Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta



Equip Whips is great for Zerkers due to agility boost and whips being awesome. Managed to solo Sandworm with a Zerker w/ Equip Whips at like half the level of Sulla’s Zerker SCC.

Mime is literally going to be a babysitting role for throwing items and maybe breaking rods. It’s not the worst job you could’ve gotten with them (Geo/Zerkx3 would depress me) but it doesn’t have anything to make Zerks better. Should still be more than manageable though.


Yeah that’s sorta how I feel about it.

Beastmaster gave me something interesting with catch & whips. I did waste time getting dragon whiskers so I guess I wont be putting myself through that again.

Does mime consume items on use?


Mind you, if you don’t use that patch you mentioned you’re going to be rolling all zerks for a good 90% of the game until you can go get the Mime.


My absolute favorite part of Fiesta season is making gifs of my classes for use in my stream overlay.

Last year I had perhaps the most appropriate one with Galuf as my chemist:

This year I know I have Black Mage and most likely Berserker. Now while I used a “Berserk” gif from last year, I knew exactly what I had to do for this year:


I got red mage for my wizard quest. Yay?


Yes yay, now you can use Doublecast with your Black Mage.



I could go for the rest of my life never seeing Beastmaster again and be happy, Gilgabot loves giving me that. (It’s good! But it’s the kind of fiddly I just hate.) My first time with all the others though, looking forward to it!


100% I would not do Pure Chaos without the patch or it’s gonna make a portion of runs dull.


Welp I’m just past the ship after starting on my lunch break. Ice rods just took down liquid flame for one of the easiest runs of that in my past few runs.

I want to go grab that healing staff at the castle after I leave the exploding castle.


Heck yeah got summoner as 3rd job! I think I’ve got a good team for the long trek to the earth crystal.


You can get that the moment you get the wind dragon. Just head west instead of South to Walse.


I finished my first run of the year, a Normal run with Monk/Berserker/Ranger/Samurai!

Just in time too, because the next time I turned my game on my carts saves were corrupted. Welp.

Hopefully that doesn’t happen again, because I started a Random run and got Black Mage as my first job so World 1 is basically already defeated.


Got my fire job: Geomancer

And after spending close to an hour thinking about what to use…I think I’m satisfied with my gif


Aye. I forgot I could grab it that early but so far I haven’t been hurt for healing and breaking rods has handled the past few bosses so far.

E: I’m up to the sandworm now so really the only way to manage this at level 15 is to murder the jerks and have the mime solo it.


Heh, well good luck with that.


Well I finally get to understand the game destroying power of chemist because it’s my 4th job. Donut the Chemist.


Level 21, first attempt with a Mime alone, 20 mins, 30 attacks.

E: Just have to run through the Floating Ruins next.


At least that Snake boss is easier with a party of non-mages.


Getting Chemist is rather interesting because it makes you do things like this:

I haven’t left world 1 by the by.


Just started my first ever run today (like, period, I’ve never played FF5 so this should be fun). First job was Thief which wasn’t all that bad, and my second is Mystic Knight which should be interesting, I think?