Fire Emblem: War. War is Anime


I also recently finished the game and largely enjoyed it too! The ending was a bit odd though.

Echoes: Thousands of years from now wars will scorch this land to nothing and none of this will have mattered.
Me: Oh, ok.


Echoes is really good! And while I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I thought they did a really good job adapting Gaiden into something actually playable and fun. The dungeons were actually really interesting, and they made stamina not annoying, (though it was one of the main things I was worried about before actually playing the game.)

The animations were also really good. I kinda prefer Fates’ animations for being so varied, but Echoes’ animations flow really well.

Walhart learned a lot of lessons from this game’s war, and none of them were correct or good. Which I guess means Alm is basically the Fire Emblem equivalent of the Boss.


You know I’m not that interested in the Shadow Dragon DLC. I’m sure Navarre will be okay, but-

Oh okay there’s two of my favorite Archanea characters I guess I’m on board now

edit: Whoops, missed an important addition.


Yeah, flow is the right word. Battles play out like, well, battles, thanks to the way characters react to hits, dodges, and deflections differently.

Definitely a weird note to end on, but now that I think about it, a single war usually isn’t enough to solve everything forever in Fire Emblem. You need at least two.

And whoo, more Warriors DLC dropping in a week! I can’t wait for Swordmaster Lyn.


New banner time! I was saving up orbs in hopes of a Legendary Hero banner having Performing Arts Inigo, but I guess I could spring for another sword infantry. Even though I have a million as it is.


New banner time! I’m personally not as interested in this one. Not that I’m bitter about not getting a Celica. Though I wouldn’t mind getting a Chrom. He seems pretty helpful.

edit: I’m even less bitter now.

The orb to the upper-right was a 3* Stahl, and I don’t even know what the left one was. I am omni-lucky and also very much out of orbs.


Morgan’s male voice is terrible and apparently male Morgan can only be voiced by people named Todd.

Female Morgan should have Galeforce because she’s a Dark Flier.


FE Warriors is getting its last DLC! The Awakening DLC adds Owain, (though that one was easy to guess since Owain is in the story mode and could be fought in History mode,) Tharja and Olivia.

Unlike the Shadow Dragon DLC, it seems like it’s pandering less specifically to me. But then again I’m fairly certain my list of favorite characters from Awakening is a bit larger.

edit: I keep forgetting the alt costumes even though they’re very good.


Ooh, I’m way, way into those alt costumes, and I’m so excited to finally play as my good sword boy Owain, and Olivia, and my problematic fave Tharja. Unless I’m being misled, I’ve got the update downloading right now, thanks to this thread.

I knew the DLC would come out this month, but I expected to hear a release date a little earlier in advance.

Edit: No, wait, never mind. There was an update for me to download, but it didn’t even change the version number??? I’m confused.


Apparently they got the release date wrong and it’s actually releasing on the 29th, so now we’ve gotta wait a week with our hopes up like this.


Wow this story is something else.

I can’t believe Gunthra is fucking dead.


Amongst a whole lotta Smash, they announced a new FE title for Switch. Can’t wait for Romance of the Three Animes.


In before fans call her Edgelord.


Too late I already did that.