Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta



Mystic Knight is one of the best jobs in the game. The way it works is you enchant your weapon with a spell, then all of your basic attacks will hit with that spell for free. Status spells (Poison, Break, etc) that you enchant will -always- stick assuming the attack itself lands. Thus you can enchant Break on your weapon and petrify whatever you hit.


Which is great because there are a lot of enemies weak to Break.


Ooohhhh, THAT’S what Gilgabot meant by Break Swords Everyday! Thought it meant that the class broke swords to do special stuff.

Edit: Got my Fire job, it is Knight so I am rolling with a Thief, a Knight and Mystic Knight. Also maaaan, screw Iron Claw!


Knight and mystic knight pair together amazingly. Enjoy flaming holy swords and break brave blade (Just kidding, get the chicken knife for your thief)


And put some heavy armor on that squishy Thief.



Pride weekend so wasn’t back on my exceedingly slow paced run.

Flying ruins was fine, It’s actually kinda weird that I wasn’t eating through potions this time since I had the healing staff.

Boos rundown: Puro I took down by unequipping my jerks and breaking three rods in their faces. Everything else the jerks just tanked while mimo healed with the staff.

Just in world 2 and got the cast back together. I honestly don’t remember any roadblocks in world 2 from my last run but I think I was like ten levels higher then I am now.


You’re further than I am, I just got the black chocobo. And aside from the Barrier Tower boss and Exdeath you should be fine.


Ugh no I forgot about barrier tower and my ridiculous want of reflect rings.

I never got any coral/angel/flame rings cause I really don’t wanna grind unless I really need to, this gonna cause a problem later?


I’ve never used them so I couldn’t say. Also I forgot about the crystal bosses. They may also be a problem.


I always just have the death sickles handle them.


I feel your pain, almost as if it was reflected back at me?

I went for almost 50 mins with no luck, then got the 4 Reflect Rings i needed in about 10 mins because the RNG has a sick sense of humor.


I feel like Exdeath is scared of casting if everyone has reflect on. He never cast a single spell at me because I had reflect on everyone thanks to Carbuncle.


Just a reminder that the event ends two weeks from today, finish up your runs while you still can!


Two days left everyone, time to start wrapping it up.


And that’s all she wrote folks cya next year!! Also they reached an amount of $22,902.09 with a $20,000 goal so things went well!


Just a reminder that early sign up for Fiesta begins tomorrow, with a tentative start date for the actual event on June 17th.


Threads been updated with this years new rules.

So apparently the GBA exclusive jobs have been brought into play this year, if you’re doing a forbidden run, just so everyone knows.


And it’s begun.


And it’s ended, with a grand total of $17,207.29 raised. See y’all next year!