Guild Wars 2: What if EXP was shared?


Almost forgot I had an account for this game. I think I played a few months after release, but it seemed to fall off my radar pretty quickly for whatever reason. Think it’s worth coming back to this late into it?


I’ve recently gotten back into GW2, actually. Recent attempts at raiding have been lackluster at best, but interesting, to say the least. Catching up with all the HoT content I missed out (mostly in terms of story; I’ve been getting the Cliffs Notes on patches from pals) has been a trip and a half. Coming out of my cave to discover there’s Legendary-tier armor? My heart cannot take it. :fearful:


Oh certainly, they’ve made it even more accessible over the years.


Can’t take it in a good way or bad?


Good, definitely. I’m just not sure if I’ll have proper time for the grind towards it. Already bad enough I’ve got it in my head to make Nevermore.



They ever fix that weird gap near the end of the original game’s story? I think there was an entire story arc missing at one point, I do remember just randomly getting introduced to some characters like “Oh you remember and care about X, right?”


Oh no that’s still there, they basically merge all story threads at one point with out explaining all that much about what’s going on. I will though that they’ve gotten significantly better at story telling since then.


I’m vaguely considering reinstalling. How have the Living World episodes been this season? I stopped after episode 1, I think, the one that introduced Bloodstone Fen. I enjoyed that just fine, but burnt out on running that map over and over and just didn’t log back in to unlock the other episodes like a doofus.

I kinda miss my Chronomancer.

I think my problem with playing GW2 is that I’m a lazy player who nonetheless wants to achieve the big things. I want a legendary weapon, but then I see what’s involved in getting one, go “no way I’m gonna do that,” and get frustrated instead of just shrugging and accepting that there are tons of other cool weapons I could get instead.


They’ve been pretty good, they’ve been pretty inventive as far as the zones go and the story’s been decent. I understand your problem with the Legendary weapons because that is a lot of work but you’re right, there are other cooler things you could get.


I have no idea what to make of this, aside from apparently resolving the Balthazar stuff and probably the Jormag stuff I can’t tell where they’re going with this.


Well that new Jump Puzzle was actually fun for once as opposed to the previous two ones they did.

And here’s me at the bottom to give you some perspective on how high up this thing was.


Expansion soon, buys


They didn’t include a trailer at the end of this season like they did the last one though, the trailers not coming until August 1st.


Everything about this looks great! I’m excited.


The Expac is pretty good so far, I like the Crystal Desert maps and the mounts. I do not however like that damn near every enemy I’ve fought has some form of interrupt or knockdown that they spam with some regularity.


So, I impulse bought Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire after years of not having played Guild Wars 2 (I hadn’t even gotten my main character up to 80 when I came back), hoping to revitalize what time I put into the game. It probably wasn’t the best idea.

Heart of Thorns wasn’t engaging at all, mostly because it was a huge grind to get the masteries I needed and I had zero investment in the story due to completely forgetting what the plot to the vanilla game was and not having played Living World at all. I only played the first mission of Path of Fire to get the mount so I could navigate the world easier and then went back to doing HoT stuff.

Really, though, most of my problems came from losing my friendbase that played Guild Wars 2. There are one or two people who still play, but they’re usually off doing their own thing in Fractals or WvW (neither of which I’ve touched), so I’m usually doing stuff solo. Haven’t joined a guild, but I do occasionally jump on LFG groups to explore the map and get Hero Points. That’s all well and good, but the game still feels either lifeless or impenetrable to me, so I’m probably just going to end up dropping it again.


There isn’t really that much of a connection between the vanilla story and HOT’s story aside from some of the characters. They mostly introduced a whole new cast and story arc in the episodic content in between the two.

As for friends, I imagine that there can be a few people found here that would be willing to party up for stuff.


It took them about 7 years but they finally made an Elder Dragon fight feel truly epic. Also damn the last two episodes managed to mess me up quite a bit.