[FINISHED] LPFWA 2k18 - Killing the Business Since 2013



I think the maximum number of custom wrestlers the game allows is 100 and we’re nowhere near that at this point.
I have about eight or so people I haven’t made yet so there’s a bit of a backlog (I don’t necessarily go through them in order).

If I ever stop taking submissions for whatever reason I’ll update the op accordingly. So if you want to submit a character just go ahead.


I absolutely adore the lpfwa def submitted a character


Match card for this Saturday

#1 Buscus Brawl
Lotus Aura vs. Woolsey Smythe

#2 Three-Way
Link vs. Palpatine vs. El Catire Arrecho

#3 Bunny Championship Match
anilEhilated vs. Dash Rendar ©

#4 Singles Match
Tolvie vs. Garbo Barba

#5 Tag Team Match
Fred Hope & Flamander vs. Masked Man and D the Destroyer

#6 Kawaii Title Match
Valerie Easton vs. Hell-Ena ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Vote! vs. Vote again!

Info on the people you can vote as our opponents:

Brock Lesnar is a big dude who throws people around.

Bayley likes to hug people.

Hiromu Takahashi is a wholesome man and Daryl is his plush cat.


Well, finally got around to watching Anime Showdown, hats off to you for all the effort that arena must have taken :clap: heck, for everything so far actually, it’s all great.

VMqnXZY “I have taken my time off to train in the art of wrestling, so I’m ready to show everyone that I am El Catire Ar- I mean, ready for the big(?) leagues at the LPFWA.”

Also, I voted before seeing that photo of Takahashi, and now I realize I’ve made a mistake, I want to watch this precious man wrestle.


LPFWA 2k18 Episode 5 - Look, Palpy Forces a Win Again (yerpalhal) - (Twitch VOD)
As of the time of posting the YT version is still uploading. But you can check the Twitch VOD already if you wanna.

Before the Show…

The Results:

After the show…


I am both happy I was there live and my attempt at the acronym was picked. Now if you excuse me I must hit the like button in appreciation of two hours of awesome


Match card for this weekend

#1 Buscus Brawl
Lotus Aura © vs. Schir

#2 Singles Match
DCB vs. Garbo Barba

#3 Bunny Championship
Palpatine vs. anilEhilated ©

#4 Singles Match
Konami Kouda vs. Samus Aran

#5 Singles match, Pokeymanz title on the line (as always)
Tolvie vs. Jumpy-Chan

#6 LP Superstar Title Match
D the Destroyer vs. a tree ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Vote for who’s gonna fight in this match here!

Hey everyone, let me introduce a new Championship belt!

The FOIT ME M8 Title!
If you watched the last two streams you already know what’s up with that one but I’m finally making it official. A belt challenged for and defended by actual people playing WWE 2k18 on PS4. Anyone can challenge as long as they honor the rules.

  1. Belt is challenged for by saying “FOIT ME M8” to the reigning champion.
  2. Ideally these matches take place after a stream but if not title matches need to be recorded in some way.
  3. All participants have to pick random, except for the reigning champion, who uses the wrestler they won the title with.
  4. It’s a shoot, brother!
  5. If the title changes hands the wrestler who held it until then ACTUALLY FUCKING DIES FOR REAL! and can’t be used anymore and must be skipped. Except the Undertaker. He always comes back.
  6. If you are champion you are allowed to create a champion’s entrance and attire for the wrestler you won with. You are also allowed to change their twitter handle to @Sting. You don’t have to do any of that but that’s what I’m doing.
  7. If there’s really messed up lag across an ocean then that’s cool, I guess. The netcode is bad anyway.

Current Champion:
IGgy as Big Boss Man '91

Past Champions (dead people):
JunpeiHyde as Sting

You can also still vote on the bonus match if you wanna, just a reminder


The Majestic Goat Man needs to redeem himself after losing the Bunny Belt to Dash Render/ Hopefully he gets the chance.


this gonna be good oh but the poll does not seem to be working did i miss out on voting


Yeah. I usually close polls on Fridays so I have enough time setting everything up.


Get in friends: https://www.twitch.tv/iggy_igsen
Show starts in 15 minutes.


Scene: DCB tries to increase Lotus’ chances of success by offering him her special brew.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Lotus Aura © vs. Schir

Schir, the King of Jobbers, defeats Lotus. Ouch

#2 Singles Match
DCB vs. Garbo Barba

Garbo defeats DCB :frowning:

#3 Bunny Championship
Palpatine vs. anilEhilated ©

Palpy wins. There was some interference by the oRa 66

#4 Singles Match
Konami Kouda vs. Samus Aran

Samus drops the Screw Attack for the 1-2-3, brother!

#5 Singles match, Pokeymanz title on the line (as always)
Tolvie vs. Jumpy-Chan

Tolvie toples the No. 1 Anime

#X Backstage Brawl for Black’s Title
Hell-Ena vs. Tolvie ©
Tolive falls to the vicous onslaught and gets her face eaten by Hell-Ena, holy shit!

#6 LP Superstar Title Match
D the Destroyer vs. a tree

I dunno why people think it’s a good idea to wrestle a tree but they all keep losing

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Samus Aran vs. Bayley

Poor Bayley…

#0 LPFWA vs. the Universe again
Dash Rendar vs. Ric Flair

Woo! -------------.


poor bayley does not seem to get love either in the fed or the lpfwa ring


Episode #6 - Leaps, Punches, Flips! Wrassling Action! (Twitch VOD)

First of all: I completely forgot to “officially” showcase Samus.

Before the show…


This is the match card for the go-home show come saturday.

#1 Buscus Brawl
Lotus © vs. The Masked Man

#2 Singles Match (Extreme Rules)
Garbo Barba vs. Nadira

#3 Bunny Championship :3
Thundercat Chris Pine vs. Palpatine

#4 Singles Match
DCB vs. Lady of the Lancet

#5 Singles Match
The Majestic Goat-Man vs. Schir

#6 Co-Comm Title Match
Flamander and Fred Hope vs. oRa 66

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
One of us you get to vote on vs. Ric Flair

We’re now reaching the part of LPFWA were some matches need to happen but others need to happen too but we can’t have them all on one show, oh no!

The PPV this show isbuilding up to will either be on the 30th or next year and is called The End of the World. Don’t worry. No one is going to die. Probably.

Also: I’m sorry but Palpy can’t explode off-screen.


Episode #7 - Lotus! Palpatine! Flamander! Wrestlers All! - (Twitch VOD)
(If YT link doesn’t work it just means it’s still processing)

Before the show…

After the show…


Next show will be on the 30th at the usual time.
It will be a PPV called THE END OF THE WORLD ™

You can get in predictions and vote who gets to go against Ric Flair

#1 Hardcore Match
Link vs. Lore Convoluter

#2 Table Elimination
DCB vs. Lady of the Lancet vs. Samus Aran

#3 Bunny Championship :3
Schir vs. Palpatine

#4 LP Superstar Title Match
Toad vs. A tree

#5 Co-Comm Title Match, No Count-Out.
Frederick Hope and Flamander vs. oRa 66

#6 Last Man Standing
Dash Rendar vs. IGgy IGsen

#7 Kawaii Title Match Hell-Ena in a Cell-Ena
Hell-Ena vs. Valerie Easton

#8 LPFWA Title Match
Fruitsniffer vs. nuffkinsVEVO

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Victim of the Vote vs. Ric Flair


Episode #8 - THE END OF THE WORLD - Losers Prepare Fireworks; Winners Asplode - (Twitch VOD)
As of the time of this posting the YT version is still uploading, but the twitch version is live. If you want slightly better quality and timestamps in the description you gotta wait for a bit.

We had quite a few Title Acronyms this time, I probably missed some but here’s the ones I could still find.
Losers Prepare Fireworks; Winners Asplode (Rather Watch Them)
Lesbians Power Flirting With Attacks (DCB)
Lady Prevents Finishers. What an Asshole! (Rather Watch Them)
Last Performance For Wretched Annum (nine-gear crow)
Leathery Pomp Fondles Wiseau’s Area (nine-gear crow)

After the show…


Here’s the match card for the next show!

I hope I won’t have to postpone this episode by a week due to me going to spend my entire free time tomorrow to watch Wrestle Kingdom 12 instead of working a million hours on LPFWA. But sometimes real fake wrestling is more important than video game fake wrestling.

#1 Buscus Brawl (oh no! but they are teammates!!!)
Masked Man © vs. D the Destroyer

#2 Singles
Tommy Wiseau vs. Lore Convoluter

#3 Bunny Championship :3
Toad vs. Palpatine ©

#4 Singles Match
Jumpy Chan vs. Rara

#5 Tag Team
Link and Fruitsniffer vs. Woolsey Smythe and A Tree

#6 Kawaii Title Match
Tolvie vs. Valerie Easton ©

#0 LPFWA vs. The Universe
Victim of the Vote vs. Ric Flair


I’m sorry but due to having watched actual fake wrestling I will not be able to finish the video game fake wrestling show LPFWA this week without sacrificing basically all the free time I have. Instead it’ll happen next week. And I just don’t wanna stress myself out over something that’s supposed to be fun.

I realize I don’t owe anyone an apology but there’s a lot of stuff that goes into making an episode. There’s booking the matches and scenes, writing the scenes, creating some assets that are still needed, recording matches and scenes, editing it all together, picking music for the matches, drinking a cup of coffee while it all encodes, ponder the nightmare that is audio every time and not being happy with it every time. There’s a lot of work that is one-time only as such the first episode took me about 100 hours to make (The last LP I did before this LPFWA probably didn’t clock in at that much for all episodes combined), while later ones are somewhere between 7 and 15 hours of work every week.

But since there won’t be a show this week let’s actually give you some numbers just for fun. A lot of these numbers you can find in the spreadsheet linked in the op. I have a different more involved version of that sheet myself. The reason I’m not sharing a lot of the data on it in the version you get is because I don’t want people to obsess over stuff like win/loss ratios for their characters, how many scenes they are in or why they haven’t been in many matches yet. But overall it’s not much of a secret and you could figure out a lot of the numbers just using the spreadsheet provided.

So far we’ve had 63 matches across eight shows. This includes Backstage Brawls, which aren’t usually on the card and LPFWA vs. The Universe which isn’t technically canon. Out of those 46 ended by pinfall
52 of those have been Singles matches, that’s 83% of all matches.
While it’d be cool to have more tag matches (we only had 7 tag team matches so far) we don’t quite have the roster for that because, as silly as LPFWA can be, we can’t simply pair everybody up for no reason whatsoever but I’m trying to think of excuses to do so if only for a limited time. (There’s several ideas for tournaments, tag and singles that I’d like to follow through on at some point).
Another problem with tag matches is that they last much longer than a singles match, but that’s besides the point.

We’ve had 26 scenes so far. That’s 3.25 Scenes per episodeo on average. The most we had in one episode is 4, the fewest 2. I didn’t actually record numbers for this kind of stuff for the previous LPFWAs, but due to the scenes (despite additional steps in the process) being easier to make now we have more scenes per show. Despite being restricted to a 2D plane and not really having much (or anything) in terms of animation right now there’s more freedom in the creation of scenes than previosly.

WWE 2k14’s story creator had a character limit of about 160 characters per text box and only a maximum of 12 text boxes per scene. We were also restricted to a few canned situations, some of which, admittedly, were pretty great. But since a lot of scenes just involved a number of people talking it was always a chore to find an animation with at least as many people as you want to include (you could remove participants) that also had the fitting demeanor. There were a lot of scenes with pointing and yelling but few with people talking normally, and then they might not talk to each other but into a camera or whatever and it made things hard. With Renpy we have a more reasonable restriction in characters per text box, we can use as many text boxes as we like, and if I want more people to take part in the conversation I just insert their sprite into the scene, if their sprite doesn’t suit the tone I can just use a different one (WWE 2k18 let’s you give people a variety of poses for preview in character creation, these poses are used for the in-game match-up screens normally but I use them for the story bits)

The tl;dr, of course, is: Despite it being technically more work, creating the scenes with Renpy is much smoother than using the story creator.

The total number of Wrestlers submitted is 50 (34m, 16f). I Already made 35 (24m, 11f) so far.
The number of total submissions is a bit inflated, though, because some people submitted multiple characters (The most one person submitted is 4) and I’ll only start working on those once all the first-timers are finished and I’m not quite there yet. I’ve only rejected one character so far and that’s because someone submitted 2006 SALP meme DONGS as a character and it was supposed to resemble a penis so I went “Nope.”

A wrestler takes about 1-2 hours to make in-game, and for the scenes and match-up screens I also need to screencap them in a variety of poses and cut them out in an image editor which takes some extra time depending on how many poses we’re talking.
This is after me already taking some shortcuts, such as using preset movesets and altering some key moves (finishers and taunts first and foremost, I then add some other normal moves I want them to have, change their skills a bit etc.)

The strongest wrestler right now (based on victories, weighing decisive ones higher, meaning everything but DQ and count-out) is Palpatine. That bastard.
He’s been in 6 matches and won 5 of them. 4 of those were singles matches, of which he won 3. Although this does not consider the fact that he’s usually accompanied by Kylo and Face. It also doesn’t consider that a tree has a similar win percentage (80% vs Palpy’s 83.33%) but won all 4 of his singles matches.

In the women’s division Hell-Ena Valerie Easton, Tolvie and Samus are more or less tied with win %s between 70 and 75 %. This isn’t that big of a difference due to the number of matches still being in the single digits for everyone. Although Hell-Ena has the most matches in the Women’s division (and in fact the most matches period) with 7. While she did lose twice she lost twice ot the same person.

Some might say we have too many titles but I think they are all different enough.
The LPFWA title is only defended at PPVs and as such only had two defenses so far. But apparently I picked the right guy to hold it randomly because both defenses were successful.

Most of the other titles are defended once between PPVs as well as on PPVs, meaning they have more defenses. This techincally means they are more prestigious than our Major LPFWA Title, but let’s just pretend the LPFWA Championship has had a long and storied history and is not just a plastic merch version of the original LPFWA title which was stolen.

Anyway, due to the nature of the Bunny Championship :3 (it being defended at every show) it has the most defenses, surprising no one. The longest reigning champion is Palpatine with 28 Days so far. At this point the belt has always gone on as the third match of the card, but this isn’t so much a deliberate decision as it’s me being lazy. At this point the belt is probably worth more and should be higher up the card, by conventional booking logic.

Our longest title reign so far lasted 49 days when the oRa 66 held the Co-Commentary Titles, although they “only” defended it successfully twice in that time. Once due to a double count-out.

The shortest title reign was Tolvie, who lost the Pokeymanz title about five minutes after she won it.

There’s also a title that has never been competed for, the LPFWA Women’s Championship. The reason for that is that I plan on introducing it as soon as we have 16 active wrestlers in the women’s division and we can have us a little tournament to crown the first ever LPFWA Women’s Champion. Whether it will be treated more as a trophy or a Championship like the LPFWA Title is something I haven’t decided yet.

Whew, that was a lot of stuff. But I hope one or two people cared.


All right, we’re back on track for a show this Saturday.

The bonus match will be: