Great Caesar's Ghost, gang! It's a Dokapon Kingdom LP!

Dokapon Kingdom is a JRPG!

In Dokapon Kingdom, you fight monsters, level up your skills, and buy new equipment to take on boss enemies and liberate towns! You can switch between various classes such as Warrior, Mage, and Thief who all have their own special abilities in both combat and on the field.

Dokapon Kingdom is a party game!

Each turn starts by you spinning the spinner and moving the amount of tiles you get. Specific tiles can give you items or magic, while most empty tiles will result in a battle or a special event. Your goal is to have the most money and towns to win!

Dokapon Kingdom is fucking bullshit.

Dokapon Kingdom doesn’t even pretend it’s not cheating all the time. If I had the manual I’d be able to tell if it outright said it. The spinner is loaded, high level enemies can read your command inputs, Mid level AI players can rig the damn RNG in their favour, sometimes the game just hurls itself into chaos just to spite everyone. Sometimes the rich get richer, sometimes the rich get eaten, sometimes everything equalizes violently and every once in a while someone turns into a demon. It’s completely impossible to predict.

In what ended up being a somewhat poor decision, Grace and I decided to go in mostly blind. The two of us played a practice round of the first chapter, but beyond that it’s all new to us. We get to discover all of the game’s rudeness in real time, including the ever increasing suspicions of AI player cheating. We’re also playing this in person for that extra layer of “WHY WOULD YOU ATTACK ME I DON’T EVEN HAVE MONEY”

As is normal for Dan and Grace, alcohol and poor decisions will be a staple of this LP. We’re playing on a PS2 which means the graphics are not going to look as good as you remember from the more popular Wii version.

Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 1 - Hurricane Estelle
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 2 - Self Defense
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 3 - Microphone Issues
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 4 - Doom
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 5 - The Siege of Uvs Nuur
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 6 - Mirror Match
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 7 - Secret Hairstyle
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 8 - Solo Wing Grace
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 9 - The Word of Jeezio
Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 10 - Dokamerica


Reserving this post, but also confirming phoneposting from the mobile app works pretty great

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I demand additional Satan. Never enough Satan.

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People say that Mario Party games will test the limits of your friendship.

These people haven’t played Dokapon Kingdom.

Some friends in college tried to get me to play this with them. It may be the only game I worked to intentionally die in so I didn’t have to play it anymore.

I for one look forward to more of THE GREAT EQUALIZER, SATAN.

I want to play this game but I don’t want the friendships to end any ideas on the compromise?

But Yes more Satan!

Grace as Satan is one of the best things to watch. I hope the great equalizer shall rise again and conquer the land.

Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 11 - Fresh To Death

For our first new episode in LP Zone, welcome to one of the rudest things I’ve ever done, and it felt SO good.

We also unlock South America which… becomes a point of contention for pretty much the rest of the game up to where we’ve played so far.

Ha ha ha

you think Dokapon is a game with an ending

Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 12 - Let’s Get Dokapon-ing

So as you may notice, the only way to get to South America is through the Grand Lost Woods that is Mexico to Panama. You have to land on the tile to get in and out.

It’s been mentioned in the SA thread before but The AI is a blatant cheater and can see what the next couple dozen spinner rolls will be.

This becomes readily apparent soon enough.

Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 13 - Rolling Right Into It

“I think the computer is cheating, Dan”

We’re starting to catch on

I think cheating isn’t a strong enough word for what Dokapon AI does.


It’s hard to believe that these AI have different difficulty settings since they both seem to do so well. Steve kind of came off as not being able to function in the beginning and Estelle seemed to be ruling it as she became Satan.

Does this game know what it’s doing? Does it know it is lulling you into a false sense of security before kicking you in the teeth? Or is it just misunderstood and uncertain of its self? :thinking:

Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 14 - The Lost Woods

A combination of it being late, us being sleepy, and Steve and Estelle’s horseshit make this one of the saltiest videos we’ve made. There’s no way anyone can watch Steve going in and out of the woods whenever he wants and think the game isn’t peeking at roll results

Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 15 - Steve Always Wins

Keep in mind that the previous turn, I had 27128 gold. This is how much can go wrong over the course of one turn

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Okay so we’re totally not going to win this

So…the logical thing to do is more satanism.

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I powered through all of this LP in one sitting and regret nothing. This game is so harsh and I love it!

Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 16 - Oh Ghost



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Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom Episode 17 - Two Steves

A lot happens in this episode, the pompadour gets retired, Steve fights another Steve, Grace trips or something it had nothing to do with me.