Fighting Games: Where it's Okay to Hit your Friends


I’ll have to keep that in mind. Thank you very much!


KI is also very beginner friendly and has a pretty welcoming community as well.


If you’re looking for 2D fighting games, Guilty Gear has a good tutorial on fighting game fundamentals, while Killer Instinct has tools to assist you with inputs without being patronizing or holding you back. If you’re looking into 3D fighters or any kind of fighting game, Tekken has a very low entry barrier and very few things to keep track of as opposed to many other games.


I would actually argue that Soul Calibur 5 is easier for beginners, but no one really plays that anymore, and there’s no Soul Calibur 6 in the works as far as I know :frowning:


Which one? There are a whole bunch of them on Steam.


Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator is the current version. Revelator 2 is coming out soon as well.


I’m a big fan of Virtua Fighter and still play 5 Final Showdown regularly, and though the online isn’t super populated there are still people to play against (I’m in Europe) and I play a fair bit offline too. I really struggle trying to find videos online though, there used to be a good amount of channels posting arcade recordings on youtube, but it sort of stopped around three, four years ago. (Momo still posts a few tho!)

And, if someone is looking for a general ‘how to get into fighting games’ tutorial I’d recommend Virtua Fighter 4 EVO, which is available on PSN for PS3. The emulation isn’t what I would call excellent, there are several stages where there is some or a great deal of slow-down, but the tutorial stage is barren and free of those issues. 4EVO also has a superb single player (quest mode) that has only ever been rivaled by Street Fighter Alpha 3’s World Tour Mode, which is to say it is entirely worth playing – even in 2017.

I’ve also been trying to get into Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator but it’s a bit tricky for me since I’ve never really gotten deep into a proper anime 2D fighting game before (all this air dashing!! sweats). I’m trying my best with Venom though and racking up Ls like I’m getting paid :head_bandage:


I used to really hate fighting games, but after playing a lot with a friend, I really grew to love them,

Although, my preference for fighting games lies with the short and quick round based fighting games. Games like Bushido Blade 2 where a round can be won in a single blow. Hell, I’ll pop on Karate Champ every once and a while. I would really like to get into Fighter’s Destiny on the N64, but I wouldn’t have any competition and I don’t like playing against the AI.

Got really into Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV. If a fighter has a grappler, I’ll probably be playing them. Spin to win. :smiley:


Skullgirls & JoJo Bizzare Adventure’s All Star Battles is my shit at the moment. Both of these games are good for getting the general idea in.


Oh man that game used to be one of the most broken fighters and it was glorious.


Anyone played For Honor? (pls don’t sneer) :sweat_smile:


I miss the good ol’ days of HORSE INFINITES if only because it gave me a reason to ever use the phrase HORSE INFINITES


I’m pretty bad at fighting games. I’ve been slowly working my way through Mortal Kombat’s story mode, but I had to drop the difficulty down.


There is no shame in having to drop the AI difficulty down in Mortal Kombat. MK has always had some of the cheatiest AI out there, peaking with MKII which doesn’t even pretend to be remotely fair after the first couple of arcade mode fights.


I got pretty close to getting into fighting games back when the first BlazBlue came out and I bought it on a whim, but ended up not putting in the effort and falling out of it. Now the closest I get to fighting games is occasional Smash 4 at a friend’s place.

I want to be into fighting games, though, but at this point I have no idea where to start, nor do I know what kind of fighting game I’d like the most (Tekken? SFV? Guilty Gear?). Plus I’m old and didn’t really grow up playing them, so I’m intimidated to play online.

I like watching tournaments, though. Fighting games are easily the most watchable competitive game type for me.


I play fighting games every now and then, but I’ll admit it’s in a super duper casual sense (In the “I just play it with friends and I don’t even touch Online play”).

Its mostly Smash 4, but I’ve been trying to get into other fighting games like Skullgirls, Soul Calibur and Tekken (Probably grab Tekken 7 when that comes out.). That being said, I’m not so casual to the point where “That guy” who button mashes. I know the button layouts, I just can’t combo/special-move/tech to save my life.

While I’ll never be “in” in the competitive sense, I’ll never turn down watching a tournament or two, usually EVO. High level play in these sort of games is facinating to watch.


If you are a Tekken fan I would recommend picking up Tekken 7 Fated Retribution when it comes out this summer, not only is it a great iteration of Tekken, it also seems like Namco has put a lot of effort into making sure the package is full of features and no corner cutting on interface and other ‘quality of life’ stuff like load times, etc. (And if you want a game that’s currently out this is true of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as well, which has tons of characters and a really great offline ‘arcade’ style game mode called ghost battle, where you get to pick between some potential opponents who are all AI ghosts taken from Japanese arcade players. This mode also emulates the arcade style unlock system for customizing your characters. There is also a lot of people playing Tag2 online on any platform, even WiiU.)

While getting super good at Tekken is difficult, I tend to find it is probably the most broadly appealing fighting game around (barring maybe DOA5, which is also good, but has much less character variety since everyone is basically the same Real Doll with a different wig and costume). There is also a lot of guides and videos on how to play different characters for any Tekken game, so it’s easy to find which five~seven attacks you should learn and then feel like you are in control of what is happening.

I would also say Street Fighter, but a big issue people are having with Street Fighter 5 is how barren it is in terms of game modes and also how tedious it is to get from game to game (online interface; long load times; even offline load times are artificially lengthened to mirror those online, etc). So, while Street Fighter is a good game for what you want in theory (relatively small move list, few mechanics, not too demanding on inputs, good player-base in case you want to play online), there is a bit of a hill to climb to get invested in SF5 because you basically only have online/offline versus game modes, and it’s very slow moving getting from match to match.

If you like DC comics and/or Mortal Kombat I’d also recommend the upcoming Injustice 2 which is coming out around the same time as Tekken7, but idk anything about those games other than they tend to have a lot of stuff in them and Netherrealm is real big on putting out stuff post-release.


I’d say go into Tekken rather than SFV if you’re a beginner. The SFV inputs aren’t demanding on paper, but there’s a lot of motion overlap and the timing to link moves is very strict. It’s easier to get feedback on your inputs in Tekken, even if the drawback there is that all the characters have an obscene amount of moves.


So I started a forum group called “Punchfolk” for people on the forums who enjoy fighting games. If you’d like to join, the link is here:

It’s basically there to help people find other fighting game players more easily and share contact info to play online. You can also send a message to @Punchfolk if you want to ask all people interested in fighting games for an event/stream/get-together.


So after two months of banging my head against the wall in Street Fighter V, I think the game finally clicked with me. One session per week and some good advice from friends helped me improve quite quickly. It gives me hope that I might be able to actually learn the basics of Tekken 7 when it releases…


I played SFV for the first time just yesterday and it felt… not great. I don’t think it’s a game I’ll be putting any serious time into. Especially considering that I just picked up Jack-O in Guilty Gear and I need to focus on all this free real estate I’m throwing everywhere.