[FINISHED?] Let's Witness Kingdom Hearts!

this stream was fuckin busted but now you can watch it in all its glory! HOORAY

fun for the whole fucking family!!!

press a-hyuck to pay respects

Brother Bear fucking sucks and I will die on this hill.

the scariest stream yet!!!

cole porter taught me to never end on a lion

We missed a week so we came back with a BIG OL double scoop of content! Holy crap, we finished another game!

Just in case the finale video never comes back to youtube again, here’s the twitch archives!

part 1

part 2

Assuming this doesn’t get blocked and force another dispute, please enjoy this emotionally manipulative journey!

A new journey begins…the oldest one yet! What trials await us as we take on the proudest of modes?


i dunno what you guys are saying xehanort is totally trustworthy


cha-cha real smooth, anakin. do it.

its like not subtle at all and this came out years before the mouse owned star wars

They say proud mode comes before the fall, but country boys make do.

my lingering will wouldn’t let me leave that shit hanging. GET IT? anyways see ya next time

i want to be there for one of those episodes thay beatdown on terranort was impressive

hope to see you on an upcoming tuesday then! :v

not this next one though. that’s christmas! kinda forgot to mention that was totally off the table.

the ps4 version kinda fixed one of the cutscenes for roxas and xions sea salt pain train

Guess who forgot to post the previous week’s video? It was me. Enjoy the broken mess it was along with a much less broken mess! Also please enjoy the majesty of the keeblade:

huh its real