From Software Origins - Let's Play Shadow Tower [PS1]

The Game:
Shadow Tower is a first person RPG developed by From Software and released in the US in 1999. It was created as a spiritual successor to the popular Kind’s Field series but ditches the high fantasy setting for a darker, more atmospheric dungeon crawl with very surreal enemy design. Much like the Souls series, Shadow Tower is light on story and leaves it up to the player to figure out what exactly is going on. Gameplay is a standard stamina based hack and slash affair.

The Story(according to wikipedia):
Shadow Tower is set on the continent of Eclipse, in the Holy Land of Zeptar. The player takes the role of a mercenary named Ruus Hardy. Returning home to Zeptar, he finds that the entire city, as well as the central tower, have been sucked into the underworld. He meets an old man who gives him the Dark One’s sword, the only weapon which can injure the demons responsible. Swearing to rescue the old woman who raised him, as well as the rest of Zeptar, Ruus descends into the underworld.

The LP:
This will be an informative subtitled LP. I originally began the LP as side content for my previous Shadow Tower Abyss LP but that game was finished before I’d barely scratched the surface on this one so I decided to spin this series off into it’s own full LP. Episodes should stay around 15-30 minutes and will be released at least one per week.


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You started this LP over a year ago.

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As I explained in the OP I did start it as a series of bonus videos for my previous LP of Shadow Tower Abyss. That LP finished however and I decided to spin this off into it’s own full LP so I could finish the original as I had only covered a very small amount of it already. I apologize if this is in some way a breech of LP etiquette.