[FINISHED] LPFWA 2k18 - Killing the Business Since 2013



We’re going live again! Join us!.

#1 Masked Man © vs. D the Destroyer for Buscus Title
#2 Tommy Wiseau vs. Lore Convoluter
#3 Toad vs. Palpatine © for Bunny Title :3
#4 Jumpy Chan vs. Rara
#5Link and Fruitsniffer vs. Woolsey Smythe and A Tree
#6 Tolvie vs. Valerie Easton © for Kawaii Title
#0 Kylo Ren vs. Ric Flair


Episode 9 - Link Partners Fruity, Wrestles Ages - (Twitch VOD)
Episode title by yerpalhal

#1 Buscus Brawl (oh no! but they are teammates!!!)
Masked Man © vs. D the Destroyer

Masked man get’s Destroyed

#2 Singles
Tommy Wiseau vs. Lore Convoluter

Tommy defeats Lore by pinfall

#3 Bunny Championship :3
Toad vs. Palpatine ©

Palpy is DQ’d due to interference by Face.

#4 Singles Match
Jumpy Chan vs. Rara

Jumpy does the End of Heartache thing and Rara stays down

#5 Tag Team
Link and Fruitsniffer vs. Woolsey Smythe and A Tree

Ghost and tree do the thing where they win

#6 Kawaii Title Match
Tolvie vs. Valerie Easton ©

Tolvie beat Val before… but this time it’s Val who’s victorious


And here’s a match card for next Saturday featuring some matches!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Dr. Ham and El Catire Arrecho. I was not underutilizing them on purpose, though.
I didn’t get to make any new CAWs this week (yet). Late shift means I don’t have too much time, hopefully I’ll find some, though.

#1 Buscus Brawl
© The Masked Man vs. Dr. Ham

#2 Singles Match
Tommy Wiseau vs. El Catire Arrecho

#3 4-Way
Lore Convoluter vs. The Majestic Goat-Man vs. Lotus vs. Dash Rendar

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Woolsey Smythe vs. Palpatine ©

#5 Singles Match
Lady of the Lancet vs. Divine Coffee Binge

#6 LP Superstar Title
Kylo Ren vs. A tree ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Kylo Ren vs. Ric Flair


I really hope el catire doesn’t come back just to lose to Tommy wiseau of all things. Emphasis on the thing


Episode 10 - Lucha Perros Find Winning Awesome - (Twitch VOD)
Episode Title by DivineCoffeeBinge


El catire arrecho doing God’s work by beating the shit out of Tommy, I couldn’t have asked more for his debut.
Also, are you actually slowly making him more buff? I can’t say I’ve noticed that


I’m doing it very slowly with each match he has


All right! Here’s the match card and the time for saturday. You can also vote for who’s gonna be in the bonus match. It’s also the last show before our next Special Show (which I think is a better name than PPV, because that implies that a purchase is necessary somehow, then again, maybe I shouldn’t use a term that can be abbreviated with SS…). It’ll be Monday Night Raw!!! On a Saturday.

I’d also like to know from you what your favorite matches were so far. In the future I’ll probably run a poll for Match of the Night but for past matches you can just throw me some you still remember and enjoyed.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Dr. Ham © vs. Thundercat Chris Pine

#2 Singles Match
D the Destroyer vs. Bone Pimp

#3 Singles Match
Nadira vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Majestic Goat-Man vs. Palpatine ©

#5 Singles Match
Link vs. anilEhilated

#6 Co-Comm Title Match
Woolsey Smythe and a tree vs. Fred Hope and Flamander ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Vote for who’s gonna be in it here.


As much as I’d like to say that my favorite match was El Catire Arrecho’s first debut match, I think it has to be the match where Link broke the ring with Lore Convoluter, because I didn’t know anything like that could happen, and I was genuinely surprised.


absolutely agree about that link match. dash vs iggy from end of the worlds also a personal fave of mine as is oad vs a tree from the same episode


Episode 11 - Lousy Path Finding Wastes Aplenty - (Twitch VOD)
Episode Title by Zephyr

Other submitted titles are:
Loser’s Posterier Fucking Wrecked Absolutely -crow
Lumber Puncher Flamander Watches Anxiously - Flamander

Loyal Partner Freddie Wins Altruastically -crow
Loss Precipitated From Wrestling Altruism -crow
Long Pause 'Fore Win, A’ight? -crow


All right, here’s the match card for this saturday. Here’s the exact time and date.
You can vote on Kurt Angles opponent here.
You can make predictions on match outcomes here

#1 Four-Way
Dash Rendar vs. Lore Convoluter vs. El Catire Arrecho vs. Bone Pimp

#2 Singles Match
Samus vs. Jumpy-Chan

#3 Tag Team
The Sons of the Mask vs. Freddie Hope and Flamander

#4 LP Superstar Championship
Face vs. a tree ©

#5 Falls Count Anywhere
Nadira vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

#6 Bunny Championship
Link vs. Palpatine ©

#7 Kawaii Championship
Lady of the Lancet vs. Valerie Easton ©

#8 LPFWA Championship
BNF vs. nuffkinsVEVO ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Whoever you decide vs. Kurt Angle


VMqnXZY “Muy bien, after beating that weird monster last week, I feel like I’m ready for the big show, it’s time to show everybody what El Catire Arrecho is made of.”


Episode 12 - MONDAY NIGHT RAW - (Twitch VOD)
Legit Player Flamander Wormed Again - Tevery Best

Live!, Play Fighting, Worming Action - yerpalhal
Look Pop! (A) Formidable Worming Astronaut! - Zephyr
Low-Paid Fighter Wormed Astoundingly - tevery best
Lost Pugilist Finds Worming Again - Zephyr
Light Purple Ftracksuitlines Worm Afforded - Tevery Best
League Presents: Flamander’s Worm Adidas - Tevery Best
Large Person Fights Worm Attack - Deathmaster780
Logic Pertaining (to) Formation (of) Worming Announced - Zephyr

As far as predictions go let me actually give you some stats. First of all, let’s look at what everyone voted.

It’s a bit split here but we have one clear favorite! The debuting El Catire Arrecho!

Wow, no one believed in Jumpy. Let’s go against the odds! Rapadooooooo!

Honestly, people believing That Hope and Flamander are gonna take it is absolutely reasonable, given that Masked Man was a former Buscus Champion and he shit talked D the Destroyer before. So their chemistry probably sucks.

With how dominant a tree has been as the LP Superstar Champion it’s a bit surprising to see such an even split between the two. But it’s true Face did not do poorly as a time with Kylo or on his own so far.

I’m not sure how much of this 50/50 split being actual predictions and how much is just people wanting DCB to win. I too want to see her succeed, she deserves it! She never did bad, just always fell just short. But we all believe in you DCB! You can do it!

Link made sure he earned that shot before he actually got it so it’s no surprise to see that he is the favorite in this match-up. He had a 5-star classic just last week after all.

Much like Hell-Ena before her Valerie proved to be a dominant champion so far. Lady of the Lancet, however, only recently started showing her true potential. People don’t seem to be sure yet her recent success wasn’t just a fluke.

No one knows BNF and Nuffkins hasn’t lost any matches so far. So I’m not too sure why I should be surprised of these predictions.

Considering that this “whoever” was me it should be clear that people are voting for Kurt Angle

And now! Let’s tally up the predictions people actually got right.

  1. Fruitsniffer: 6
  2. Vanderlyle: 5
  3. Crow: 4
  4. yerpalhal: 4
  5. Rather Watch Them: 3
  6. Anonymous: 3
  7. Hitlers Gay Secret: 1


Wow, my boy is really going places now, I’m so proud.

VMqnXZY “Muy bien, a eso es lo que me refiero! I win the four-way match and get invited into a team? who could ask for a better debut match, certainly not El Catire Arrecho, who is me.”


I forgot to post this yesterday, oops.

Next show will be on Saturday
You can vote for who goes against Kurt Angle here. So far Palpatine and IGgy failed to beat him.

#1 Buscus Brawl - There’s no coming back from being elbow’d on the ass.
Thundercat Chris Pine © vs. Majestic Goat-Man

#2 Singles Match
El Catire Arrecho vs. Bone Pimp

#3 Singles Match
Konami Kouda vs. DivineCoffeeBinge

#4 Bunny Championship :3
Star Pilot Flamander vs. Palpatine ©

#5 Elimination
Samus vs. Jumpy-Chan vs. Valerie Easton

#6 LP Superstar Title
Fruitsniffer vs. a tree ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Whoever you vote for vs. Kurt Angle


VMqnXZY “Well, señor Bone Pimp, look’s like we’re fighting again, but this time, sera mano a mano, and I’ll…uh…beat you, for sure, asi sera”


Show starts in 15 minutes. https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen
1st Match: Thundercat Chris Pine © vs. Majestic Goat-Man for the Buscus
2nd Match: El Catire Arrecho vs. Bone Pimp
3rd Match: konami kouda vs. DivineCoffeeBinge
4th Match: Star Pilot Flamander vs. Palpatine © for the Bunny Title :3
5th Match: Samus vs. Jumpy-Chan vs. Valerie Easton
Main Event: Fruitsniffer vs. a tree © for the LP Superstar Title
Bonus Match: Toad vs. Kurt Angle


Episode #13 - Ladies’ Plan Foiled; Witch Again! - (Twitch VOD)


He yo!

The next episode will happen on Saturday
Since Ric Flair has been defeated by Toad we need to find a new opponent as well as someone to challenge them. You can vote on that here

I’ve added a bot to my twitch for the next stream which will allow for actually placing bets as the show goes on and starting chants that will be audible on stream. I will probably tweak the latter if it gets too much.

You can find the match card below. We’re alreaedy building to our next PPV, Sacrific-E

#1 Buscus Brawl
Majestic Goat-Man © vs. Lore Convoluter

#2 Singles
Lotus Aura vs. Bone Pimp

#3 Singles
Tolvie vs. DCB

#4 Bunny Championship
Kylo Ren vs. Star Pilot Flamander

#5 Trio Tornado Tag
Angus McMutton, Tommy Wiseau and Schir vs. Hugrule Warriors

#6 Kawaii Championship (Hardcore Match)
Valerie Easton vs. Lady of the Lancet ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Vote who’s goin against who!