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When I was a gay teen I clung to those gay Hyadain!! megaman covers so hard. It was the best gay-centered music I’d ever heard.

Also a shitpost is a very legitimate way to introduce yourself. Don’t feel pressured to say more about yourself than you feel is something you actually want to share or feel good sharing. I think there’s often a pressure put on LGBT people to communicate to everyone around us precisely who we are as some kind of disclaimer or warning. It’s absolutely okay to just come in and say “Hi, I’m $username name and I like games too whats up” or even just to participate in the conversation without introducing yourself. You don’t have to announce your personal information to the public.

Anyway, I really wanna echo Wandering Son as very very very good trans representation. It made me cry. The anime is better than the manga imo. it’s short but it really doesn’t need to go any longer.

I’m sure it hardly needs saying but Undertale has very good lgbt representation. It was one of the first games I played where the gay characters really felt like gay characters and not some sort of intentionally hyper-bland character that offhandedly mentions same-sex attraction while doing nothing different from a straight person. “I’m subverting stereotypes by denying that sometimes some gay people do behave different from straights because of different life experiences and social scenes.”


Checkin’ in, from Ace Island.


I’ve heard that Wandering Son is good, but I’ve sort of been hesitating to check it out. I’ve basically been in a constant low level state of stress since November, and I’ve sort of been avoiding any media that seemed like it could get emotionally heavy.

Also, I feel like I should follow the lead of others in the thread and get a bit more real with my introduction. I’m currently in my mid-twenties, and only figured out I was pan within the past few years, partially because I didn’t really realize pan- and bi-sexuality were things growing up. My mom’s best friend was a gay man so I never really felt in danger in terms of coming out, but I convinced myself that the attraction I had to people of my displayed gender at the time was my imagination. I had to work towards getting past this weird mental block in order to acknowledge it.

I’ve always sort of background understood that I was non-binary though. I didn’t have the words to define those feelings either, but I was intrinsically aware that I didn’t really match up with being ‘male’ or ‘female’. As soon as I learned about non-binary gender terms, it just immediately clicked.


Oh, just remembered, a game that has one of my all time favorite gay characters in it now is the recent Night in the Woods. Gregg and Angus are 100% neither flamboyant nor hyper effeminate, just two rad dudes together.


All the gay babies in this thread having their awakening in like third grade makes me feel dumb I didn’t even realize I was gay until high school.


I wish I couldve been a gay baby, having realizations at 21 sucks!


I wish I wasn’t such an edgelord in high school so that my transition actually seems plausible, but hey.


yeah i didn’t realize I was gay until freshman/sophomore year. My best friend’s known since he was like 4 :psyduck:


I didn’t know I was ace unti the summer after I graduated high school. I mean, I knew I didn’t like boys or girls, but I never had a word for it. Thankfully, no one I’m my life made a big deal about me not dating in high school, it probably helped that none of my friends dated much either and my parents though it was better for me to focus on my education and band.


I cannot possibly imagine figuring your sexuality out until at least high school


I knew I was ace from pretty early on, but I didn’t even have much in the way of dysphoria until puberty hit when I was 15 and suddenly everything was awful.

It was an especially fun few years because then I had to figure out whether I was actually trans or if it was just another intrusive thought from my OCD.


I knew I was bi at least when I was in my pretty early teens, 13-15 maybe, I’m not sure.

Turns out hanging out on 4chan and being exposed to both their brand of “ironic” homoeroticism and incredibly flamboyant furries can lead to realizations about oneself. :sweat_smile: :toot:


I figured out I was gay at 14 and began the trans journey at 18, but like, i think it makes perfect sense to take longer. First of all, puberty is usually what triggers anyone to realize they like anyone [or no one, I guess which of course would take more time cuz until puberty is well on its way and past there’s not really any contrast with anyone else].

Early twenties seems most typical for people to figure things out. The only reason I started figuring out trans shit so early was because I had requested to be on the gay hall in college [since I was not around many other gays as a teen] and I ended up being the only cis person on the hall, so being surrounded by trans people made it easy to think about if I was trans.

Especially when you consider how society pressures you into not even considering if you could be gay or trans. Making you insist to yourself in spite of all evidence that you’re straight. Of course it would take people some time. That said if you figured it out early that’s great for you. I only figured it out at 14 because I stumbled on some steamy one piece fan art… and phoenix wright fan art… and then Snow from FFXIII… and at some point I had to admit to myself I wasn’t just looking at this art because it was “Interesting.” Ah… the video game crushes of my tween years…


I had suspicions I was bi in early high school but I was’t actually sure I was bi until I came out to my friend during a summer camp before my senior year. That year I came out to my friends, then I was “publicly” out my first year of college hand came out to my sister that year as well. Two years later I’m still not out to my parents but I don’t really have plans to for a while.


Took me until around my mid-20s to really come out to myself. I’d known something was up for years at that point, but had been asking myself the wrong questions: “Are you attracted to men?” and “Do you, deep down, feel like a woman?”

When I eventually started to ask myself “Are you attraced to women?” and “Do you, deep down, feel like a man?”, that was when I started to make progress.


I basically new, without the language, in 6th grade. During freshman year of high school (9th) I came out to my close friends.


Hey folks. I’m… * indicates self * …whatever this mess is. At the moment, I’m just trying to figure out what to do with it all.


hi, i’m a gay woman/lesbian, and i didn’t actually come to terms with my sexuality until my first year/second semester of college. in high school, i thought for sure i was ace, but i realized i was kinda “hiding” behind that identity** because i didn’t want to/know how to acknowledge myself as gay. also kind of gender non-conforming i think? i think gender-apathetic would be a better term for describing how i feel about my own gender identity, for the most part.

** i’m absolutely not trying to say that asexuality/aromanticism isn’t a thing by the way, just that i was using it when it didn’t really fit me. just so this is clear!


gender-apathetic is a fantastic term for what I feel some days and I’m going to start using it