It's getting hot in here, let's BURN DOWN THE SANDCAST!



Oh SNAP! It’s the Burn Down the Sandcast!

Now, if I were you I would have a bunch of questions like:

Q: What’s a Podcast?
A: Podcasts, or “Pod People Casts” are audio files you play on an iPod. If you try and play them on an Android or a Zune it won’t work, sorry everyone. Podcasting was invented in late 1988 by Justin McElroy, and now Podcasts can be found all over the globe! The future is now!

Q: Literally what?
A: I was basically doing my LP videos like this as it is, so we’re gonna try something different & see if we can’t develop something here. Featuring the regular squad that’s been joining me in my video excursions. Rotation Surgeon, Gamebun, and Xumtosis.

Q: Ok that name though?
A: In 2014 during the Cooking Mama LP, I coined the term Burn Down the Sandcastle. The sandcastle was bad and I hate it.
I was racking my brain for names for the podcast and this one fell out. Now we are here.

Q: But Why
A: I’m so, so sorry

Q: How LP related are we talkin here?
A: Almost not at all! If you’ve seen any of my San Andreas or NITW videos, or even as far back as Beyond: Two Souls, you might remember that I do LP’s in an aggressively casual way, which I think translates perfectly to the whole podcast situation I’m trying to achieve here.

ANYWAY! Check it out!

I have no idea what the update schedule for this will be just yet. We’re still feeling it out. I’m thinking every other week at first, then migrate to weekly once we have things under control.

—Youtube Links For Those Without Pity—

Violent Waves Podcast - Take a swim in the deep end.
This one weird trick, discovered by a mom, adds a fresh new spin on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Thanks for checking out our fresh P Cast everyone. We’re still new to this, So it’s a bit balls to the walls if we can be honest. Just try not to bash us too hard with the criticism this time, We’re still getting used to the feeling of it all.


I think this episode went pretty well, considering the content. We aren’t doing one next week (because Gamebun is out of town), so fortunately this one is like over two hours long, hope you enjoy it! Send in questions for next week also, we need 'em. I do not want to hear about more goddamn Shatner covers.


Please send in questions my cohosts keep shitposting into our inbox


Stupid music nerd facts comin atcha

I sent in the Starfucker version of of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, but I could have sent in the Cindi Lauper version because it’s also a cover. The original was written and performed by some guy named Robert Hazard.

Ben Folds produced that Has Been album by Shatner, which is how it originally came to my attention.

Kinda weird Mike called out that Bowie’s a better singer than Kim Deal since he sings the Frank Black part in his cover. Not that it isn’t true

Careful with that yiffy stuff at the end there, someone might bust a nut!


I sent in a question I hope you got it.


Can we submit questions through this thread? I want to ensure there’s sufficient social pressure to answer my questions.


It’s easier if you send em to the e-mail address because I just pull up the inbox at showtime.

If you use the web form it’ll go to the inbox I set up

Also we’re on iTunes now.


we’re recording tomorrow (at least thats the plan) so e-mail me your questions

also e-mail me questions that could be turned into some kind of discussion because out of the 5 i got only one of these i can really work with in a meaningful way.



OK so we recorded episode 3, to get a jump on it the e-mail topic for Episode 4 is going to be What’s your Sonic Forces OC going to be and why: tell me but also do it in a way where it would be interesting to read out loud on a podcast



I’ve been trying to submit another question but I keep getting an error message.


Okay fine, I’ll stop since you asked nicely.

By the way, what’s Dark Souls 4?


I managed to be my question through. I hope the others didn’t too, otherwise you’ll have eight mostly identical versions.


I only got one. Idk what was happening where you were having problems? Web form issues or what?

Also we totally recorded on saturday I’m waiting for Rotation to finish editing the thing.


It kept saying there were issues with the web host or server. It wasn’t very specific, just that something was wrong and I should try again later.



After hearing about the tiddy coconut crab, I retract my statement about my otter OC.