[FINISHED?] Let's Witness Kingdom Hearts!

A couple years ago, @PublicOpinion revealed to me that he had never played a single minute of Kingdom Hearts. Dead set to fix that, at least by proxy, I began a stream of the first game, taking him through the spectacle that was Disney and Square’s ambitious crossover. It was kind of a mess, and none of the recordings are all that watchable, but technology has changed and we’re ready to continue our quest! I will be joined by resident KH experts @Beedrops and @Wordse on our journey.

Streams will happen every Tuesday night at roughly around 6:30pm PST right here!

You can catch THE COMPLETED ENTIRETY of our archived streams right over here! Hours of amazing content!!!

For anyone deciding to join us on this journey, my one rule above all else is No Spoilers.



First VODs are up! Note to self: fiddle with audio levels more.


What on earth is kingdom hearts???

Never heard of it!

Genie, my final wish is to get my shit together.

Hot mics and hotter deals here at the moogle shop, kupo!

Happy Arbor Day!!

All around me are familiar faces.

sonic blade makes things go fast. go figure.

For the next couple of updates: the anime in kingdom hearts gets ramped up to 1000x

Growing up is a simple mistake to make.


A hero’s journey finally comes to a definite close.

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I’m still holding for the laugh.

still reeling from the cheese thing tbh

you smell that?
darkness, son. nothing else in the world smells like that.
i love the smell of darkness in the morning.
one time we had a save file go for 12 hours and we didn’t find one plot point. not one stinking bit of new content.
but that smell. that heartless smell.
the whole game smelled like…victory.

some day this series is gonna end.

We also included a little debriefing so we’re fully caught up on all the nonsense before the next game! Listen if ya want, I dunno. I’m not the boss of you!

Our journey into Kingdom Hearts 2 begins. Who better to start our quest with than the realest one in all of Twilight Town. You fuckin KNOW I’m talkin about Dog Street.

After a two week break, we finally get down to business to defeat…one hun. Also roughly 17 heartless.

What is it about this game that sends us to such depths?