Fire Emblem: War. War is Anime


The little scene you get for Supports is pretty cute. Can’t wait to get slam jammed in the arena if they’re allowed there.
Also, I used my Summoner Support on Brave Lyn. None shall stand before her.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


A Rank’s pretty cute, TBH.


I don’t know how my luck for this banner, in which I wanted three of its focus characters, has been so astounding.


Started replaying Binding Blade because it’s been awhile and it’s probably my favorite FE game? It’s got a nice combination of good variety in units (with only a handful of stinkers, really), enjoyable map design, crazy promotion gains (promoting early is usually a good idea, but here it actually feels really rewarding), and so on. Also, the shoe store. Can’t forget the shoe store.

I’ve somehow never really used Geese before so I decided to fix that… and he’s turning out pretty good all things considered!

And then there’s Shanna, who I promoted right at Chapter 8x.
I’m on Chapter 12. When I say Shanna is my favorite FE6 unit, it’s because of amazing things like this.

In mobile game news, I finally got a Gronnblade for Cecilia.

I understand everything now.


I feel like Shanna’s one of the more difficult Pegasus Knights to train up given the kinds of enemies the game throws at you early on. Still though, she’s definitely pretty solid. So are you taking the Ilia path, or have you also been training Sue?

Also, dang. That Cecilia. She’s a bit less fragile than Nino, that’s for sure. I use her off and on, but she’s kinda fallen off my team list. Because apparently 10 teams aren’t enough.


Yeah, Shanna definitely has it a bit rough with early bow users and Fighters, but she can still snag kills without too much difficulty, which is nice. One of the things I like about her is that she has flaws early on; her Strength is pretty middling and her durability isn’t great, but she’s also your only flying unit for quite some time and the payoff to actually training her is a fast, extremely mobile unit that can dodgetank and double things like nobody’s business. I like to give her the early Angelic Robe to help her take hits a bit better, it goes a long way to improving her survival.

I’m actually using Sue as well, but Shanna’s definitely going to have more EXP than her simply because she’s in the front lines more often. And even if Sue somehow catches up, I’m also using Tate/Thea, so Ilia is more or less guaranteed. Sacae is… not great, so I always do everything in my power to never go there unless I hate myself.


Good lord. I never even looked at the high-level content before.

I think I got a random Nino recently, maybe I should put that Gronnblade to use…

Edit: I meant to say a 5-star Nino, but I was wrong. I got a 4-star Nino from a different focus while they had that “Blade Spells” focus running.

That’s not nearly as exciting…

Edit 2: Finally, after all this time, I got Brave Lucina. It only took about 25 pulls on blue stones.


I am extremely jealous of Fefnir’s roster.


I will admit, I’ve had a stupidly good run of luck with some of these draws, despite the sea of 3 Star Raighs I’ve also gotten.


Whoops, time for new heroes from Path of Radiance.

Whoops, they’re Elincia, Oscar, and Nephenee.

Whoops, Nephenee looks really good and I want her next.

Whoops, guess I have to play the game more.


Oh right, the game updated today, and now there are more story chapters as well as a new Path of Radiance banner. And indeed, Nephenee is very good. Elincia also looks solid, though now I kinda want Lucia as well. The Black Knight chapter is really cool. Even on normal mode, he’s got Wings of Mercy and he WILL use it. At the very least, that particular area is full of chokepoints.

Also, I had three pulls worth of orbs thanks to getting all the Brave Heroes I wanted semi-early. The result:

It was just Eirika, a banner character on my second pull, and two of the most intimidating units of the game. It was okay, I guess.


It’s Path of Radiance in Japanese.


Oh, nice find!


Isn’t hard mode normal mode and normal mode extreme mode and the special ending still locked to selecting hard mode in the Japanese version?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.


I believe that the Japanese version had Normal, Hard and Maniac. Maniac was removed and Easy was added to the US release, so normal and hard mode are more or less the same, I think. I don’t know if Maniac unlocks anything, but considering it was removed I think Hard mode alone will unlock the various extras. Excluding trial map characters.

I’m kinda curious how Manaic. PoR’s Hard mode is probably one of the easier ones in the series. It’s extremely tense and easy to make mistakes, but manageable, which is good since that’s how you get the proper battle with Ashnard. Maniac might be a tad on the overkill side, but I don’t know about that for sure.


I think PoR’s hard mode is so easy because it’s units are all so good
PoR still has True Hit though?

Gotta get critted by Ena all day long.


All the best strats today.


So hey remember when we were talking about getting DMCAed by Nintendo making a Fire Emblem fan game? I’m ready to start the first ever LP Zone Failed Project next month. So, um, look forward to that I guess.

I’ll be reaching out to folks for story and growth rate ideas years from now once I figure out animations, movement, dialog, tactics, and pretty much everything else in Unity which I’m learning from scratch.

Getting sued by Nintendo is gonna be great.

Edit: (Post was not shitpost enough)


This happened between me getting slam dunked by Black Knight in the Tempest Trials. (By the way, new Tempest Trials are a thing. You can get Black Knight if you get enough points.)


AAAAAAAAHHH! My good gay sons!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::rainbow:

Edit: Okay fine IntSys, I’ll play your game.

Wow, I am terrible at this game.

:eyes: Everyone knows Soren is your partner, Ike.