Guild Wars 2: What if EXP was shared?


Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG that was built around the idea of people being as friendly and cooperative as possible. And so, following up on that idea here’s a thread for all things Guild Wars 2 related.

Not sure what to post about? Well here’s a list of potential starters to get you going:

  • Favorite Class
  • PVE vs PVP vs WVW
  • Thoughts on the latest update
  • Favorite builds and what they’re used for

Latest Update: All or Nothing (Season 4, Episode 5)

  • New Zone: Thunderhead Peaks
  • New Fractal: Siren’s Reef
  • Legendary Weapons: Pharus (Longbow)


I haven’t played in forever. My main is a Guardian. I also have a Thief that I used my Level 80 Boost on, but I haven’t really done anything with it besides help my old guild get their hall.


How are things in GW2 these days? I preordered back on release (and preordered the expansion) and I’ve played on and off, but I think I sort of burned out on its general gameplay loop because I knew I’d never have the patience to grind out a legendary weapon. Cool that they have a new raid, though. Have they added much new five-person PvE stuff, too, or is it just the same Fractals they’ve had for years?

I love the Mesmer profession, though, god damn. I’ve tried to play other professions in GW2 but I keep coming back to my Mesmer.


So you can draw a line on the map in Guild Wars 2, to help with raiding and such of course. But here’s the thing, the line used to fade before you could finish drawing a dick, this was a travesty. My niece and I noticed this terrible flaw and she decided to bring it up to her boyfriend, who actually works on the game, and he covertly increased the time limit on the map doodling before your drawings began to fade so you could finish drawing dicks.

You’re welcome.


I honestly don’t do dungeons much so I couldn’t really say, but its mostly been Fractals that they’ve released. I also never bothered with the Legendary’s especially once they started introducing content like they did with Living Story Season 2 onward with zones that have fairly engaging gimmicks to them, so I’d say it’s worth checking out again.

I also have a Mesmer, but of the five characters I have that one gets played the least. My mains these days are my Engineer & Necromancer.


Ahhh just what you need more of in raiding, dicks!!!


I thought about making a thief for a while to use my boost on but I ended up going with a Revenant instead.


Have there been new fractals since the Chaos Islands fractal they added in I think mid-2016? Because I think that’s the only new fractal they added since like 2014, which makes me sad, because I like the five-player stuff a lot.


Yes, the nightmare fractal.


Well I finished the story missions from the new episode and boy was that final fight atrocious. It’s basically everything Guild Wars does wrong about fights all mashed up into one horrible instance. You had a small cramped room to do the fight in, a gimmick where you have to repeatedly destroy the bosses shields in order to be able to damage him and the boss spamming a power knockdown attack that if you have about two second to counteract while you’re trying to do a million other things. In addition there are million going off all over the room and adds spawning in to divide your attention (I all but screamed when the Jade Armor’s spawned into the room).

And the sad thing is that every other boss fight in this episode was pretty decent and we got this mess. I just hope that they won’t do this again.


So I’ve played Guild Wars 2 when it was released for about three or four months before stopping. How is it now? One of my biggest complaints when it was released was that doing dungeons with you’re friends was incredibly difficult and just not worth it. Is the game worth giving a shot now?


I just started playing GW2 again after a year- long hiatus. I bought the game on release, but I can’t access that account so I had to make a new one. :disappointed: It’s not a huge deal, but it kinda sucks not being able to access my original account.

I love playing Ranger. I’ve tried multiple times to play other classes, but they just don’t click with me. I’m sitting on a level 80 boost though, so I might try out Revenant or something.


Yes, it’s a lot better than it was when it was first released.


Revenant’s are weird, they’re basically a stance system class with a lot of versatility in what roles they can cover.


Sounds interesting. I like Ranger because of its versatility, so it sounds like something I should try.


The nice thing about the boost is that it’s basically a test drive of the class at level 80 and if you don’t like it you can just reverse it while keeping the boost.

I personally like Necromancers the best of all the classes but the Revenant’s been pretty good as well.


New Update out: Looks the like Super Fun Box Adventure is back.


New update out, I’ll bet this Flashpoint is better than The Flash’s flashpoint.

I also thought that we were going to the Isles of Janthir but I guess not, although there is still one final episode left in the season.


I wonder how smoothly they’ll transition from the last update to new expansion.


I think there’s one more episode left before the season over. As for what it leads to I have no idea other than it’s probably going to focus on fighting Balthazar and maybe Jormag since they spent most of the season focused on Primordius.