did play Blue but hey, it’s different from Red, what would I know? :wink:

Pokemon We Got:

Geodude. He’s real and strong, and he’s my friend.

Paras. He kinda sucks actually I don’t know why I caught him

Clefairy. Can learn Metronome which turns it into a walking RNG.


You caught Paras because it’s a bug zombie based on parasitic fungus from nature which is FUCKING METAL AS SHIT.