Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta



It’s that time of year again for the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta to begin and so it’s time too for a thread on the topic.

What is the Four Job Fiesta? The Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta is basically a charity challenge run of Final Fantasy V based around that games Job System. The idea is that you will be assigned four of the jobs and you must then beat the game using only these four jobs assigned whenever you collect a new job set from a crystal. The point is also to do for charity as the idea for runners and viewers to donate to Child’s Play (You don’t have to, but it’s nice if you do).

How does it work? You need a Twitter account first off for most of this to work. Then, to sign up, you go to the Four Job Fiesta website and register for the type of run you want. What are the different run types? We’ll go over those now:

  • Normal Run: This is the most basic run as it keeps it simple in regards to what jobs you can get. So for example, at the Wind Crystal you’ll only get a Wind Job, at the Water Crystal you’ll only get a Water Job Etc. If this is your first time doing Fiesta this is probably a good run to start with.

  • Random Run: This one ups things a little, now instead of pulling from just whatever crystal you’ve just got you’ll one from the pool of all jobs you’ve unlocked. For example, at the Wind Crystal you’ll get a Wind Job, at the Water Crystal you can get either a Wind Job or a Water Job, at the Fire Crystal you can get a Wind Job, Water Job, or Fire Job Etc.

  • Chaos Run: This one ups things considerably, because for this run you can be assigned any job from the entire pool regardless of availability. Basically at the Wind Crystal you could very well end up with an Earth Crystal Job, at the Water Crystal you could end up with a Fire Job, at the Fire Crystal you could end up with a Wind Job etc. This run is also one of the few times that you can use the Freelancer Job past the prologue because if you end up with a job you can’t use right away you must use the Freelancer until you get to a job you can use (Up to the Earth Crystal dungeon at the latest depending on how your Job assignments go)

  • Team 750 Run: In this run you’ll only assigned jobs that can Break Rods AKA all the mage classes plus Dancers & Chemists (Not Ninja though) Freelancer rules apply here too

  • Team No 750 Run: Basically the exact opposite as this run only assigns you non rod breaking classes. Freelancer rules apply here too

  • Classic Run: In this run you will only be assigned job that were present in the very first Final Fantasy I.E. Fighter, Thief, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and Red Mage. With the exception of Red Mage all these jobs are Wind Crystal Jobs with Red Mage being a Water Job. It’s also possible in this run to get duplicates very easily.

  • Pure Chaos Run: The rules are the same as Chaos run except the Freelancer and Mime jobs are now included.

  • Popular Run: This one functions like Chaos except you are more likely to get jobs that were voted popular in a series of polls the Fiesta’s creator ran. (You’ll have to look at their twitter account to see those results)

  • Forbidden Run: This is a new run type for this year and one that the creators are being cagey about. From what little they’ve revealed it functions like a Normal run except once you get to the void AKA the final dungeon, you must tweet #PUNISHME at Gilgabot for it to take effect. This will be updated once it’s clear what this run actually is.

In addition to these runs there are additional modifiers that can be added to your run:

  • Natural: With this modifier you must use specific jobs with specific characters. I.E. Bartz must use the Wind Crystal Job, Lenna the Water Job, Faris the Fire Job, and Galuf the Earth Job. Also you can’t use skills from other jobs in this run, only what’s available to that job.

  • Upgrade: I’m just going to quote this one verbatim from the website: “Upgrade can be added to any non Natural-run. To do so either tweet #upgrade to Gilgabot after registering or include it in your registration tweet. What this means it that you intend on playing with these extra rules in mind. You will only use your Wind Job until you unlock your Water Job. Water until you unlock Fire, and then Fire until you unlock Earth. Then once you unlock your Earth job will be the job you use until the end of the game. Any abilities learned from the previous jobs may be used. Of course, we here at the Fiesta do not want to force upgrades on our users. So you may tweet for your next crystal job when you are ready to #upgrade!”

  • Fifth Job: Basically when you get to the point in the game where you acquire the fifth party member you can apply for this and get your Earth Job rerolled into something new.

  • Berserker Risk: Berserkers are a pain in the ass class to get in Fiesta simply because they are totally uncontrollable. However this ups the challenge of the run and if you so choose you can apply for Berserker Risk to up the chances of getting Berserkers.
    I’m just going to quote this last part verbatim “When the fiesta starts, for every $10 of donations, one player with BERSERKER RISK will get another Berserker. If there are more Berserkers to hand out than players with BERSERKER RISK players will end up with multiple Berserkers. This is the only way in the Fiesta to end up with a duplicate job. Once the fiesta has started, BERSERKER RISK is no longer an option.”

What’s this thread for? Help and strategy of course, if you don’t know what you’re doing or need help strategizing your way through your current run you can come here and strategise with your fellow runs and get help figuring out what you need to do next. Also if you wanted to advertise your stream or are looking for a streaming partner if you’re doing Fiesta you can do that here, that is fine.

As a Final Note If you want to talk about Final Fantasy V itself (I.E. the Story, the Characters, Etc.) Take it here to the Final Fantasy thread, we’ll save this thread for Fiesta discussion.


Preregistration has just opened so get in there and sign up:


Hell yeah. Best part of the year.

Going a simple #PureChaos.

e: Also gonna plug some stuff I wrote up for Fiesta help.

Boss Guide

Status Effect Guide: By Status Effect | By Job



Pure chaos with risk this time cuz I keep doing no750 runs.

Also lol there’s already 289 BerserkerRisk players and 677 zerks in the pool.


Just signed up, first run will be boring old run (with berserk risk, of course)


Should mention the cool as hell GBA Fiesta patch made by Can of Worms

It unlocks all jobs at the beginning as well as change Exdeath to something more fitting. Good for chaos/pure chaos runs.


I’ve proven in past years fairly adept at totally acting like I’m going to do more than one run and burning out in the second. But I do still enjoy the hell out of FJF, and now I get to try Pure Chaos! Last year it came out during my second run, which I never finished, but I’ve been looking forward to it!


You know, if you use this and get Mime for one of your jobs you’re going to potentially have an invisible Galuf.


I am ready for my first fiesta! I’m totally going to end up with a Zerker though. That’s just going to be my luck.


Well that happens sometimes, though you can just buy a reroll if it’s really a problem.


Yep! I bought a reroll for Summoner my second year since it was one I’d had in my run my first year, and last year I full on just bought a Chemist to replace a second Beastmaster because damnit, I was going to play with the ridiculous toys for once.

Plus, there’s not really too many spots where a Zerk is an active detriment, and for some of those you can just kill yours off beforehand.


Has anyone made a hack that let’s you skip the million cutscenes in the game yet? I’m sick of mashing through them for the hundredth time.


Nope, just use a turbo button.


Now I will preface this by saying that I’m still learning how to do this but I intend to try and stream my run this year and I am looking for people who would be interested in co-commentating on the run.

Additionally I’m also available for guesting on anyone’s Fiesta streams if you’ll have me. You’ll probably have to walk me through getting onto your stream though just a heads up.


I’m actually going to participate in FJF this year. I adore the hell out of FF5, but I’ve never -really- dived into the mechanics as one would generally need to for most Fiesta runs.


Say hello to Donut and his team of wizards. I’m doing a regrand team750 run so it’s gonna be interesting.


Oh man I wonder what job I got…

This’ll be weird.

E: Let’s just check what else I…


Congrats on your newfound inability to defeat the Rug Wizard.


It say June 19 for the start date, oh well I guess.

@XainZero I too also have Black Mage as my Wind Job.
@GoldenGoat Wow, tough break buddy.


I mean I got Beastmaster/Jerk/Jerk/Jerk last year so this is just gonna be the same thing mostly.