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Thank you, Mico.

I come to all women on these forums with only the most burning question:


Hey Gay guy here and this may be my first post here and it may be sucky cause i’m bringing up people being shitty. Please tell me if this post should go somewhere else or just remove it.

So I’m into Powerlifting and recently a well known Powerlifter with a podcast decided to do one on Transgender Athletes.

:tw: On the video below & it’s comments the powerlifters :tw:
Podcast/youtube is here if you want it

It was upsetting right from the get go, first off it’s just two guys discussing transgender athletes in Powerlifting & Olympics, one of the guys is clearly just upset his wife lost a competition and they keep referencing studies and then saying “I’ll put links in the comments” instead of the info panel which is full of advertising shit.

I’ve more issues with the video but honestly this sort of stuff makes me weary of the powerlifting community. Like at numerous competition i’ve been to everybody’s super friendly and helpful but with stuff like this it makes me wonder if a lot of folks are really this friendly until LGBTQ issues come up and then attitudes change drastically.

I’m heading to a LGBT Competition in London and honestly I’m hoping to find folks to maybe chat about stuff like this.

Again sorry for bringing this up it’s just been on my mind a ton.


That stuff makes me wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t quit martial arts. And just in general, really; what would the people I used to know think of me now? “Coming out” is an everyday thing, etc. I guess I’ve been a mix of lucky and strategic in who I’ve come out to, especially since most of my queerness isn’t visible. Can’t imagine how anxiety provoking it must be to be a part of an athletic space without knowing if people would be shitty if they just knew…

Keep us updated on the London competition!


That reminds me I saw this video last week - interviews with some LGBT Wrestlers.


Welp, it has begun. Reap what you have sewn with your encouraging words! I mean, if ya want, and my sincere thanks to this thread for getting me to try this out and letting me feel like I can be myself for once.


nice, ill give it a listen tonite!


If anyone has a contact with ScurvyKip, she’s in a downward spiral and could desperately use some assistance. We’ve tried getting her to call a help line but she’s waving it all off and cutting communications.


Any news on ScurvyKip?


SkurvyKip continues to be active on the Discord.


Headin to Gaymer X East in like two weeks, it should be fun.


I got big news, I’m starting hormones in January :3:







Also I just found this thread. I can’t believe it took me this long. :v






only 1 more month until my first HRT appointment


Anyone willing to share the broad strokes of how they got into HRT if it’s not too personal? I could probably look it up, but I’d like to hear a tried-and-true method before I take any steps myself.


I live in Illinois, so a lot of the Planned Parenthoods here are informed consent clinics for trans-related things.

I’m fortunate in that it didn’t take much effort to get on HRT. A few questions and a blood test and I was good to go.


In Illinois here as well, and yeah I was planning on going through a Planned Parenthood about an hour away since otherwise I’d have to go to chicago, which is also about an hour or two away. But I want to get a job first so I can get insurance and income to help pay for HRT, which to my understanding is relatively cheap.