It’s Mario and His Brother… Uh… Lugi? – Let’s Play Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Sometimes you just need… two brothers. Yes their jumps are strong, but their timed hits are stronger.

Something has happened to Princess Peach, and to everyone’s surprise Bowser has nothing to do with it. Instead, the villain claimed to be an ambassador from the Beanbean Kingdom visiting for good-will, only to steal away the Princess’s voice instead. Such an unusual problem can only be solved by an unusual solution: Mario must team up with Bowser to travel to the Beanbean Kingdom and get to the bottom of this voice-napping.

Oh, I guess this game’s named Mario and Luigi, so Mario’s green-clad brother might be involved as well.

Welcome to Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga! This was the first game in the Mario & Luigi series, made by the now-dissolved Alphadream. Like many of the Mario RPGs, this game tries to spice up the turn-based battle system by making it more active. True to the name, both of the Mario Brothers are your two and only playable characters. In battle and out, Mario and Luigi have particular moves they can use to travel or battle enemies. And not only do normal attacks have timed hits, but both brothers have a unique list of special moves that repurpose overworld moves into team attacks.

I’ll be playing the original GBA version, but it should be known that there’s a 3DS remake that came out in 2017, (about 14 years later.) This game’s existed for a while now, but it’s still an RPG so please don’t spoil anything that hasn’t come up. Also, hey, feel free to talk about changes or additions in the 3DS remake. Goodness knows I barely know anything about it.

Episode List

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Peach’s voice has been stolen, and everyone’s jumping to conclusions. Especially Mario, who’s literally jumping. On Bowser’s head. But the true villains isn’t from the Mushroom Kingdom or Bowser’s lands. And since they’ve already fled, just how will Mario give chase this time?

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Luigi who? Sounds like an unpopular character.

Missed opportunity for both of you to break out your best Toad voice. *watches a few minutes more* Oh come on that was a terrible Toad voice you can do better than that.

hey buddy show some respect he had a YEAR ya know. did you have a year? i didn’t think so.

And as it turns out, his lack of popularity is due to owning three mansions. The kids just aren’t fond of the bourgeois anymore.

Look, Toad is a majestic voice that I will not copy out of respect for its quality.

And if I’m going to kill my throat for a voice, it’s going to be a Black Doom/Dr. Claw impression.


Mario and Bowser head off to the Beanbean Kingdom, with Luigi solemnly in tow. The group seems to be hoping for an easy cruise past the border, but as it turns out they should really be expecting the unexpected.

If you’re colorblind, Green Mario’s name is Tall Mario.

According to some theories, they’re actually Mario Prime and Bigger Mario.

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Mario & Luigi managed to survive the Koopa Cruiser’s crash, but the rest of Bowser’s army seems worse for wear. Even worse, their boss is nowhere to be seen on the Mushroom Kingdom side of the border. So, the Mario Brothers must cross the last few steps into new territory on their own feet, and figure out just where to go from there.

Stardust Fields is now behind the brothers, but it seems there’s another blockade on the road to Beanbean Castle. So before they can descend the mountain, Mario & Luigi must first explore it and find a way to clear their new obstruction.

The Mario Brothers have defeated Hoohooros and earned passage through the rest of Hoohoo Mountain. But considering they’re probably the first people traveling here by foot in quite a while, the rest of their ascent won’t be easy. Or maybe they’ll keep fighting the same set of enemies and doing puzzles that are well-within their abilities. Nobody said Hoohooros was guarding this area for anybody’s safety.