[FINISHED] LPFWA 2k18 - Killing the Business Since 2013



So its time is it…finally time for me tae rise up and begin my slow climb to make a rug oot o thon hide of that dram stealing pissant Rendar, Course in order tae rise to lofty heights i must pair wie Wiseau and schir tae send the hugrule warriors back tae whitever costume shop they came fae. Also DCB hen may i suggest cutting oot thon beans and swig some of thae irn bru. Think on it hen DBF Divine BRU Fiend yae will be unstoppable like me and my posse will…


“Mira tu, McMutton, I’m uh, not entirely sure, but that sounded like you made fun of my friends, and I’m not gonna let that slide, preparate para la paliza mas grande de tu vida.”


Show starts in roughly six hours but here’s a new challenger! I normally just post these on Discord these days but the person who submitted this beauty isn’t on there, I think.

Macro Man Keynes

Also, in case you’ve missed it which, unless you obsessively check the poll…


Show starts in 15 minutes. https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen
1st Match: Goat-Man © vs. Lore Convoluter for the Buscus
2nd Match: Lotus Aura vs. Bone Pimp
3rd Match: Tolvie vs. DCB
4th Match: Kylo Ren vs. Star Pilot Flamander © for the Bunny Title :3
5th Match: Rag-Tag Misfits vs. Hugrule Warriors
Main Event: Valerie Easton vs. Lady of the Lancet © for the Kawaii Title.
Bonus Match: DCB vs. Charlotte


Ye tried yuir best hugrule warriors i rescind my previous snark and offer youse the bru of friendship. youse fought well as true warriors and i respect that greatly as a warrior mysel. as for thon schir and strange talking man i like youse…i hope we kin fight taegither again in thae future as kin


Episode #14 - Lotta Powerful Flips Win Adoration - (Twitch VOD)

Lotta Powerful Flips Win Adoration -DivineCoffeeBinge
Lady Pounded Frenetically (by) Worthy Adversary -Zephyr


“You’re not as bad a person as I thought, McMutton, maybe we can fight on the same side next time, tal vez hasta compartir unas birras.”


Below’s the match card for Saturday at the usual time.
I’ll also be experimenting with Twitch’s Premiere feature. 30 Minutes before the show you can come to the channel to watch an old match from LPFWA Season 1 or 2. (Season 1 will have “Director’s Commentary” as there wasn’t originally any commentary.)
Basically what this means is that if you show up early a video plays for everyone to see and you can hang out and stuff. Hopefully it’ll be cool and fun.

First up we’ll have Sterv vs. Loki to determine a new LPFWA Champion after the original title got stolen and was replaced with a plastic replica from the merch store. You can go to this page to set a reminder and whatnot

Also don’t forget to vote on who goes against Charlotte

There will be matches!

#1 Buscus Brawl
Majestic Goat-Man © vs. Bone Pimp

#2 Singles Match
Macro Man Keynes vs. Thundercat Chris Pine

#3 Four-Way
Dr. Ham vs. Woolsey Smythe vs. D the Destroyer vs. Face

#4 Bunny Championship :3
IGgy vs. Flamander ©

#5 Singles Match
Garbo Barba vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

BONUS MATCH: LPFWA vs. The Universe.
https://goo.gl/forms/MwplisqyvV0HHp8w1 vs. Charlotte

MAIN EVENT: Co-Comm Championship
Unlikely Roommates (Angus & Tommy W.) vs. Freddie Hope & Flamander ©


I musta drank the wrang stuff today it says i huv a title shot in only mah second go round in this place. Ah knew ah wuz nova scotia champ before ah fell asleep from thae dram and ended up oan thon moon but noo i huv to fight the heroes o the moon themsel…Tommy my man we need the good stuff…aye the stuff ye hud when ye did that samurai cop 2 thing.


Show starts in 15 minutes. https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen
1st Match: Majestic Goat-Man © vs. Bone Pimp for the Buscus
2nd Match: Macro Man Keynes vs. Thundercat Chris Pine
3rd Match: Dr. Ham vs. Woolsey Smyteh vs. D the Destroyer vs. Face
4th Match: IGgy vs. Flamander © for the Bunny Title :3
5th Match: Garbo Barba vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
Intermission: Samus Aran vs. Charlotte (WWE)
Main Event: Unlikely Rommates vs. Hope & Flamander © for the Co-Comm Titles


That wis the hardest fought battle ah huv ever faced. Even harder than broken bottle boxing with rat arsed mcgee behind the local greggs in shitehill. Whit wis ah expecting to happen fighting the two god like warriors who sent the moon rocketing in the first place. Ah well I shall be at Sacrific…e either way tae witness two gods goin at it…jist try no tae kill us lads.


Episode #15 - Lacerations Proliferate From Worm! Awesome! - (Twitch VOD)
Pre Show: LPFWA Best Bouts #1 - Sterv vs. Loki Tournament Finals from LPFWA 2k14
Episode Title by DivineCoffeeBinge

Alternate Titles:
Lacerations Proliferate From Wicked Assaults - DivineCoffeeBinge
Legendary Powers Face Wrath of Angus - YerPalHal
Large People Feature Wobbly Anguish - Deathmaster780


All right! Next show will be a big one. Because it will be in the hallowed halls of Sacrific-E!

The show will be at the usual time

If you want to show up early I will air the original Iron Man Match between Fred Hope and Flamander from Season 2 half an hour before that.
We can hang in chat, talk about the match, LPFWA and sledgehammers. It was fun when we did it last week with Loki vs. Sterv.

The above links go to twitch events, so you can set a reminder if you want.

You may also vote on this week’s bonus match: https://goo.gl/forms/eOYfDLRyi0ecq6p63
In fact, if you want you can even surprise me because there’s one option I included that I’m afraid will almost certainly win.

Anyway, here’s the match card!

#1 Eight-Man Elimination Fuckfest
Majestic Goat-Man vs. Macro Man Keynes vs. Thundercat Chris Pine vs. Woolsey Smythe vs. Lore Convoluter vs. Dr. Ham vs. Dash Rendar vs. Kylo Ren

#2 Co-Comm Title Match
Hugrule Warriors (Fruitsniffer and El Catire Arrecho) vs. Freddie Hope & Flamander ©

#3 Pokeymanz Title Match
DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Hell-Ena ©

#4 LP Superstar Championship - Hell in a Cell
Palpatine vs. a tree ©

#5 Kurt Angle KNOWS he can’t win so he’s not even gonna try.
Toad vs. Scott Steiner

#6 LPFWA Championship Match - Three-Way at Sacrific-E
Lotus Aura vs. anilEhilated vs. Nuffkins ©

Intermission: LPFWA vs. The Universe (Match might move to a different spot in the card)

#7 Kawaii Championship
Jumpy-Chan vs. Valerie Easton ©[/b]

Main Event: Bunny Championship :3 - 20 Minute Iron Man, Hardcore Match.
Frederick Hope vs. Flamander ©


“Muy bien, Fruitsniffer, we might be fighter legendary wrestlers who managed to save the moon from crashing into the sun, but we have the power of our friendship! Let’s go back to Link with those belts.”


Best o luck tae mah boys the hugrule warriors. These guys are nae joke watch yersels…also a message for Dash Rendar. I really, really. really hope you survive the 8 man cause I want a piece o ye next week…Iggy ye make that shit happen for me I’ll gie you the key tae the dram cellar and let ye go nuts for half an hoor. Dae this and i’ll forgive ye for not scheduling me for thon homecoming bash.


LPFWA starts again in 15 Minutes. Today is Sacrific-E, our fourth PPV. Right now we’re still watching the legendary classic match that today’s Main Event. Tune in here: https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen

1st Match: Eight-Man Fuckfest!
2nd Match: Hugrule Warriors vs. Freddie Hope & Flamander © for the Co-Comm Titles
3rd Match: DivineCoffeeBinge vs. Hell-ena © for the Pokeymanz Title
4th Match: Palpatine vs. a tree © for the LP superstar Title
5th Match: Toad vs. Scott Steiner
6th Match: Lotus vs. anilEhilated vs. Nuffkins © for the LPFWA Title
Intermission: Macro Man Keynes vs. Macho Man Randy Savage
7th Match: Jumpy-Chan vs. Valerie Easton © for the Kawaii Title
Main Event: Freddie Hope vs. Flamander © for the Bunny Title


Episode #16 - Sacrific-E - (Twitch VOD)
Pre-Show: LPFWA Best Bouts #2 - Fred Hope vs. Flamander II Iron Man from LPFWA 2k14
Lovingly Punching Fervently Wrestling Attackers


-to fruitsniffer-

Ah’ve got ye sorted pal…we got lots to talk aboot you an the rest o yoor posse

-hands over a bottle of whiskey-


All right! next show will be this Saturday, 10th March at the usual time
30 Minutes before the show we’ll watch a classic match of LPFWA past: JunpeiHyde vs. John Cena in a Flaming Tables match. Here’s the bit I wrote for it some years back:

“After defeating Flamander John Cena continued his rampage claiming victim after victim. At the Sandcastle PPV hell broke loose, IGgy got set on fire, Palpatine took over the show and changed the match card. But Junpei didn’t give a fuck about this. He was just furious that he wasn’t in the flaming tables match that happened that night. Junpei demanded the flaming tables. He called out the winner of the previous match at first but then John Cena appeared to the Scene and while the Sandcastle was burning, they would have a match that set the world ablaze.”

Macho Man is still our opponent for the Bonus matches, so choose who gets to fight him here: https://goo.gl/forms/JDlpRkvd20zxzd1T2

#1 Buscus Brawl
Bone Pimp © vs. Tommy Wiseau

#2 Singles Match
Fruitsniffer vs. IGgy

#3 Singles Match
Nadira vs. Yelizaveta RN

#4 Bunny Championship :3
El Catire Arrecho vs. Flamander ©

#5 Tag Team Match featuring former Kawaii Champions
Valerie Easton and Hell-Ena vs. Konami Kouda and Lady of the Lancet

Intermission:LPFWA vs. The Universe
https://goo.gl/forms/JDlpRkvd20zxzd1T2 vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

Main Event: LP Superstar Title
D the Destroyer vs. Palpatine ©


VMqnXZY “You can’t give up like this, Fruitsniffer! Tu eres el maestro de los abrazos, and no one can change that! That’s why I’m gonna defeat the man who pinned you, and take his belt!”