L(P)GBTQ Zone - It turns out, we were The Gays all along...



im charging up that spirit bomb for u guys…


Oooh! Best of luck to you both!!


i am anxiously awaiting a phone call from him telling me how it went so fingers crossed


Apparently it went very well


Yay! That’s always awesome to hear! I feel we’re slowly getting better as a society, but things like this can still end up being really scary.


Uh, yeah about that. False alarm, now that his brother is gone they are being extremely shitty and I might drive down there tonight to be with him.


Oh shoot, I’m so sorry to hear! I hope you two are all right. :c


Shit that’s bad. Hope you two get some time away to destress.


OK, quick update on the situation. His parents keep being weird about it but they’re definitely trying

We think it might take some time but they’re slowly coming around.

Also we got together for the first time this weekend and spent two nights in a hotel and I miss him??? He’s really sweet and cute??? Help.


whos got 2 thumbs and an appointment for a legal name & gender marker change in July? this bitch does ;>


aw i hope u get to spend more time together soon!


That Supreme Court ruling though. :angry:



I presented as a woman at work for the first time and everything went pretty okay!

Now to do that for the rest of my life.


Pride parade this weekend in Dublin and my company is talking part in it.
I’m going but not as part of the company, I feel sorta weird about how dense the parade is now packed with large chunks of companies and smaller sections for LGBTQ groups.

This article pretty much sums up how I feel sometimes when i’m at the parade:


Companies cant be gay they’re not people


Okay so yeah the parade was super stuffed with companies BUT literally at the end of the route was this

Queer Action Ireland is full of incredibly cool folks.


So I came out as trans to pretty much everyone finally and while most have been supportive my roommate pretty much refuses to gender me correctly or call me by my name so that sucks a ton. I also have like no way to get to where I need to to get hrt. Has anyone else been in this situation? Also a long shot but anyone in Arkansas because I’d sure love to actually have some friends I could hang out with and stuff.