It's Already Predetermined That You're Playing This Splatfest: Splatoon 2 General Thread



Splatoon 2

is out, so now is the time to discuss your favorite weapons, maps, clothes, skills, and of course…

Host! (pearl is better)

Feel free to post about meet ups, teams you selected for splatfest, and so on.
I might even try to arrange some friendly matches if enough are interested.
Cause no one wants to play randoms in ranked.

A new Splatfest has been announced for the first weekend of September!

Who you planning to vote for?

Stay Fresh!


Ooh, where do I begin? Well, I guess I should start with my new favorite weapon type, the Dualies. I love the dodge roll so much, I always end up missing it when I’m using a different weapon. Plus, they’re pretty useful for covering ground.

I think my favorite stage so far would be Humpback Pump Track, but I’m not sure I really hate any of them. At the same time, though, I think I’m ready for a new map to enter the rotation.

Still need time to figure out my favorite outfit, though. I’m just buying things that look halfway decent with abilities that fit my playing style, then filling out their slots. That usually means either Run Speed, Swim Speed, or Special Up, but I’ll roll with things like Ink Saver and Ink Defense too.

I think that covers it for a first post!


Splatoon is…very good.



I saw at least three “I wish _____ were real” posts last night and it started with “cats” and ended with “happiness.”

Splatoon memers are something else.


Dijondujour took my suggestion, and added a new role to the server, so if you want to be notified when someone’s looking for other squids, just type: “!joinrole squid kids”!


A new Splatfest has been announced for the first weekend of September!

Who you planning to vote for?

Vote here!


I’m gonna rock with Team Flight. It seems way more fun than just sneaking around.


Played a bunch of Salmon Run yesterday, super fun mode. Found the Paint brush to suit me best in turf wars so far.

Also Flight is soo much better then invisibility.


The paintbrush is really good if you’re into fast twitch trigger mashing. You can cover a surprising amount of ground by flinging all over the place.


Yeah it gives me just that tiny of range and spread that I want.

Also mashing fire while falling to cover and area is fun.


I really like the splattershot and roller for now. Though, I find the paint brushes really good for salmon run. As for clothes, my wife and I take turns playing and we actually just buy everything and unlock all of the stuff on them before switching clothes.


The hardest part about picking an outfit is that the Splatnet shop offers variations of clothing with different main abilities, so now there are just way more options where you don’t have to compromise your style for function or vice versa.



Turns into squid, falls through grate and dies


I have good news, the new Salmon Run map is 50% grates.


I played in the Splatfest for about an hour and a half and got my ass kicked up and down every map.

Maybe things will be easier once it’s daylight out for us Americans…


I guess you got Destroy Ed.


I really did. No matter what weapons or abilities I tried, I just kept getting owned. I even had a match where a guy killed me 8 times.


This game’s winner is:
Team Flight

This Splatfest was close, but while Invisibility barley won in popularity, the match and team counts were in favor of team Flight.

Good game everybody! And remember, it doesn’t matter who wins or loses…




Flight was clearly the superior power