Fire Emblem: War. War is Anime


The support linking should be simple with something like Inkle

You can link dialog events into other variables, it was used in the banner saga.


As we all know, the only true Chrom based ship is Chrom/Villager.


The art style for Echoes looks so good :heart_eyes:


As a total aside, OP did themselves a great disservice by not naming this thread “Fire Emblem: Anime Husbandry 101”


So for anyone interested, Heroes got a recent update with some new characters, and I think the theme of the ones they added is sibling bonds? I dunno, I feel like they should have mentioned it a few more times to clear it up. Either way, they added Eirika and Ephraim from Sacred Stones, as well as Seliph and Julia from Genealogy. Also, I still haven’t gotten a five star character from this accursed gashapon.

Anyway, I can swear my eternal vengeance on mobile games later.[quote=“Jenner, post:100, topic:1109”]
if it can be done following RoR’s chapter system or finding some other way to link supports to plot would be a wise way to go for Flaming Emblem.
FF7 also did a thing where certain characters had mid-battle conversations depending on the support rank of certain characters. It was super rare, (the only one I can recall off the top of my head was between Hector and Lyn in an A Support. In the final chapter. Specifically in Hector mode,) but it’s also a pretty cool thing that I don’t remember appearing outside of 7 or 4.

… Okay yeah, that’s actually pretty good.


I like FE8 the best of all the games I think, but I’ve really enjoyed the newer games too.


As somebody who only played the demo for Awakening, could any of y’all tell me what would be a good point to start at? The hints of a time travel plot in that one made me have a bit of a conniption tbh.

Side Note: I reflexively hated Virion and everything he stood for as soon as he started uttering the first couple of sentences in his intro. Is this a normal response or is it just me?


The time travel aspect of the plot is super simple if it helps; there aren’t many time-travel shenanigans pulled at all.

As for the blurred text, different strokes for different folks. I liked the character, and they were definitely meant to be seen as a buffoon.


Alright that’s fair enough then I suppose. I just know that way too many games try to do time travel and screw it up royally.

Normally I don’t mind characters like Virion but him asking a girl he just met and followed to a battlefield to marry him just threw me off. Hell I’ve had characters I’m fond of that act like him, but man. Little clingy there for my tastes haha.


I loved his introduction because it introduced Sully, who is the best character and my first and true waifu. Virion isn’t as, well, desperately creepy in supports later (at least I don’t remember him being like that)


Okay that’s good to know. I was kinda hoping the demo would be longer cause I was like “Hey can you not leave me with a sour taste in my mouth? I wanna like this guy like I like the rest of these dinguses.” And yeah I saw Sully and man I was immediately in love with her and the fact she didn’t take any shit from Virion.


If nothing else, Virion gets dunked on 80% of the time.


And he has one of the best supports with Robin. Which is funny to me.


So… It turned out I was just lying to myself when I said I was done with Heroes. Adding in some new characters and challenges got me checking every day again.

But also, I decided to replay Fates and play around with different pairing options. I’m playing Birthright again because I’m still mad about a few things from my first playthrough: Kaze, Shiro, Rinkah… I’m mostly just winging it, trying to see who’s cute together. I’ve already paired up Rinkah and Saizo, as well as Hayato and Mozu. The rest, well, I’m just trying to avoid pairings I did before.


The Fire Emblem bug has bit me so strong coming out of FE:Heroes. I’m re-watching all of gamexplain’s streams on FE7 and FE8. And I’m really, reeeeally tempted to get a fan translation patch of FE6 and play that, but I think my current plan is gonna be asking people if they’d be interested in an LP series on that so I can play it that way instead. Could be fun, recording a fire emblem.


I did Hayato and Mozu, too. My child soldiers :3:
I paired Rinkah and Kaze, Orochi and Silas, and Jakob and Hana. All the tsundere relationships :sparkles:
I haven’t figured out who to pair ladytype Corrin with. I was originally working with Subaki? I don’t know. Corrin’s social link conversations are all so boring lol


I had kind of the same issue. I started my replay as Lady Corrin because my first one was as Dude Corrin, but then I realized that I couldn’t think of any guys to be a good match, so I started over again as Dude. But, like, even Dude Corrin didn’t have any good supports that jumped out at me the first time through. I ended up marrying Reina purely because she can’t support with anyone else.

But this time, I think I’m gonna have him marry Rhajat.

(I would have had Rhajat marry Lady Corrin, but not getting Kana seems like a crime.)


I married Kaze in Birthright, (and thank goodness I did before Chapter 15, because that can apparently screw you over,) I was going to marry Izana in my ill-fated Conquest playthrough, and, despite how much I hate the Baby Zone, Forrest in Revelation. Forrest was definitely my favorite of the three, but Kaze’s was okay.
Reina’s supports are actually pretty good, though. Scarlet’s were really good as well, and I’d probably wind up marrying her if I played Birthright with a male Corrin.


Yeah, I ended up losing Kaze because I didn’t get his support high enough; I never imagined it would be important. And since it was in a cutscene and not battle, I assumed it was unavoidable just long enough to save it. This time, I got him to A rank ASAP.


Personally, my approach to Corrin’s supports ended up being getting all the same-sex A-ranks I like and just imagining that the S-rank was there since most of the het pairings are boring and Rhajat and Niles are both kind of insufferable.