It's Already Predetermined That You're Playing This Splatfest: Splatoon 2 General Thread



The new Splatfest is here!

Vampires vs. Warewolve-


Our next spooky October Splatfest is which way you place your toilet paper roll…
Well it’s anyone’s game! See you all there!

(Marina is going to die)

  • Front Roll
  • Back Roll

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Lol, Somebody in Nintendo picked up on how much fans liked Marina more then Pearl when they were first revealed.


It could still be close, Marina has the pity vote hands down.


I’ve been duped! Thank god,

The North American Splatfest is an actual Halloween one!

Oh wow, I actually called it! (spelled it incorrectly, but still called it)

I am very curious to see how badly Marina loses the European Splatfest, but for North America we get the monster mash!
I have to say, I predict this will be a close one, I haven’t even decided yet!

  • Vampires
  • Werewolves

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There’s an obvious choice for me, but I don’t the reason it’s obvious, so I haven’t actually decided yet.


Vampires have so many powers, bat form, hypnosis, strength, levitation, and fireballs, (I mean, castlevania might not be part of the original lore, but that junk is cool). Werewolves are just big and strong, and at full moons only.

But Vampires can die super easy. Sunlight, crosses, and garlic? I really like garlic! Warewolves can only be killed by silver, good luck finding that junk.

I can’t decide, it might have to come down to a coin flip…


Werewolves are the correct choice.


I go by the Discworld definition: werewolves have to change once a month, but they get wolfy perks at all other times, with the slight chance of sensory overload from time to time. Easy choice. But I had to fight over toilet paper instead, so werewolf supporters had better show up in my stead.


Went with the vampire. It was a hard choice, especially with orange being my favourite colour. But I’ve always really liked the rules vampire have.


Vampires are the winners! They suck!

Wow, a shut out of all times? Who would have thought? I predicted it being much closer.
Oh well, there’s always next time Werewolves, When there’s a full moon that is.
It’s vampire’s time in the limelight! Oh wait, that’s actually the sun coming up…

Pearl wins yet another Splatfest, Makes you wonder if that inevitable Splatfest finale might not be as open and shut as we all thought.


Damn it Pearl



I forgot to look up the results of this Splatfest, and to no one’s surprise, Back Roll was steam rolled.
Marina, babe, you’re not doing so hot…


The new Splatfest is Sci-Fi versus fantasy. This might be the most polarizing Splatfest yet!

Laser dog fights in the black abyss above alien planets? Or blades clashing for the crown in the den of Dragons?

Mass Effect, vs Dragon Age!
Metroid vs Zelda!
Sonic Forces vs Sonic and the Black Knight… uh…

Let’s settle it in Splatfest!

  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy

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I’m still climbing up to Ranked, but I discovered an affinity for the Paint Brush in Turf War. I use it to follow my teammates and jump individual enemies, and it generally works pretty well. Coverage is definitely a minus, but when your team is mostly composed of Aerosprays and Dualies, I think it balances out.

Also, Team Fantasy forever. Even though I don’t like fantasy much beyond Zelda and Souls.


The Ink Brush is pretty cool, yeah. Even if the coverage isn’t great, it’s still serviceable enough, I think.

That makes me realize, I’m not sure if I’ve actually settled on a single weapon after all this time. I still kinda bounce around between the various Dualies to the Sloshers to the Brellas to even the L3 Nozzlenose.


Is it gauche to post my own highlight here, because I’m pretty happy with this highlight:


That was a great play.


Yes, it’s great you’re sharing your highlights, I was hoping to see more of these when I started the thread.

If you have highlights, or pictures, please share them.



Are you excited for the new update!?

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  • yas~

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I’m incredibly hype for this update. I already got a new sweater and new shows and they’re sweet as hell.

Edit: There are a lot of big changes in this update, obviously, but one of the smaller changes was making Tenta Missiles fire faster if you lock on to more targets, and it feels so good. That was already my favorite special and they made it even better. I’m so happy.