Fire Emblem: War. War is Anime


NIles is a wonderful husband take that back :worried:


The best husband is axes.


There’s a new trailer for Echoes. The website also updated at some point recently. Celica still looks like Basically The Best Character. She was a Sword+Magic user before it was cool. Though I’m a tad worried that they’re going to bring back the stupid “magic hurts to use” shit from Gaiden, if this screenshot is anything to go by:

I’m also hoping some characters get reclassed so there aren’t a million Mercenaries. Kinda hoping they keep a few classes from Fates as well, if only because I want to see Spear Fighters make a comeback. I also want to see how Zeke looks in the new art style. He’s probably one of my favorite Archanean series characters.


Well, if they’re going to remake Gaiden, they might as well make it as accurate as possible, while still adding in quality of life features and supports so that the party members have a personality. Since self-harming magic was part of Gaiden, as well as the dungeon crawling, it should stay in.

But yes, Celica looks like the best.


It’s been more or less confirmed now, basically everything that made Gaiden weird (including dungeon crawling, magic costing HP, and the lack of a weapon triangle) is going to be in Shadows of Valentia. So uh, strap in I guess.


There are certain mechanics that are more integral to whatever game they happen to be in, (like, Genealogy would be weird if it didn’t involve large, open maps where your entire army can move around and chase bandits,) and others that I could leave, (it would be nice if everyone in Genealogy didn’t secretly hate each other and refuse to trade weapons without passive-aggressively selling them first.) The dungeon crawling seems like something they could really expand on, and it feels like more of an integral part of Gaiden. In the case of magic pain, I feel like that’s just a weird mechanic they tried that doesn’t work in the long run. But as long as they don’t stick with Gaiden’s evasion rate, it’ll at least be playable. I swear if I see purple heal tiles, I’m not gonna be happy.
Also, if they’re not adding the weapon triangle, does that mean fighter classes are going to be enemy only again? Nobody tell @Jenner there’s a chance there’ll be no playable axe users.


… If that is the case then this game is dead to me.


You forgot one



I looked for one of Ike or his dad doing Aether with an axe but couldn’t find one. Fedule only posted screenshots.


Alas, most videos of Fates’s crits focus more on the quotes and not the animations, which is a shame because I feel like these animations are the first since Sacred Stones to be (almost) on par with the GBA animations.
Anyway, the axe animations are okay, but I think this is the only one in this video. The rest of them use clubs, the Hoshidian-equivalent of axes, and I don’t know if those count. And it’s too bad none of them are Dread Fighters, because those animations are wild.


Woah, woah, woah. Are you implying that Shadow Dragon’s excellent and not-at-all-uncanny-valley pre-rendered sprites don’t have the best animation in video games?


These fucking @dril gimmick accounts are getting out of control. :joy:


JFC. :joy::joy::joy:

I’m mad at myself for not thinking of it first.


Even with Echoes coming out, that’s my life motto now.


Oh hey, there’s another new trailer.

A lot of the unusual mechanics from Gaiden have been confirmed, including the archers’ ridiculous-ass range they could have in the original. Pegasus knights beware, because they all have close counter, I guess. I love that their explanation is basically "all non-Valencian archers are fucking wimps, you modern-mechanic-liking nerd.
Also confirmed: everyone’s hot now. Character design went from:

to this:

It also seems like they added some new characters as well, though I didn’t notice them in the trailer itself.


There’s a new Japanese trailer up.

I, personally, have no idea what most of this is about, (seems to be a general introduction to the mechanics, I guess?) but this is a pretty good look at the animations, which look pretty good. I wanna see more crits, though.

I also noticed that Celica’s desert map still the same way it does in the original, so I guess even in the remake Deen’s gonna go to the own zone for the rest of time. Sorry pal, your competition’s Sonya.


I’ve been replaying FE7 again, trying out a 0% growths run. It’s so weird, having the prepromotes be some of my best units.

Also don’t say the word “Eliwuss” until you’ve played a 0% run because oh god help me


Meanwhile, the Easter event is here in Fire Emblem Heroes with alternate versions of Chrom, Xander, Lucina, and Camilla. I got Chrom, but I’m really hoping to get Lucina or Camilla (because, look, I’m not afraid to admit what I like) before the event ends in two weeks.

But I have this fear that I’m only going to get Xander…


Hey, here’s some character spoilers for Gaiden/Echoes

[spoiler]So I thought this morning was going to suck because of some really bad train delays, but then I saw this:

I don’t know where these Camus images are from but they finally revealed him and my god he’s gorgeous. I’m disappointed there’s no avatar in this game because I’d marry the hell out of this hot idiot knight man.




Oh, I just realized it’s April 20th in Japan, so that means three things:

  1. Nice
  2. It’s Lucina’s birthday
  3. Echoes is out in Japan
    So yeah, you should probably watch out for spoilers now, in case there are any major story changes and you’re interested in playing it.

Personally, I can’t wait to see if Rudolph is still a dingus or if they tried to give him motivation that isn’t extremely dumb.