L(P)GBTQ Zone - It turns out, we were The Gays all along...



At least for myself, I’m honestly not sure. I know I’m absolutely not interested in men, but while I’m probably not interested in androgynes/agender/genderfluid people, I can’t really say for certain.

That said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking someone you’re interested in whether they’d be okay with a nonbinary partner. I think the responses would probably vary quite a bit.


I’d say about half the responses I’ve gotten is like a ‘lol you’re not trans enough’ since i dont have the money to really do the things i want to do, and generally too depressed to keep up on self care. Then again the sample size isnt very high since im terrified of asking people out.


Personally, I don’t think I’d mind, but… I’ve only had one crush in 20 years of life so I don’t know if I’m really allowed to have an opinion either. I think it’d just depend on the person for me.


I’m IncredibleFrown, and in the last 48 hours I’ve managed to stop trying to talk myself out of the notion that I’m a trans girl. How’s everyone else doing


I’m glad you’re coming to terms with yourself and I’m going back to bed.


I’m moving a headboard and bedframe today, starting the very very very long process of moving out of my father’s house.


nevermind i cant get the headboard in my hatchback :frowning:


oh cool, didnt see this thread before



Hello there noodly personage.


Hey I don’t want to bring the thread down or nothing so I’m spoiling it, but if you want to get political another huge hit came out yesterday:

[spoiler]The news yesterday came out that consideration for sexual orientation and gender identity was removed from the leaked draft for the 2020 census questions in the finalized version that was just given to Congress.

This is kind of a huge deal because LGBTQ population is already badly-documented and this sort of information is hugely important to better serve the population.

It’s basically the administration trying to erase hard numbers on the population so they can justify cutting aid programs and federal regulation in the future.

If you want, maybe head over to the Activism thread:


Since we aren’t recognized by the government, does this mean we are finally free from the shackles of this world? :dogee::dogee::dogee:


That, like most things, sucks a lot. As an asexual, I’m quite used to being erased, and it’s… bad, especially when legitimized by the powers that be.

I did want to bring up how much I appreciate this thread fighting erasure around here, though. The title is very fitting as I used to believe there were no LGBT people doing LPs and only recently realized everyone was just in hiding because SA and YouTube are two of the worst communities on the internet.

So does anyone think there’s a place for discussion of queer issues in LPs? I mused a bit on why I was gendering statues in a video recently, but stopped myself with “this is neither the time nor the place.” I also did an LP of a game called Blood Will Tell in which it’s possible to read one of the playable characters as trans, but I only made an oblique reference to that fact during the credits and said it was a subject worth discussing (which did at least prompt some interesting conversation in the comments). It’s mostly just a thing that doesn’t come up because there’s such a lack of representation in video games, but when it does, I tend to shy away from it on the grounds that general LP audiences don’t want to hear about it and LPs lack the legitimacy to cover such important topics. Is there any room at all for covering queer issues in this dumb hobby, and are there any examples of this being done well (or at all) already out there?


The way I have always viewed LP is that if I’m doing an LP it is my LP and I can talk about whatever I want to?

My LP’s are also more like just be bullshitting with my friends while a videogame happens underneath so that might not work for every LP style.


Part of it is that I never really realized I was non-binary till the ripe age of 26 (I was in denial, and also just ignorant that trans people even existed for the longest time), and I’m not even 27 yet. The other part is that, it’s just never come up in my LPs because, it’s never been pertinent really. I’ve never really seen my gender identity or orientation as a point of pride or something really worth highlighting in an LP setting. I’d rather just talk about the game and tangentially related things.


I was gonna mention you as an example of doing it well since it just occasionally comes up like any other topic in your vids. It probably works best in more podcast-y LPs, though I’ve yet to see gay talk in anyone else’s LPs (possibly because I’m only recently getting into more casual stuff).

I’m also pretty laser-focused during commentary, but even when something LGBT is tangentially related, I’m likely to ignore or downplay it, or just never LP a game with that subject matter in the first place, not out of lack of interest but because I feel unable to do it justice or something. Probably just a personal problem, but maybe if I see it become a more common topic it’ll seem less ridiculous if I talk about it.


It’s never really come up as a point in the games I’ve done, so I have no idea how I’d handle such a thing if I had to. I’d like to think that I’d approach it well though.


Until this thread the only gay LPer I knew of was Mr Kravin. I always found it heartening how open and comfortable he was about his sexuality.

I think that it can be hard for queer people to talk openly about their sexuality too because of a combination of fear of becoming targeted and also because society very much teaches the idea that queer individuals should just "keep it to themselves. Articles and videos where a queer person mentions their sexuality tends to get comments along the lines of “Stop shoving your sexuality in our faces!”, where a straight person doing the same thing gets a universal pass.


I had a big long dumb written up but I was overthinkin’ my wording so instead I’ma say I can deffo understand not wanting to bring up sexuality and gender topics in LPw because people on the internet argue like a bunch of assholes and a lot of the time and queer people often have enough shit to deal with in their day-to-day lives that playing comment police and the legit fear that people being unrelenting swans (everyone can agree swans are the worst) to each other in your comment sections day after day after day undermining the hard work you put in to bring them content are definitely totally valid reasons to just hole up and peace out. Now, this place is a pretty good place for discussion so nobody should have to worry about jerks here (hence so many rainbow flags flying) but anyone who wants a wider audience has to either risk the abuse and be open about who/what/when they wanna be or just avoid mentioning it and it sucks we still have to make an unfair choice like that in the grand modern year 2017.

Maybe forming up into a bigger sort of loose grouping of queer LPers and other allies who do extra side videos on the games they LP discussing the gender and sexuality issues would possibly help, but there’s also the risk it’d just paint a bigger target and opens people up to infighting. :slight_frown:


For years I’ve wanted to do a podcast covering a specific serious topic each episode with the various people in the LP community I’ve met who have personal experience with that topic. This would include the full spectrum of queer subjects, plus mental illnesses, physical disabilities, etc. But I’ll probably never do it because I expect it’d have literally no audience and I’m pretty sure I’d just fuck it up, so if anyone with a following and a personality wants to steal that idea, please do.


Heck, I’d listen. I like your stuff a lot and you seem to do good research on the games you cover, so other subjects I’d assume would be the same. I mean, you’re already halfway to not fuckin’ it up if you’ve got knowledgeable people in mind and questions to ask 'em.