Just Set It to Easy: The Casual LP Thread

Dark Story

It’s time for the villains to take center stage for once. They are also suckers for Chao.


It’s the part with the idiots becoming friends and a duck. It’s a delight. :allears:

Sonic Adventure 2

Still can’t tell if it’s meant to be sarcastic or not.


There was no good place to split this section, so here’s the hour-long entirety of the palace section. Luckily this game is all :swoon:
Next week is the final part, the epilogue du dialogue.

Sonic Adventure 2

Some guys only have one thing on their mind.


This hour-long romp around the town concludes this playthrough of Chapter 1. I will certainly return to this when the full game is out; it’s already a respectable companion to Undertale, so I hope the whole thing stands up strongly next to it. I’ve already got a lot to think about…

Mother: Cognitive Dissonance
This is an Earthbound fangame, but unlike say, Hallow’s End, Cognitive Dissonance is not a ROMhack of Earthbound, but is instead made entirely in RPGMaker2003. The game sets itself immediately after Mother 1, as in the first thing you see is Giegue’s spaceship microphone cruising through the Solar System. The game’s RPGMaker base has both upsides, like no inventory tetris, and downsides, no rolling HP, it’s RPGMaker. Initially, the game was released several years ago, around 2008, but has since had a more recent, around 2014, 2.0 release with improved artwork, new music, more areas, more enemies, and a new ending, of which the game has several. Getting all of the endings is mostly painless with a bit of setup so I’ll be showing all of them off when the time comes.
So, I know this is the “effort is anathema” thread, but hear me out! I really like this game and I think it deserves a fair showing. Also, after finishing it, I may have gone slightly insane enjoyed my time and thought I’d make something for people who don’t have RPGMaker2k3 to rip the game open themselves. So, I made a spreadsheet with as much as I could fit inside in the vein of the Brave New World hack for FF6. As I said, this isn’t my first playthrough and my co-commentator in crime Goodguy3 has also seen it, but we’ll make sure not to spoil things before they happen and instead be giant dorks entertaining our fellow unwashed masses with what passes for wit on the Internet. I’ll be using/testing my spreadsheet to see how useful it is as I play so that I can find mostly all of the things as we go. I’ll also be playing the game’s hard mode so, if you like a light dose of human suffering then maybe this will be your thing? The game isn’t overly difficult, but I haven’t played this on hard mode so maybe I’ll get blindsided!
I’ll be streaming this every Sunday at 11ish AM PST over at https://www.twitch.tv/ardryn for those that want to see these done live and afterwards, I’ll be chopping the stream into 20-40 minute chunks to be uploaded to YouTube with the links posted here. I’ll probably be posting the videos twice or so a week.
I guess I may as well mention that I have the final stream session of the first playthrough on my youtube channel. Obviously, it fucking spoils everything so maybe don’t watch it if you care about the story, or do if you don’t I’m not your dad.
:siren:Due to the very nature of the game, bridging the gap between Mother 1 and Earthbound, it will be impossible to avoid spoiling either game to a large extent. So, Goodguy and I are going to just outright discuss both games and compare Cognitive Dissonance to both as the game proceeds, and attempts, to explain what happened between Giegue flying off in his microphone and the War Against Giygas.:siren: We’ll keep the Mother 3 spoilers to a minimum however.
If no one has guessed by now, this is my first LP adjacent project so, if anyone has some constructive critique I am all ears.

Here’s an hour to start things off, I’ll be keeping to just one half-hour video per post from now on, unless the people desire otherwise.

Sonic Adventure 2

Just Rouge this week, because agony.

With the Colonel in tow, or is Alin the one following, we’re off to acquire a floor patcher for the tower!
No stream this weekend on account of Mother’s Day, but next weekend Goodguy and I will resume recording episodes and I have enough backlog to carry this through next week.

With two Points of Power under our belts we’re finally ready to stop Dan. A shorter episode today, but that will be made up for next time.

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic runs. He can do nothing else. Shadow skates. He can get smacked upside the head repeatedly.

A longer episode today, but we get to meet our fourth ally, Larice.

Goodguy and I should be having another recording session this Sunday. So, feel free to come by if you want to hang out and see the upcoming episodes all at once!

Sonic Adventure 2

Final Story

First half of the end of the game, wherein I forget how to Sonic.

The party is finally together, or is it. The Colonel is at the new base, but where are Alin, Larice and Zarbol?

With a third Point behind us, it’s time to see what Niiue was calling about… something about an apple?

That was certainly a journey through memory lane. Next week, the story mode of Hyrule Warriors!

Last time we finally left Saturn, and as soon we set foot(tentacle?) in town on Jupiter we were assaulted by Starmen, but while Alin and crew are exploring Niiue has his own plans to set in motion.

Last time we did The Move and now Zarbol is armored for star bear. This time we decide how to handle Deepsea.

Continuing the streamed LPs of games I wouldn’t normally LP as thanks to my patrons, we jump into the story mode (Legend Mode) of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition on the Switch. It’s the fun, over-the-top hack-and-slash/beat-em-up mechanics of Dynasty Warriors with a big ol’ slab of Zelda fanservice on top, and this version has all the extras and DLC included.

Note: I forgot to adjust the audio for recording while streaming this, so the audio for the first 5 parts won’t be as clean as you’d usually get from me. I will continue to live with the shame.

Also see: my original semiblind, reaction stream of the Wii U version back in 2016. [Part 1|Part 2]

Extra: Cadence of Hyrule

Stream 1/2

Stream 2/2

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Hyrule Warriors

The game is officially great.