Fighting Games: Where it's Okay to Hit your Friends

Fighting games are that neat genre of game where you get to beat up your buddies until that one kid who knows how to do the specials moves shows up and ruins everything. So how about a nice thread just for those games?

  • Do you play them, and if so which ones? Which is your favorite FG to play?
  • Do you compete or are interested in competing?
  • Have you wanted to learn a fight game but feel like they’re too complicated?
  • Do you just like to watch but don’t have any interest in playing?

For me, I like to play pretty much any FG. X-men vs Street Fighter, Aquapazza, Guilty Gear, and Pokken Tournament are my favorites though. I compete (even though I’m bad) at locals in my region, but haven’t gotten a chance to make my way to a regional tournament in a few years now. Hopefully that’ll change soon.

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I’ve always been a fan of the Mortal Kombat games, even when they weren’t good (and they were bad pretty often.) I never really got good enough to actually be in any tournaments though.

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I’m a big fighting game fan, but always end up in a weird spot where I’m good enough to always beat my friends, but not good enough to win online outside of freak accidents. I played a ton of MvC3, so I’m real excited to see how the new one turns out.

Killer Instinct (the one on XB1 at least) is probably my favorite fighting game even though I’m kinda garbage at it. Presentation is top notch and holy shit that soundtrack is the best soundtrack any fighting game has ever had, hell probably top 10-20 game soundtracks period.

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I love me some UMvC3, but I don’t play it often. MvCi is giving me flashbacks to TvC, which makes me really happy because I loved TvC so much.

I’m more partial to Guilty Gear’s OST, but I’ve definitely got Orchid’s theme (w/ lyrics) on my mp3 player.

Let’s see… as far as fighting games that I’ve played:

Streets of Rage (Genesis/Megadrive)

  • Fun to beat up your friends in, even with NPCs trying to gang up on you
  • Distinct player characters with unique characteristics (the well rounded one, the one that can hit the furthest, the one that can move the fastest)
  • Hilariously overkill backup - a Police cruiser with a rocket launcher will show up on your command
  • It’s quick and it’s good - you can play it and beat it in a single sitting!

Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)

  • Lots of characters that are fun to play (not Rob or Mr. Game and Watch though, I don’t like them)
  • Lots of game modes, I played the heck out of the story campaign that they included
  • It’s also fun to beat your friends up in (since there’s so many characters and round customisation)
  • Also had some fun playing using Nintendo’s online infrastructure, though it was pretty flakey at times

I was gonna write a bit more, but realise that I’m not much of a fighting game sort of player. I do have memories of Soulcaliber 2, and I think a demo of Tekken 2, but not much else recently.

Soul Calibur 2 is one of those weird games that everybody seems to play and enjoy. I’ve known tons of people who will absolutely refuse to play any video game, but if you bring out Soul Calibur 2 they get super excited. It’s bizarre.

If you like beat-em-up style games you might want to give Sengoku 3 a shot. But only 3. The first two are bad. It’s pretty difficult but when you get good there’s tons of neat combos you can pull off. Plus it’s on the Wii virtual console for fairly cheap![quote=“deadlychair, post:7, topic:131”]
but if you bring out Soul Calibur 2 they get super excited. It’s bizarre.

If someone brings out SC2 or SCV I will stop whatever I’m doing to go play.

I love Fighting Games, even though I’m not good at them. My personal favorites are Tekken, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, Guilty Gear, and Killer Instinct.

Seasons 1 and 2 had Mick Gordan doing the soundtrack, who also did the DOOM (!!!) soundtrack, so there’s a real good reason why it’s amazing. Season 3’s kinda fell off a whole bunch after he stopped composing for it, but it’s still not like, SFV bad.

But yeah KI rules and it’s an utter shame there’s like 5 people in my country that play it.

Killer Instinct is one of the few fighting games I’m somewhat decent at, and yeah that soundtrack is amazing.

I only play real fighting games like SFV (kill me)

I’ve been playing fighters on and off for close to a decade (holy shit, it’s been that long?). Unfortunately none of my friends play and the only local scene gets together during my working hours so I haven’t reached that “consistently decent” level of play in years. Online has always been really hit or miss on whether I enjoy it. My most recently played fighters would be GGXrd and UMVC3, along with the aforementioned SFV. None of which I’ve played since last EVO.

Smash is a party game go play a real fighting game I main Cloud, Bowser, and Baby Bowser

Tons of Guilty Gear XX/# midnight whatsits. Nothing to much else, although I really gave a serious effort to get into SFV but just could not understand how to play it. Spent like a week trying to get out of silver.

God, I play too much stuff. My go-to games are BlazBlue and Guilty Gear Xrd. Right now, due to peer-pressure, I’m learning Street Fighter V with the help of friends. I also play a lot of Dead or Alive 5 and whenever I have an excuse love to fire up Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

My PS3 used to be a fighting game box with some 30 odd games on it. Including the best fighting game you never heard of: Dark Awake - A Not-Warhammer fighting game.

I’m partial to Injustice : Gods Among Us (because I love DC Comics stuff) but also the Soul Calibur series, probably because of the air juggling and Ring-Outs.

I am not good enough to go pro or enter in tournaments, but sometimes I think about fight-sticks and rather or not to buy one, even if it’s just one for the PC.

But I am a sucker for silly Mortal Kombat Fatalities, and love watching the compilation videos (and ending videos) on YouTube

Smash Brothers what’s up. I like all of the Smash games as party and fighting games, and I like playing pretty much the whole cast in all games as well. When I’m playing Smash 4 competitively, though, I go for Lucas. I’m roughly in the top 20 of my town currently.

The feeling of successfully pulling off a devastating combo or sequence is pretty good, but more so for me it’s the feeling of correctly reading the opponent to get that opening in the first place. The feeling of positioning yourself seemingly without cause, then being in the perfect position to avoid the opponent’s attack or to catch their roll with an attack of your own.

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Speaking of fighting games, Square Enix just announced a 2D anime fighter based on their mobile card game franchise.

Not usually the style I expect from SE, but I guess the Dissidia arcade game has done well enough for them to make more fighters.

I was fanatically into Street Fighter 2 as a kid. Then got hold of a copy of Mortal Kombat for PC, enjoyed that for a bit. But the only one that’s held my interest over the years… is One Must Fall 2097.

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It’s being developed by Examu, the creators of the Arcana Heart Series I believe.

Okay that I have never heard of.