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I mean i’m definitely cis but even I can agree Gender is Weird


I’ve been having an intense few days, and right now gender-apathy sounds pretty nice!


I’m bi and I’m furry and I don’t really know what my status is in the “likes to kiss chubby boys” club because, well, I tend not to like lewd photos of people and am way more into, ahem, drawings, most often of things that are not humans.

I have a couple of mutual long-distance BFs and we’re very happy, but yeah sometimes I have no idea if I’m actually attracted to flesh bodies.

Weird, right?


I’m scurvy and I’m what I like to call a gender blob. It just kinda has no definition, like my stomach(chubby callback heyo. I guess if you had to get the closest label it would be androgynous or genderfluid.

Sexualitywise… Um… I honestly don’t know anymore. I like both intimate body bits, that much I know for certain. It’s more, who they’re attached to that defies description. Like, I guess I’m technically bi because I’ve been attracted to a couple trans men. I just know that masculinity irl makes me feel icky. I really really want, more than most anything, to get rid of all my body hair, and wear wigs all the time.

That ended up being a lot longer than I wanted oops. I like videogames too.


I’ve been meaning to reply to this for like 3 days now.

I’m Fenns; cis, kinda fem guy who started off pretty dang gay, but is leaning more toward pansexual these days because people are nice. Figured out I was gay at 15 because of furries, and then later figured out I’m pan also because of furries so that’s neat.

I’m not sure if this would be good LGBT representation, but maybe Dragon’s Dogma? There’s really no limits to the character customization and, aside from a few cutscenes(?), pretty much everyone in game refers to you as “Arisen” or “The Arisen”. No gender limitations on equipable clothing/armor either.

Your “love interest” is always the same lady but I think you can also let a dragon eat her if that’s more your thing?


Your “love interest” is actually “whoever you interacted with/gave gifts to the most”, actually, including old innkeepers, a terrifying clown, the queen, etc. The game expects you to go with either that lady, a knight lady, a shady dude knight, or a guy from your home town that keeps stumbling into goblin hordes though since they’re the only ones with unique ending scenes IIRC.


Yeah, your love interest is determined by whoever you have the highest affinity with and talked to last right before the quest at the Greatwall. And it can be pretty much anyone you can build affinity with, which is almost every non-hostile human NPC except the Duke. I’ve gotten generic misandry bandits and an NPC who only appears for like a minute for a random quest as my beloved before.

Also, every NPC in the game counts male characters in dresses as women (which is only really relevant in like, two cases), so you can kind of play a trans arisen, though the implications aren’t great.

…Which is basically what I did for my PC playthrough.


The original Nier has Kaine who is I believe intersex or trans, not sure which off the top of my head, spoilered because its an actual plot point. Kaine is a also a badass and a foul mouthed lady, two things that are awesome.


Yeah, the (Dragon’s Dogma) implications are a little weird, but am I alone in thinking that’s actually kind of a clever way to manipulate the game? It lets you signal to the game what your intentions are/might be, and possibly avoid the “everyone is bi for no reason” solution which always felt even more weird. I dunno, this is not my area of expertise.

I mentioned earlier that I’m Ace, and I guess I can clarify that a bit. I flip-flopped quite a bit growing up and during adolescence, partly from a lack of information, partly from getting my own signals mixed up-- I occasionally got crushes on people, so I had to be straight, right? Except actually touching guys was icky, so I guess I’m lesbian by default?-- it actually took getting into a sexual relationship to finally clear things up for me, and accept that no, I don’t like touching and NO, I can’t keep faking that I do. This has not been easy on my BF. Or me, really, since it makes me feel like I must be a horrible GF and possibly a horrible human being, because I don’t think I’m experiencing love the same way “normal” people do.

Genderfluidity is something that’s lurked in the corners of my mind for a lot more years than I’ve known the term, and I’m still no clearer on it. I’m cis and happy with my equipment (or at least not unhappy with it), but some days it seems like it wouldn’t even occur to me that I’m a woman if I didn’t have big titties to remind me.

…come to think of it, that sentence was oddly hard to write. I almost never address myself as a “woman,” I always just use “female.” That might be a sign of something but I’ll be damned if I can put my finger on exactly what.


Kaine is intersex (and identifies as a woman) and Emil is gay. Apparently Nier Automata has a lesbian character too.

The interview with Yoko Taro about that in Grimoire Nier is a pretty great read (:tw:, the translation uses “hermaphrodite”, though I don’t know what the original interview uses).


Huh, I didn’t know Emil is gay. I always thought he crushed on Kaine but eh, whatevs


He sees Kaine like a sister, basically. But him being gay only really comes up in Nier Replicant.



-Kaine became a huge topic of discussion even before the release, but Emil’s feelings towards Nier got its own share of attention after the release.
Yokoo: I thought I made it quite clear with that bride statement, but it didn’t seem to have gotten the message across.
-One theory was that Emil developed feminine feelings and liked Nier as a result of fusing with his sister Halua
Yokoo: No, Emil is gay!
Eishima: Oh, confirmation is good. I thought that I saw nonexistent undertones because of my dirty mind. (laughs)
Mr. T: I thought Emil liked Kaine since they slept outside together, and wanted to marry her.
Yokoo: Emil saw Halua in Kaine. To Emil, she was a reliable sister figure.[/spoiler]


Yeah, that’s the disadvantage of not being able to play both versions. Still, that’s cool!


To expand on this, Kaine was born intersex due to :siren:PLOT SPOILERS FOR NIER:siren: Her Replicant data being corrupted/a mistake when her body was created. She was given holy hell for her body by her village but the party never gives her issues because of it, and she’s very well-written as a character who doesn’t let anything define her aside from what she wants to be defined as. More to the point :siren:MORE SPOILERS FOR NIER:siren: She is actually the main love interest of the game for both versions of Nier, and a lot of it is devoted to fleshing her out as a character as well as her relationship with the titular Nier. She’s really well-handled, in my opinion.


Nier Automata’s lesbian character is Operator 6O. She’s an excitable, friendly lady, who is never treated poorly because of her interest in women (In fact, most of the main cast is women due to all non-Scanner YoRHa units being built as female.), and her quests mostly revolve around 2B doing nice things for her to allow her to experience Earth by proxy due to her admiration of combat/scouting units for getting to go down to the surface and experience it firsthand.


I find the age difference in Gestalt kind of creepy to be honest.


yeah, the relationship in Replicant is a bit more palatable than it would be in Gestalt because of their ages


Somehow I only just now found this thread. Go me.

I’m a lesbian trans woman. I’m as of this writing 30 years old with 0 progress due to eternal poorness and inconvenient location. First knew something was up when I hit puberty, figured it out my senior year of high school. Don’t really have anything ese to say, I’ll answer any questions if anyone has them.


Actually, I had a question to the lesbians in the thread. For the purposes of attraction, where do genderfluid/agender/androgynous people stand? Does it depend on the person? I feel like asking out a lesbian is inherently wrong for me to do because I don’t personally identify as a woman 100% of the time.


Definitely a case-by-case in basically all respects. Like, I can find someone excitably attractive if they’re wearing the right kind of clothes (I’m a sucker for costume fetishry, such as maids/nurses/nuns) but I have a trans lady lesbian friend who is 100% no-dong in her interests. I’d say it’s not inherently wrong to do so, but I would make it a point to figure out the interests of the person in question before asking, otherwise you’re probably going to get a lot of 'no’s.


yeah, pretty much what WordOnTheWind said. and as a bit of a side-note, i don’t think it’s inherently wrong to ask someone out as long as you’re not being pushy about it if they reject you, whether they give a reason or not (which is also entirely up to them to do).