Fire Emblem: War. War is Anime


Hi yes these outfits are good but also you can’t make Inigo hot, that’s highly illegal.


Inigo was always hot what are you talking about


This is illegal levels of hot though.

Hotness crimes.


I couldn’t get Nephenee. I’m sad now. I guess I’ll have to play Path of Radiance if I want to see her tear through enemies.

What a terrible fate.


Replay Path of Radiance? Oh the humanity. Whatever will you do.

(I didn’t get Nephenee either so fuck up a myrmidon for me.)


I just keep getting killed and wasting orbs on being killed. Put me in the trash.

Nephenee rules, and I didn’t get her either.


There was a time when Light’s Blessing items were slightly more abundant. I have not gotten one in months, so I usually just cut my losses whenever a map goes poorly. It’s, uh, resulted in this:

I’m not fond of trading an orb to earn an orb though, because orbs are precious and must be hoarded for Brave Heroes Crimeans Dancers.


Sexy Inigo is very tempting.

I can’t believe they got Yuri Lowenthal to voice people.

Excuse me now, I have to go back to dying on the most basic of missions.


Mom, dad, don’t make me choose.

Edit: Give me Soren you jerk game.


The Greil Mercenaries can be two Ikes and a Barst.

And eventually the two Ikes’ lover.


I wish you could farm for specific badges because I need 15 more green badges to 4 star Beruka. I guess I’ll wait until later today when my stamina recovers and just grind the tower all day. I’m really glad I pulled an Azama because healers are a real game changer.

But I’m getting the worst luck on hero summons. :angry:


The badges you get from the tower are based on the day of the week. You get red on Tuesdays, blue on Wednesdays, green on Thursdays, colorless on Fridays, and random colors Saturday through Monday.


Robin status: 4 stars, sucks ass.

No no no no no no no!

Noooooooooo!! :sob:

Boys don’t fight.

In other news Catria and Azama are a really good team because they both have Threaten Attack and so they just tank all day.


Edit: Soren status, still don’t have him and probably never getting him. I’ve got three days and I’m farming green under the Tempest Trials banner as best I can but this game is rude.


Bartre the Brave (and ever-present.)

Even if you don’t get him in this banner, he can still show up as a four star in any draw. He’s still a tad on the rare side, but a non-banner draw is how I get him myself.


Forever jealous at your luck.

In other news I got my gay daughter’s sexy wife so…

This support is going to be a nightmare to S rank.



The most canon of supports BEGINS.


Hahaha, they literally get married in a chapel.
:3 my good boys are so good.


At some point the stats on these enemies get so ridiculous there is just no way I can figure out how to get past it. :frowning:

I’m running into people with 40 speed, hooooow. I am bad at games.


I’ve been looking for some kind of online multiplayer Fire Emblem, and someone made it. I’ve tested a game on it and it’s really accurate. Just posting in case some people would want to try it out.