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For those of you playing Heroes, Ike and the Boys are available now. You can get Ike, Soren, Mist or Titania. Unless you’re me, in which case you’ll get a pull of all three star units that you already have. Because apparently the game hates me today.


Why do you do this to me. You know I have to get this game I have been putting off getting and get my good gay boys (Ike and Soren) now.

You’re mean.



::glances around and awkwardly tugs at her collar:: Uh… what’s going on guy…

::nervous laughter:: You uh… You need to stop.

Whew okay, but wow that was uncomfortable for awhile.


This thread. :allears:


Pro tip: If you’re just starting, you can restart until you get one or both of them through sheer stubborn luck. I didn’t do that, and I am still haunted by my lack of Lyn to this day.
Anyway, getting five star units is an annoying process and I wish you luck in your endeavor, as I’ve had none. (Tried another pull, got mostly three stars barring a four star Jagen. A Jagen.


I’ve finally gotten around to playing Conquest and I can’t believe just how starkly different it is from Birthright. Like, I knew Conquest was supposed to be harder, but I wasn’t expecting all the challenges like having to break pots full of either poison or medicine, or having to find a spy among allies, or using replicas to fight because I only have three units for the map.

I’m not done with it, but it makes Birthright look very by-the-numbers in comparison. No wonder people like it better.


I preferred the well set up chapters to the gimmicky ones. Barring the Replica one, I found most of the gimmicks more annoying than anything else. I don’t know how far along you are, but there are some chapters that are really well set up. And most of them happen to be after the gimmicky chapter I quit playing on because it was dumb and bad.



I’ve been playing FE5 with the new menu patch that came out about a week or so ago.

That game has a lot of weird but cool mechanics. Such as the ability to level up your Movement like any other stat, with a growth. Though, most characters have between 1~3% for their Move growth, so it really doesn’t come into play that mu



And that’s why movement growths aren’t normally a thing.

I’ve been keeping up with that hack, actually. Not the biggest fan of Thracia, but the double roll version and promise of an updated translation has me intrigued. There’s a lot of work being put into this version and its weird that its taken this long for someone to actually do that, considering how many people love this game.


I still haven’t gotten my Good Gay Boys (Ike and Soren) in the mobile game and I have now rage quit.

I got like 3 Ests though, what up.


Aw, that sucks. 3 Ests ain’t bad though, and I really wish I got Minerva at some point because I do have all three Whitewings. On the bright side, my favorite hot idiot is a grand hero so at least I got him.


Don’t talk to me about my waifu.


Hey friends, Nino is not worth raisi–


Why is this man taking credit for my deeds?

Lmao Ike rules.




So I stopped playing FE Heroes due to my previous phone’s garbage battery life, and it turns out I returned to this rabbit hole just in time for an update with a free draw. You get one free five star character, and you can choose between three gays and also Roy for some reason. And so, I’ve finally fulfilled the reason I even played this game in the first place:

And if you’re wondering how Bow Lyn is, she’s been alright so far.

Anyway, I’m gonna spend the next week futilely trying to get Lucina and Ike despite the fact that I’ve never gotten a focus character from their respective draws and probably never will. Lance Lucina would compliment one of my teams perfectly, and while Axe Ike would be a bit redundant with Soren, I still want him.

Oh yeah, the Brave version of Ike has an axe, so I’m fairly certain Nintendo’s trying to appeal specifically to @Jenner.



:swoon: Gosh this game wants me to play it bad.

Omg gratz on the luck!


Dang, those are some good pulls! Mine were… uh… well, i got a 3* Hinata for Fury fodder? I picked horsebow Lyn as my freebie, and she’s been an easy slot into my WIP cavalry team. Although, I say “WIP”, but I finally 5*'d my +Atk Reinhardt, so uh, things in the Arena just kind of die for now.

In not-mobile games, I decided to pick up Awakening after having not played it normally for… about a year or so? The last playthrough I did was an attempt at LTCing 0% Growths Normal Mode, since I’d beaten the game normally under those conditions before. Sort of gave up at Ch 23 though, that rout is way tough.

So naturally, for my first “regular” playthrough in a long time, I decided to do a Lunatic run. It took me a bit to find my legs and get used to the early chapters in this mode again, but since I managed to get through Ch 2 without too much hassle I should be good for awhile now. Gonna try out Wyvern Sully, since Deliverer from Griffon Rider is pretty great and Sully is also pretty great.


Yeah, Hinata’s usually the common pull I get. Either him, Virion or Gunter. I’ve never really had much trouble with Reinhardt, oddly enough. Then again, my main team has Nino so I’ve got a good counter for him.
I’ve never really thought about a 0% growth run for Awakening, but you don’t really get that many typical pre-promoted units, do you? And considering chapter 23 is the last time you get new prepromotes if you ignore the bonus chapters, I can see why that’d be less than ideal. Though Basilio and Flavia are pretty good, at least. Maybe not room-clearing good in that chapter, but still.


I’ve gotten so many Gordins, I could go the rest of my life without seeing him and be a happy man.

Yeah, Awakening’s really stingy on the prepromotes. The stars of the show in a 0% context are definitely Frederick, Libra, Griffon!Say’ri, and Sage!Anna, the latter two handling the bulk of lategame combat with some odd help from the likes of Tharja, Henry, and later Tiki, though clearing her map in a 0% context is still highly sketchy. Doable, but sketchy. Thing is, even on Normal mode, enemy stats ramp up pretty hard towards the end of the game, and the means of “fudging” stats on your own peeps don’t really get any better since permanent statboosters are hard to come by outside of random Merchants. Rallys are great, but outside of Rally Speed they’re hard to get on people efficiently and Rally Spectrum is… um… not happening without grinding. I have ideas of how I could improve it, but that’s if I decide to go back to it in the future; not anytime soon for sure, since my means of playing with 0% growths isn’t uh, available anymore.

All things considered though, it was pretty fun to play around with.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who got sucked back into Fire Emblem Heroes because of the Brave heroes.

The nice thing about neglecting it for so long is that there are plenty of ways to get orbs, thanks to all the new chapters they added.

I picked Ike for my free hero, but I also really want Lucina, and if I get her, Lyn would be nice too.


Well, would you look at that? They updated FE Heroes and now there are supports. Pair up anyone with anyone else, get them up to S-Rank! No dialogue, though.

You can also give a unit a summoner support to give them +5 HP and +2 everything else.

Please enjoy setting up all your ships.