Kingdom Hearts: I mean who even follows the story anymore?

With 2.8 being released, which should be the last Kingdom Hearts before 3 comes out next year, we got an exciting 3 hours of new content to play! I know most people play these games because of the usually fun gameplay, while either ignoring or enjoying the story in a silly way.

So what do you like about this series? What are you looking forward to? Do you think Goofy will become a keyblade master? This thread is for all that and more!

Also since the game just recently came out spoilers should be used for 0.2.

I bought the new one for Aqua, I regret nothing (except for everything)

The new combat in 0.2 is stylish as all get out, and I guess that got me more excited for 3 than anything, but the plotline feels very put the words ‘darkness’ ‘light’ ‘hearts’ ‘friends’ ‘master’ ‘shadow’ ‘dark’ and ‘door’ on a dartboard and just keep tossing darts at it until you’ve constructed your dialogue

I just gotta finish Dream Dart Double Down Dark Dreams Die before 3 I guess, I’ve heard mixed things so I passed initially on it for 3DS

Gametrailers made a rather comprehensive run down on the stuff that happens. It gets super confusing but it does shed some light into Nomura’s tangled mess of a series

My favorite part of .2 had to be Yen Sid telling Sora he was dumb and lost all of this powers and Sora going “That happens all the time!” I also like Olympus being the tutorial world for 3, the series has always done that area well I think.

i’m really glad they’re patching 0.2 tbh, there were a bunch of problems pre-patch where it was obvious osaka team hadn’t ever done that style of gameplay before and i ended up being kinda worried cause of my own distaste with a lot of command deck game mechanics.

game owns a lot now, tho, even tho devil’s wave sucks uhm still a lot

why am I still playing KH games? because I’ve come too far to let it go now. if I stop now, that means Nomura and his stalling tactics have bested me and I can’t let that happen :triumph:

I don’t have a PS4 or 'Bone so I’m not sure whether I’ll even play III when (if) it comes out.
It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures, and I oscillate between loving and hating the series, it’s probably one of the series I’ve sunk the most time into.
I’m curious about where the hell the story can go that it hasn’t gone yet, I’m excited to be blown away by how frustratingly stupid it will be.

my only real complaint with 0.2 is I wish they would have given you some indication to replay 0.2 to get the Zodiac chests and hidden bosses. If I didn’t have a friend come over the next day to show him it, I would have completely missed their existence

I just started 3D last night, I haven’t really played a game since 2 and I’m really grateful for the flashback stuff that seems to be covering at least a little bit of what I missed. Flowmotion is also rad and feels really good when executed flawlessly.

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My sister gifted me a KHII t-shirt a while back. Whenever I wear it, I worry someone will stop me and want to talk about plot stuff. I only played 1, 2, and a little bit of 365/wtf. I think there is this google doc out there that does a simple picture summary of the plot so far, and every year or so I try to read it and then immediately forget everything.

Important question though: Why does Goofy have zippers on his damn hat???

This series’ needlessly complicated lore is my guilty pleasure.

0.2 and Back Cover were surprisingly coherent, relative to other games in the series, on their own, but absolutely bonkers when you consider what they mean to the series as a whole. There may or may not be one more Xehanort to add to the list.

Goofy doesn’t have zippers on his hat. That’d just be plain silly.

Now Donald, on the other hand.

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Oh, but he does. But the zippers are on the UNDERSIDE of the hat. If they’re unzipped, they open into a new space, full of wonders and horrors undreamt of by man or toon.


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You really have to change the teammate AI in the settings to make them work a lot better. Donald especially gets a lot better just by making him focus on defensive spells.

I wound up giving potions to donald and ethers to goofy and they seemed to be smarter about using them for whatever reason.

There’s totally something about Kingdom Hearts I love so much? But I’ve played most of the series (I think KH HD Remix provides just the cutscenes for 352/2 - which I ended up BAWLING at) and I’ve read like 6 different summaries of what the goddamn hell happened and I am STILL not ENTIRELY sure I know what’s happening???

I do think BBS is the strongest game overall tho. I’m hoping that KHIII is going to keep most of its combat system cause I REALLY liked the deck thing.

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Im 100% new to the series and with 1.5 & 2.5 collection in March and 2.8 on PS4 I’m going to be dedicating the entirety of May to playing the whole franchise.

I’ve been wanting to get into this game since I rented the first game from Blockbuster, when it first came out… just never got around to playing any of them.

gonna give ya a fair warning, some games are kinda dated/have some real big design flaws, so if you’re not having fun, don’t feel bad over skipping to the next part.

except kingdom hearts 2 which uh fucking owns bones


The only problem I have with 1 now is the awkward platforming at some points. There are confusing maps but I have all them memorized now, but I know how confusing some of them would be for new players. Monstro probably being the worst.

Yeah KH1s maps are surprisingly large and winding in some places. They get better and more focused as the games go on, sometimes I think even a bit better as KH1 goes on- but Traverse Town, Wonderland, and Especially Tarzan Land are a lot to undertake back to back for a new player.

Also Chain of Memories is kind of like a KH1 remix, I seem to remember the deck system getting better as the game went on, but if you do wind up wanting to pass on it there’s not much overarching plot to be missed.

Also also I got to the Tron Legacy boss as Sora in 3D. I spent about an hour dying to him, backed out, equipped the counter rush, and quickly learned his AI was not designed to deal with that. RIP

I actually think the maps get worse as the series progresses because of how linear and flat they became from KH2 onwards… I guess I just kinda liked the sense of exploring that the complex maps had. the Aqua game that came with 2.8 actually reminds me of KH1’s maps with better platforming, and it gives me hope for KH3’s maps.