Fire Emblem: War. War is Anime


So, how about that Fire Emblem Warriors, huh? I’m honestly really enjoying it. Turns out, it’s fun to just rip through hordes of soldiers as some of my favorite characters.


It’s more than just that, it’s everything I wanted from previous Warriors games, your team actually does stuff! I send my troop to go capture a point, and they actually capture it! It’s great! And it keeps you on your toes, you can’t just run through and mow down badies the entire time, you’ll get overwhelmed. It’s because they split up the action of the fight, demanding you to be in multiple spots at once. So you have to make sure your team is split evenly over the field so they’re close by if anything happens.

God, there’s so much I like about what they added, the pair up system perfectly reflects the source mechanic and works very well in this game. The healing was a great idea to add, you’re no longer screwed just because your escort lost 90% of their health so you might as well give up, you can actually do something about it! Perma-death is a fantastic idea, you can switch it off if you like, but it gives you a really good reason to get invested in each battle. While I don’t care for the weapon triangle in the main Fire Emblem games, here it works, it gives good reason to cycle and diversify your team constantly.

Yeah, it’s probably a good game…


The only other Warriors game I’ve ever played seriously was Hyrule Warriors (and Legends), but even going from that to this, I feel like there are some nice improvements.

For starters, I like what they’ve done with History mode. It’s kinda nice having more information about the battle right there on the selection screen, like what your task is going to be, where you’re going to be fighting, and the actual level of the enemies rather than some vague difficulty level. Plus, I’m really glad that when you’re in a battle, you can see what the requirements are to get S ranks from the pause menu.

And speaking of those requirements, I’m really happy with how they changed Damage Taken to make it relative to your HP. Hyrule Warriors had fixed requirements like 10 hearts or whatever, and that made it virtually pointless to collect all the heart pieces and containers. Even though there aren’t any analogs to heart pieces in FE Warriors, the fact that higher max HP is beneficial is a very welcome change. Also, I haven’t tested it, but I think it’s relative to your playable characters’ combined HP pool. I know for sure it only counts damage taken by the character you’re actively controlling, but I swear I’ve had times in tougher battles where someone got destroyed and my damage taken was only around 50%.

But the biggest and most welcome change for me is the Support system. You already mentioned Pair Up, which is also great, but the fact that you get character materials from it is a blessing. You don’t have to farm specific battles over and over again anymore! You can just use that character more and build up supports with all the others as you cycle them through your battle party.

I’m really into this game.


New Halloween costume characters, I think they’re all pretty great, except cats aren’t really Halloween, and I really don’t like Henry, but it’s fine honestly.

Sakura looks like a mage murderer, like there’s no reason to use a mage if you fight her.
You know how no one uses fliers cause archer Lyn? I feel like this is going to be a lot like that.

Nowi’s weapon teleports her around the arena, which could be useful. she can also move her teammates around, and gets a boost from being next to them. She also boosts the rewards from training tower? Yeah, she’s pretty good for different reasons.


Her biggest drawback, of course, is having to play as Nowi with a usual Nowi style of dress.

Either way though, the characters look pretty solid, though it’s too bad a hard counter for mages is a seasonal character. And also that I’m bitter about getting all the dancers on the banner except Inigo, the character I wanted the most. And that he’s also seasonal.


For the first 3 seconds I saw her design, I thought she was actually wearing more clothes, but she’s not.
Did they make Nowi allergic to clothes or something? Please give her shirt, it’s fall, she’s freezing.


If I could, I would offer to trade my Inigo.

…for dancer Azura.

She… always dressed like that. In fact, I think the big sleeves technically mean she’s wearing MORE clothes…


Who asked for hot Dorcas?! Who?!?!




It was a good team name so I stole it.


Well, I’m not allowed to complain about bad pulls ever again, especially since both were -HP +Atk which is fantastic for Bunnymilla and pretty good for Ayra.

Brave Lyns better watch out, Gronnraven Bunnymilla is coming for you! (Unless they have Cancel Affinity, and then I get very sad.)


The new Christmas characters are here! Santa Lissa confirmed, so I’m excited, she finally has an axe! (well, bell, but it counts as an axe) Gonna be pulling Green orbs for quite some time now.

I also love Chrome’s voice line from the trailer.

And finally, Tharja, you can dress anyway you want.



I clicked the video before reading the whole post, and that Tharja sure isn’t what I was expecting when the title “Normal Girl” came up…

But, do my eyes deceive me? Is she really going to be an Armored Mage? That’s unexpected.


Tharja’s protected by the weight of her sin, and the sheer gall to wear that in general, most of all in cold weather.

An all-armored banner is pretty interesting, though. Not something I’m gunning for since I’m not too fond of armored units, but they look like they have some good skills, minus Tharja’s R Tome Valor.


I got a Bow Lyn in the Fjorm banner and now I have beaten every map on all difficulties except the chain challenges and arena assaults.

She is incredibly overpowered.

I’ve also done some Grade A Bullshit for my arena team, but it still needs a little work before it’s chef kissing fingers status:

Zoom in.

Gotta give her a brave bow and then I don’t know what C Skill to give her or what support skill.

No idea what C Skill to give her either but she’s pretty much in her final form other than me deciding on that.

This is how he’s gonna be until I luck into another Brave Ike ages from now and can give him Steady Breath which should, in theory, rev up his Aether charge more reliably than Heavy Blade.

My son is beautiful and perfect and only needs Life or Death 3 to attain his final form.

Anyway, nobody fights my team in the arena anymore.


While I’m happy to see any christmas draw at this point, Lissa is still a far dream.

I need Christmas Lissa so I can make a medic-heavy duo of only Lissas.


You got Chromsmas even when you didn’t want him. I guess that’s fitting to Awakening, if anything.

I don’t know about you, but green seems to be the most elusive colored orb. Even after not getting Dancer Inigo, they don’t seem to come up often for me. It’s really rather rude.


The 8% draw has no characters I want.


I’d welcome pvp, if I don’t like it then I won’t play it. And what is it about mobile games and town building though?
Co-op mode sounds amazing. As it is, there’s not really any purpose for friends other than you get 5 feathers a day. Which is nothing. No idea where to get the survey though…


The New Year event has a new Camilla and, oops, I want her.

Look, I don’t even know or care if she’s any good, I just want her.