It's Already Predetermined That You're Playing This Splatfest: Splatoon 2 General Thread



I hope everyone had a good Splatfest,

I know I did.

Anyways, I haven’t been updating this thread lately, especially with the new Splatfests.
So I’ll work on catching up.

Rumor spreading that Arowana Mall is set to come back in Febuary.

Version 2.2.0 is out in a few days.

And a Action versus Comedy movie Splatfest happened over the weekend. While Action was the most popular vote, Comedy came out of nowhere with a 51% victory in both Team and Solo categories.

But I am curious who everyone voted for, so even though the Splatfest is over, I’ll still do a poll.

  • Action Movies
  • Comedy Movies

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May the tide of ink change in your favor.


I posted this in Discord, but maybe the thread will get a kick out of it too:


Another Splatfest came and went, though it was the first one in Splatoon 2 that I took part in. They weighed money against love and:

I’m fine with the results.

That being said, Team Money may not have won, but they did block an important victory:

The 1% ruin yet another nice thing.


Meanwhile in Europe…

Also fun fact while I was looking: Across all regions there’s been 24 Splatfest’s in total and both Pearl and Marina have won 12 each.


I’m back,
New Splatfest, and now we have video for the thread! OOOoooo…

Chicken Vs Egg! The all time puzzler…
(Unless you google search it)
  • Chicken
  • Egg

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Normally I’d go for chicken, but:

I’m going for a deep cut reference with my Splatfest choice.




Take that, science. You ain’t shit.


Remember, squidkids: rules is rules.

And, if I may, I’d like to share a few personal highlights from this Splatfest!