Kept you waiting huh? Let's Play Shadow Tower: Abyss

The Game
Shadow Tower Abyss is a first person Action RPG developed by From Software and released for the Playstation 2 in 2003. It is the second in a series of horror themed spin offs of their popular King’s Field series and can be considered a direct influence on their recent “Soulsborne” titles. Unlike the original Shadow Tower, this game was never released outside of Japan. Luckily some dedicated fans have produced a somewhat competent fan translation.

The LP
Shadow Tower Abyss is a very atmospheric game and I wouldn’t want to ruin the experience by trying to talk over it. This will be a subtitled commentary LP. I will do my best to be as informative as possible with my commentary. Though I do wish to show as authentic an experience as possible I will be doing some light editing for the sake of pacing. Videos will be broken up by area and will be kept to about 15-20 minutes each. Updates will come as quickly as I can produce them.

DISCLAIMER: I started the LP on another forum some time ago (up through episode 15) but due to various circumstances I had to stop it. Now I’m here to finish the job.

During the downtime between normal episodes I’ve started doing a side LP of the original Shadow Tower for PS1.

The wind howling through the caves and all the echoing evoke a really great atmosphere. I think I would have really likes this back in the day.

Is it ok to go into this knowing nothing about the King’s Field series?

Oh hey! Glad to see this make a grand return. I really enjoyed this when it was on SA (though I mostly just lurked) so it’s nice to see it return here.

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No previous knowledge required.

New Update!

In this episode we finish Red Sand Spire. Mostly just combat and item collecting with a liberal amount of fast forwarding to mitigate backtracking.

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Two for one special! New episodes are live!

We enter the Fog Area, try to play Tetris, and then do some platforming.

New bonus update:

We make some progress in the original Shadow Tower for PS1.

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Glad to see this LP return, just what I needed to unwind.

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Thanks! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

New (classic) update!

Despite a few crashes, yet more progress is made in the original PS1 Shadow Tower. Next update we’ll be back to Abyss.

New Abyss update!

In this episode we find a LOT of loot and see some cool environmental storytelling.

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Latest Abyss Update!

We finish the moving platform area and head back to the hub for some additional action.

We’re almost done with the LP everyone! Just one more major area to go.

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New update!

A much needed change of scenery awaits us in this area.

And because I couldn’t leave you hanging, here’s part 2:

We finish Illusion World. Only one more video left. Look for it soon!

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We did it guys! Thanks for sticking with me through the long absence. Stay tuned for news on the next LP.

I will probably be continuing with the original Shadow Tower soon but I’ll start it’s own thread.

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