Fighting Games: Where it's Okay to Hit your Friends


Yooo I tried to learn Jack-O as well until I faced the Axl match-up. We should do some GG to practice.

But yeah, I don’t think SFV feels great if you’re coming from ASW or SNK fighting games.


The thing with Jack-O is that she tends to have good match-ups against a lot of the high tier characters, but then a lot of the low tiers can really ruin her day. I’ll probably be switching back and forth between Jack-O and Raven depending on who I’m fighting. At least until Arcsys finally brings back my butterfly boy.[quote=“RealSovietBear, post:61, topic:131”]
But yeah, I don’t think SFV feels great if you’re coming from ASW or SNK fighting games.

I prefer airdashers more, but I played a /lot/ of SF4 and SFxT (v2013 is a good game I wish people still played it) and SFV just feels… ???



To me at least, it feels like playing it on a high level is playing it in a way that makes sense systemically, but doesn’t really flow visually? It’s hard to explain, but it’s kind of how the proper way to play Quake 3 is bunny hopping and mad acrobatics, rather than walking on the ground and jumping.

I am kind of enjoying SFV but I can’t really say I like it? I like it when I play the way it wants me to play, because the matches are more fun in that case, but I don’t really like the way it wants me to play?

Actually, your response was better



As far as fighting games with good tutorials go, Killer Instinct and Guilty Gear both have pretty good ones.


I like Virtual On a lot as well as Virtua Fighter (in spite of only playing a little of 3). Also Guilty Gear, MVC and Blazblue…basically any ArcSys fighter, even that hilarious Fist of the North Star game with the basketball infinites.

I wish VO had more of a crowd, and I’d love if Sega would port that XBLA version of VOOT to Steam since the Dreamcast version isn’t based off the “M.S.B.S. 5.66” version like the XBLA one. Last year I got to play the original game on Saturn with the twin sticks and it was a lot of fun.

Gundam VS also kicks all sorts of ass and has a similar play system to Virtual On (the weapon ammo/dash vector changing mechanics)


You’ve spoken my language with Virtual On/Gundam Vs being considered fighting game-esque.

Probably the few kind of fighting games I’d give a serious thought of “I’d try to play this competitively” because of their gameplay/control schemes are easier for me to parse than typical fighting games.

Also mecha are more my style.


For everyone interested, the Guilty Gear Rev2 Demo is up on PSN for everyone with PS+ (or the 14-day free trial).


Looks like it’s US only :frowning:


ah fuck, you’re right

If they announce anything for EU I’ll post it here


us european kids are used to this tho. remember when they didnt put out the launch patch for xrd for ages in PAL so we couldn’t even buy Elphelt? good times.


Well, most people assume that I play Mortal Kombat…And they are right. But thats not the only fighting game series I tend to take part in. Honestly I think the one I sunk the most time into is Smash, but I have been slowly branching out to other series, particularly Marvel Vs. Capcom and Blazblue.


I’m a bit late to bringing this up, but YOOOOOO THE NEWEST GUNDAM VS IS GETTING A WESTERN RELEASE: