[FINISHED] LPFWA 2k18 - Killing the Business Since 2013



It matters not whether Garbo wins or loses, so long as the fight is good. Winning comes secondary as she needed to learn how to fight first. Maybe after this she can start winning matches but I very much doubt that at this point, unfortunately.


LPFWA 2k18 Episode #24 - Large Punching Fucker Wrestles Angrily

Large Punching Fucker Wrestles Angrily (Deathmaster780)

Lord Palpatine Flubs Wrestling, gets anilEhilated (nine-gear crow)
(e)Limination Pin Forgotten, Win Aborted (nine-gear crow)


This week’s show will happen at the usual time and place
And we also gotta vote on who gets to go against Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle an Scott Steiner this week here This’ll go on until one of our guys actually wins.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Bone Pimp vs. Angus McMutton

#2 Three-Way
Jumpy-Chan vs. DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Konami Kouda

#3 Singles Match
Yelizaveta RN vs. Lady of the Lancet

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Tommy Wiseau vs. Kylo Ren ©

#5 Singles Match
D the Destroyer vs. The Majestic Goat-Man

#6 LP Superstar Championship
Toad vs. anilEhilated ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe


VMqnXZY “Oh heey evrybody, sorry for checkin’ in so late but, after my big win with Link we went celebratin’ with mi familia, and I was kinda doin’ fine until Angus brought out some real strong stuff, and I don’t remember much after that… Anyway, we’re the new champs! Viva los Guerreros Hugrule!”


That wis a good night wie the warriors. They can handle the good scottish stuff well. kinda proud o them beating us. just wish the news i goat after wis as great. ok Angus game face time fir a shouty heel promo…

First I murder bone pimp an tak his place in the sinners then I come after ye Iggy fir putting me in this situation in the first place ya alchy jerkaff. I am Angus Mcmutton I am the Nemesis — I am the sheepman — I am the shape of things to come — the lord of the bru — holder of the dram sinister — the death bringer — I am the one who waits on the edge of your dreams — I am all these things and many more

heh god bless you nemesis the warlock ye huv way too many good quotes ah could borrow


Show starts in 15 minutes. https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen
1st Match: Bone Pimp © vs. Angus McMutton for the Buscus
2nd Match: Jumpy-Chan vs. DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Konami Kouda
3rd Match: Yelizaveta RN vs. Lady of the Lancet
4th Match: Tommy Wiseau vs. Kylo Ren © for the Bunny Title :3
5th Match: D the Destroyer vs. The Majestic Goat-Man
Main Event: Toad vs. anilEhilated © for the LP Superstar Title
Bonus: Toad vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner


LPFWA 2k18 Episode #25 - Longhorned Player Finishes with Attitude
Episode Title by Deathmaster780

Steiner pinned Toad again. After the squash in the match previous one might now think of the implications this has concerning Scott Steiner’s power level but then you remember this isn’t canon. Probably. Steiner DID beat Toad in the past, after all.


this was not a good week for angus not a good week at all


Oh, crap! I forgot to post the match card yesterday and on wednesday! Well…
It’ll be at the usual time, of course. Only this link now links you to the page for the “series” which to my understanding lets you set it up so you get a reminder for whenever I go live with LPFWA rather than having to opt in to every single event. In addition to giving you the exact time in your timezone which is the main reason I put these here. But there’s features.

Of course you’ll also have the honor to vote on who gets to be the fourth wheel in the legendary THREE WAY AT SACRIFICE

#1 Buscus Brawl
Angus McMutton © vs. Woolsey Smythe

#2 Just a friendly garbage exhibition.
Garbo Barba vs. Garbo Girl

#3 Bunny Championship :3
Fruitsniffer vs. Tommy Wiseau ©

#4 LPFWA Women’s Championship No. 1 Contender Match.
Valerie Easton vs. Nadira

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe
https://goo.gl/forms/C4llGdXWKCd53Fzq2 vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner

#5 Tag Team Match.
Los Ingobernables de Luna vs. The Third Street Sinners

Main Event: Kawaii Championship
Konami Kouda vs. Tolvie ©


right buscus…gameface must be rid o it. before it drives me mental…well mentaler


ah say…ah say boy, you did the right thing sacrificing yourself so bonepimp can rejoin his comrades.

who the -bleep- are you


Just a part of your whiskey addled brain boy. The tiny man inside whispering to you. and ah say to you boy to shove your hand in Smythes chest and rip his spine out

um isn’t he a ghost


don’t tell me you believe that drunk fools kayfabe bull boy. next you’ll think that you put on your thick accent cause thats how you think people outside of scotland thin scots speak…now drink boy and prepare

um yes mr voice in mah heid


Show starts in 15 minutes. https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

1st Match: Angus McMutton © vs. Woolsey Smythe for The Buscus
2nd Match: Garbo Girl vs. Garbo Barba
3rd Match: Fruitsniffer vs. Tommy Wiseau © for the Bunny Title :3
4th Match: Valerie Easton vs. Nadira
Intermission: Goat vs. TCP vs. Lore vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner
5th Match: Third Street Sinners vs. Mystery Team
Main Event: Konami Kouda vs. Tolvie © for the Kawaii Title



This wis it…consider the broken mangled twisted desicrated bodies of The ghost and that wee bampot Tommy as my first shot in mah crusade. I will bring Hope and despair tae the moon. Hope of nae mair of that drunken twat iggys asinine booking and despair tae anyone stupid enough tae get in mah way…you must be scared o me iggy tae even take the pieces of silver in order to dare team up wie that living trash machine Rendar. Exile me frae thon tag teams…ye dare take me away from my friends at the warriors or mah boys in the sinners. i dinnae need help to shove a bottle of jargir doon yuir song hole.
Mah name is Angus Mcmutton and ah am a mad mental drunk bastard. noo whas next?


LPFWA 2k18 Episode #26 - Loss, Powerlessness, Failure, Wrestling, Angst
Episode Title by YerPalHal


Hey, a win! I’ll take that! Now to show the rest of the LPFWA women’s division the true meaning of Dumpster Diving! This is the going to the last win that my Lita clone will ever have, isn’t it?


Here we are again! show will be Saturday, same time as always. The match card is below.
You can also vote on someone to finally put down the Three Way at Sacrifice

#1 Buscus Brawl
Woolsey Smythe © vs. The Masked Man

#2 Three-Way
Link vs. Kylo Ren vs. The Majestic Goat-Man vs. Tommy Wiseau

#3 Singles Match
Konami Kouda vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe
https://goo.gl/forms/RZtHgSEYiQrPLFTy2 vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Scott Steiner

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Lotus Aura vs. Fruitsniffer ©

#5 Kawaii No. 1 Contender Match
Nadira vs. Yelizaveta RN

Main Event: Co-Comm Championship
Los Borrachos vs. Hugrule Warriors ©


All right. Have to reschedule this week’s show to next week due to plans that have since been made. There will be social interaction but there won’t be video game wrestling.

So we’ll skip this week and resume next week

I’ll probably do what I did last time I skipped a week, which means stats and shit. I might even try to recap some stuff that happened? No promises there but there’ll be something.


Okay! We’re set for this week unless something unforeseen happens.

Here’s the match card again

And since we didn’t get a show last week have some numbers and facts, some of which may be fun.

Last time we tallied up we were eight episodes in and had 63 matches shown. Now we’re 26 Episodes in, with the 27th airing the upcoming weekend. We’ve had 201 matches total with 157 being singles matches. To put that into some perspective: The first LPFWA on WWE '13 ran for 19 episodes and we’ve surpassed that. The second run on WWE 2k14 went on for 32 episodes, which we’re closing in on.

We are now at a total of 77 Scenes with an average of 2.96 Scenes per episode. The most scenes per show was 6.
Last time, after eight episodes, we had 26 scenes.
I did some episodes without scenes but addes something different instead. Such as the time Rara got glitched into an equipment box backstage or with all the breaking news regarding The Big Show’s numerous turns.

We have a total of 52 (35m, 17f) Wrestlers submitted right now, that’s only two more from or last tally.
Out of those 52 I made 41 (28m, 13f) that are active wrestlers. three have a kind of “Staff” role and one was straight up rejected (a literal penis). There’s 7 left that I can still make and they are all by people who submitted multiple characters which means I made everyones first time submissions. The reason I haven’t made any new wrestlers in a while is simple: I’m lazy But I’ll get to it eventually.

Out of all our wrestlers DCB has the most matches with 21. She also has the most losses (14). The highest Win Percentage aside from Nuffkins (100%) is Tolvie’s with 75 %. Garbo Girl has the lowest win % with 16.67% She’s had a rough start winning only 1 of her six matches so far (one of those remaining five was a draw)

Probably surprising no one the title with the most defenses is the Bunny Championship who only hasn’t been defended in a single episde (The Women’s Tournament). It’s also the title with the longest reign (6 succesful defenses by Palpatine). The second longest reign is a four way tie between Bone Pimps unfortunate Buscus Reign, Fred Hope and Flamander’s Co-Comm reign, a tree’s LP superstar reign and Nuffkins ongoing LPFWA Title reign. Which means if Nuffkins defends the title once more he’s tied with Palpy

The longest reign in terms of days are Nuffkins with the 155+ days he’s held the LPFWA Title and TECHNICALLY the legendary Wrestler VACANT who held the LPFWA Women’s Title from the start of the season until the Women’s Tournament for 155 days.

LPFWA Over Time
This third “season” is structured a bit differently than the previous too in the sense that we stick to a strict four shows per kayfabe month schedule while previous seasons stuck to the real world calendar, sometimes having five shows a month. Very rarely even six.

The entire thing started, due to technical limitations, without commentary and in the first episode even without music. The first season drew more inspiration from the more well known, legendary angles of wrestling. There was a spoofy rip-off of the whole formation of the nWo and a “third man”. This was partially because I wasn’t really into wrestling at the time and yet decided to run a wrestling e-fed and that was the stuff that was the most easy to learn about.

Season 2 started being more original mainly because I watched Lucha Underground at the time and realized that wrestling doesn’t need to be presented as a sporting event and can just be a dumb sitcom.

Season 3 is the one I started when I was actually into wrestling. It draws inspiration from several promotions and eras and mixes it with whatever LPFWA 2k14 was. The booking also makes more sense now and I don’t drop storylines that often.

The craziest thing that happened is probably still when the moon got thrown into the sun and had to be rescued by wrestling on it. With the whole messed up timeline thing we got going right now we’re not quite at that level yet but with a little time I have no doubt we’ll get there at some point.

The Making of LPFWA
On the off-chance anyone is interested in this here’s how I make LPFWA. To make it more manageable I split the work up between 5 or 6 days.

The first day has me just booking the show. I consider ongoing storylnes, how much a character has appeared total (Can’t be 100% fair here, some people tend to show up more). For title matches I also compare people’s win ratio and I have a formula that gives each wrestler points based their wins and losses, the way they happened (count-outs, for instance count for less) but I don’t use it that much because wrestlers with more matches will naturally have a higher value, so it’s not normalized. Just something fun I whipped up. The highest such rating is Flamander’s, which is 225. The lowest is DCB’s with -155 but by far not the only one in the negatives. This booking step also invovles me deciding possible spots for scenes, but the final decision on which scenes are shown when and if they are even shown depends on the outcome of the next step…

The second day has me just recording every match. The outcomes here are not predetermined although I do sometimes redo matches. Mostly I just hit rematch for funsies so something’s going on in the background this is what happened during the Women’s Tournament confusion. Sometimes I do it because it’s a squash and I don’t want one (maybe because there’s already been one on the show or just because I think it wouldn’t be fitting for one reason or another). I tried to redo some of the Hell in a Cell matches we had until they went out side the cell but they never did. Maybe one day they will. Maybe the AI just never does. I don’t know. For the Fred Hope vs. Flamander Iron Man I just redid it until the result was not one-sided (the winner’s varied but it was usually a shut-out victory for whoever won and that was not very interesting). It was not my intention to have them fight to a draw again but I’m kind of happy they did. Most of the time I don’t even watch the matches though, It’s just hard not to notice a 1 minute squash match.

The third day has me actually writing the script for the scenes on the show. Now that I know how the matches end I can make people react to these outcomes. In previous LPFWAs I had to write around that because even though you could make stories branch it was a real hassle to set up. As far as writing the actual scenes go I sometimes have concrete ideas when I go in. I sometimes don’t. In that case I just wing it. But I also have some text file with scribbles for scenes I might do at some point. In LPFWA 2 I had some people (Rara, Schir, BFC/Audrey, sometimes Lotus/Dragonatrix and rarely others too help me out here, but by the end of season 2 I went solo. Setting up a time for working like this became very exhausting. For Season 3 I only ever got help with booking and that soon died down).

The fourth day has me actually make the scenes in Renpy as well as recording additional footage I need (such as entrances) this is also where I make the character cut-outs I haven’t made already and where I make backgrounds. I’ve mentioned this in the past, but even though this is technically more work, the restrictions that are being lifted due to using Renpy over WWE '13 or 2k14s built-in story creator make all the drawbacks (mainly Renpy being 2D and mostly static) worth it. I don’t even know how I got the idea to do this because I’m not particularly interested in visual novels. But it brings wrestling closer to its anime roots. If you wanna know what my scripts look like here’s the scene where Kylo Ren starts turning on Palpy. It’s a good example because it’s one in which a lot happens…

[code]label scene4:
scene bgblack
with fade1

scene bgring01
show palpy fneutral at Position (xpos=0.50, xanchor=0.5, ypos=1.0, yanchor=0.80)
show kylo fneutral at Position (xpos=0.80, xanchor=0.5, ypos=1.0, yanchor=0.80)
show face fcross at Position (xpos=0.90, xanchor=0.5, ypos=1.0, yanchor=0.80)
with wipeleft

#Scene: Palpy celebrates

palpy "Okay people, you've seen it once more. I'm the greatest. If there's anyone who thinks they stand a chance against me they may now step forward or remain in the shadows forever!"


palpy "No one? How dissa-"

#kylo moves foward a bit
show palpy neutral:
linear 0.3 xpos 0.35 ypos 1.0

show kylo fneutral:
    linear 0.6 xpos 0.60 ypos 1.0
kylo "Master!"
palpy "Oh, please, buddy, grown ups are talking here."
kylo "I think I would stand a chance against you."

show palpy neutral:
    linear 0.40 xpos 0.40 ypos 1.0
show kylo fneutral:
    linear 1.0 xpos 0.70 ypos 1.0

palpy "You fucking what now puppy?"
palpy "Remember how that tree mangled you? That tree you fought because you thought you could avenge my death?"
palpy "Remember how you were somehow convinced that I was dead just because I exploded? COME THE FUCK ON IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!"
palpy "Remember how I beat the tree that beat you for this here title?"
palpy "Remember how you told me you think you got a chance against ME! The great galactic emperor? The one and only Sheev Fucking Palpatine!"
palpy "You for fucking real, son?"
kylo "Uh..."
palpy "If you wanna go one on one with the great one you better say it twice because if I only hear it once I'll take it as the funniest misheard lyrics ever."
kylo "Yeah! I could totally beat you gramps! I mean Master!"
palpy "Face, friend, can you fucking believe that? He thinks he can beat  ME? And he's calling me old?"
face "Well, he did just say it twice so I'm pretty sure that's what he's saying."

show palpy neutral:
    linear 0.40 xpos 0.45 ypos 1.0

palpy "All right, you wanna go? You wanna see how it feels to get hit by the Darkside McTwist, the Imperial Powerbomb and the Galactic Elbow?"

show kylo fneutral:
    linear 0.40 xpos 0.60 ypos 1.0
kylo "Yeah, well? You wanna know what it feels like to be hit with the Starkiller? And my other moves? Because you will if you accept my challenge."

show palpy shrug:
    linear 0.30 xpos 0.35 ypos 1.0

palpy "Pfffft. Sure. Let's do it. I wanted to take it easy for the next big show anyway. But you're going in timeout as soon as we're back in the locker room for having the gall to challenge me."

show palpy neutral

kylo "..."
kylo "Whatever."
face "But... boss"
palpy "Don't worry, not Galen timeout, this is not as unforgivable as that Hot Pocket incident..."
palpy "Anyway, folks. That's a wrap! Let's all go home."

scene bgblack
with fade1[/code]

Now, on day 5 I so bring it all together. This sometimes extends on to day 6. I have a template project file with some stuff I need for making the show. The crowd shots I show between matches, the sweeping shots before the show starts and all that stuff as well as some graphics and miscellaneous stuff. I first put all the video in and cut it all together. Next I add the entrance music, then the match music, then the pre-match graphics and then finally the trading cards for the entrances. I do it in this order because that it’s sorted descending by the imprtance for the show. If I somehow have less time or energy I just leave out that one step. For the last few episodes I left out the trading cards, for instance. As those aren’t really needed and wont be missed as much as, say, the music during matches. Speaking of the music, I actually have some themes specific to characters. Aside from their entrance theme. Hell-Ena often has Demon of the Fall by Opeth play during her matches (usually when she’s having a vicious comeback or assaults someone backstage). Valerie Easton often has some Castlevania remix tracks for her matches while Lotus has a song of which the title eludes me but it’s a Tales of… Destiny… I think… remix. Mainly because this happened to be the song that played when he got rid of the Buscus.

So, day 6, while the editing phase sometimes extends into this, is when the show happens. Aside from some preparations for the stream I basically just hit play and we go have the show.

And on the seventh day I rest!

Now, all this is a lot of work and it’s quite time consuming, but the way I split it up still gives me time for my other hobbies, social stuff and of course my day job. It can get quite exhausting and when it gets too much I just don’t do a show. So far I didn’t have to skip a week for that reason yet. It was basically Christmas when I visited my family as well as last week when I went to see a movie with friends.

Well, that was a lot again. But I know there’s one or two people out there who like this kinda stuff. I like LPers to give these behind-the-scenes looks ocassionally myself, after all.


-this was found pinned to iggys office door-




In addition to the regular show there will be two more bonus matches, both using Fire Pro Wrestling World.

The first will be a retread of the first match of this season:

Additionally there will be an eight-way with characters randomly selected by the game.

And of course there’s also our regular scheduled bonus match…

So the updated match card is as follows:


So now that you’ve made characters in Fire Pro Wrestling World, how do you feel the character creators compare? From what I’ve seen, Fire Pro seems to have more details when it comes to the appearance, but what about other things, such as moves and taunts and all that?

VMqnXZY “Los borrachos, eh? Pues les dire que tomar es un pasatiempo nacional en Venezuela, so you won’t be surprising me with your drunken tricks, this belt stays with the Hugrule Warriors!”

(Also, that’s a lot of cool behind the scene stuff, always interesting to see what goes into making a bunch of people punch each other.)