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I’d listen to that… so thats an audience of at least 2 with Canth and me


I definitely do not have enough free time to steal this idea but if you ever go through with it and want a guest to talk about that stuff with I’d be down.


Hell, I’d co-host for that.


Damn, I was worried the podcast idea would get an unexpectedly positive response and I’d have to move it from the garbage can to the back-burner again. I still have no confidence in my own ability to execute it properly, but I do already know one or two people with whom I could cover each planned topic and there’s clearly plenty of opportunity for recruitment so it’s at least feasible…


The big thing is you’re being earnest about it, and earnestness and a willingness to learn about things creates a very good atmosphere for informative podcasts. The fact that you’re worried about doing it right and doing it well is also important, because it means even if you don’t handle something perfectly or make a misstep you respect the subject matter enough to care about that, which at least in my opinion is probably one of the most important qualities you can have for something like this.

A question I have: Would you be planning it to be off-the-cuff frank discussion, scripted out by you and your guests beforehand, or a mix of the two?


It’d mostly be casual friend-chat since I already know and have talked to most of my potential guests before, with some planned questions and stuff to keep it on topic and compensate for my natural inability to hold a conversation. It’s all hypothetical, though, and we can all safely forget I ever said anything about it in the first place.

Coincidentally, the most recent episode of the podcast Improv 4 Humans covered my original concern about bringing up matters of gender and sexuality. They talked about how they’re still uneasy to make even vague reference to the subject because as soon as they do, their audience is put on high alert wondering which side they’re going to fall on and combing every word to make sure it isn’t offensive to them, so everyone is suddenly uncomfortable. Of course, they’re in a live setting so the reaction is immediate and palpable, so at least in Let’s Plays people get to hear out the entirety of what I have to say before judging and replying, but there’s still gotta be an immediate concern that they might be watching the next JonTron breakdown, and as a viewer I can relate to how that can bring things to a screeching halt.


Well I’m late to the party, but I only just heard that this site was finally up!

As for me, I’m a 26 year-old, gay trans girl. Unfortunately not a gay/trans baby, since I didn’t figure the trans thing out until I was like 22 or 23 and didn’t decide to actually act on anything until this year so…yay?

I like video games and am going to try and get back into making some bad LP’s, so I’m glad there’s a spot for me.

(And 1 more for the audience of that podcast.)


Also late af to the party, but yeah, similar boat as the poster above (insofar as only recently learning about the site). I’m non-binary and Tragically Gay. I’ve known way early on that my sexuality didn’t add up; didn’t consider throwing gender into the mix until 17-18. I’ve gone through awful therapists, one of which told me to “just use makeup; I’m not gonna let you throw hormones into the mix” which was most certainly not what I expected from a professional in the slightest.

Um, I mostly stream for tiny friends, but I’ve been wanting to make proper LPs for a decent amount of time. If there’s not a seat for me, I’ll gladly listen in on the podcast and pass it out to my pals. :mask:


I wasn’t wanting to post here just to introduce myself - but now I have something to say because there has been some really shitty transgender gaming news happening.

For introductions - genderfluid/non-binary queer person they/them pronouns.


I actually just read about that and couldn’t see through how livid I was. These people, deciding to take on the mantle of trans as a joke, are doing far more harm than they realize. And them being all “chyeah, ‘s jus’ a prank, brah :^)” proves their callous disregard for a large portion of citizens.

Which is truly tragic, imho.


(Silver lining, ESL reworked their rules.)


I somehow never noticed this thread so hi! I am a pan-grey ace-demi ball of emotions!


Hi, could you explain exactly what that means for those of us who arent a walking encyclopedia of LGBT terms? How can you be Ace and Pan at the same time? Aren’t those two things literally the opposite of each other?


Gah, sorry, I do that sometimes. I am Gray-ace which means I sometimes kinda feel sexual attraction, but not in the same way that most people do, and even then it is more romantic attraction than sexual. I find more enjoyment in the act of being intimate than the actual sex, so the after-glow is much more appealing to me, or just cuddling. I am Pan in that I do not have any real preference in who I am intimate with; all cuddles and snuggles are awesome.

Or to put it in a more succinct way, sex is way over-rated, cuddling is awesome and I am more attracted to your personality than your sexual identity.

Also these are the terms I have found to be the most accurate to how I identify, but if someone else thinks there might be different ones that are closer than the terms I use I am all ears; I only recently came into full knowledge of my sexual identity so I am sure I made a mistake somewhere.


Oh no, thank you so much for the clarification! Helping us understand each other helps prevent infighting among the community.


I just found out that a couple of my favourite queer podcasters (Marissa Alexa McCool a trans woman who writes about Wrestling and does the “Inciting incident podcast” and Ari Stilman her non-binary pal from the “SJW Circle Jerk podcast” and “Gaytheist manifesto”.) have a podcast they are doing together called “The cis are getting out of hand” which is made for complaining about cis people.


I had to tun off that last podcast within less than a minute. Hope they find a trans audience that enjoys their stuff but it’s certainly not for me. I might check out the other two though.


Hey there! I’m Primm. I’m gray asexual and…uuuhhh. Some kind of trans I don’t know anymore. :cat: I’m also poly-ish but that’s not really a queer-specific thing.

Nice to meet everyone!


Check out my fursona, yo.

I’m bi as fuck and furry as hell. What of it?


As the ORIGINAL LP Furry Darling, welcome