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Hey the e-mail topic was Whats ur Fav Twitter to Follow please answer the question to the email zone

Preferrably before 7 pm EST which is when we record next.



Would it be better or worse if Garrison had drawn Trump instead of Uncle Sam?


We will explore why that is bad next episode.


While rotation edits the next episode, here’s the email topic:

Gimme your best splatfest theme. HIT ME UP



About the issue someone (RickRollsRoyce I think?) was talking about with the triggers on his XBox Elite controller not working with Cuphead, do you have the triggers set for short pulls? It’s possible Cuphead isn’t recognizing the trigger being pulled until it reaches a certain threshold that isn’t being met by the short trigger pull. If you’re running Windows 10 you can use the XBox controller app to adjust the trigger thresholds, otherwise you’ll have to switch the triggers back to long pulls.


Thank you, you are my hero.


Hey, I forgot to post the last one here! Oops. Also sorry this episode was so late, we had an editing accident and had to start over.


We have two episodes in the pipes I swear, it’s been a very hectic few weeks

They’re coming, I promise.




Congratulations on your wedding.


thank u my husband bowser is a freak in bed, i will have you know


I forgot to upload 12 to youtube. Oops. Now that 13 is out (I actually just pushed 14 to the rss feed also but it needs some time to render as a video tonight.) how about a double dose of fuckboys?

  • 14: Whomst’ve
    On today’s Burn Down the Sandcast, we talk about snow, The Game Awards, the PS Experience, Patreon’s horrendous business decisions (which got rolled back since we recorded this), and Judy Hopps guest stars on this very special episode.
    Talking Points:
    Wildfire Rabbit Rescue
    Fighting Game Hand Petting a Dog Meme 1 2 3 4

  • 15: The BDTSC Fistmas Spectacular 2017
    On today’s Burn Down the Sandcast, we talk about things that we liked and maybe didn’t like? It’s whatever of the year 2017! Come on down for some Opinions courtesy of your friends.


Six hours of podcast every week please tia


what i have just posted is about mmmmm two months of content


Also we’re recording the AGDQ Carcast episode tomorrow. Whether or not it’ll be usable remains to be seen.


We never recorded the carcast because there were to many things in my car at one time.


Remember AGDQ last month? Boy was that a situation. Names may be redacted to protect the innocent.