Emily and Corvo's Excellent Adventure - Let's Play Dishonored 2

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Dishonored 2 is a stealth action game from Arkane Studios and sequel to the first Dishonored. Though a more action-oriented title, it still retains the immersive sim DNA that Arkane is known, having detailed environments that you can interact with to a greater degree than most stealth titles. The stealth and combat mechanics are also top notch, with a variety of lethal and non-lethal methods available for taking down patrolling guards, with a good play-feel for the controls as well (at least if you’re not playing the input lagPS4 version…:suicide:). The level design is some of the best I’ve seen in recent times, with incredibly open-ended levels that you can progress through in a variety of ways. It’s also highly replayable as there are a number of mutually exclusive tasks that can be performed in each of the missions, the game offers two characters with unique power sets to play through the game with, there is a new game plus mode where you’re given even more power options, and you can customize the difficulty of the game to your liking for a particular playthrough.

This let’s play will not be comprehensive per se: due to the open-ended nature of the gameplay, and the sheer freedom allotted to the player, such a thing is not really possible with doing numerous repeated playthroughs. But I will be showing off a large breadth of the content via two playthroughs. A complete playthrough as Emily, focusing on stealth and non-lethal approaches, wherein all major tasks will be performed and all notable collectables picked up, and a highly edited playthrough as Corvo, doing my best to show off alternative styles of play.

Expect an update each week, consisting of both an Emily video and a Corvo video.


Reserved because I’m probably going to need it.

Update 01:

(Corvo update coming later this week.)


Been wanting to play this since my computer can’t run it. But watching is just as good.

Oh boy, this should be fun. I picked up Dishonored 2 in a sale recently and it sucked me in completely. Finished a non-lethal almost-ghost playthrough as Emily, so now I’m going back and playing as Corvo for NG+. Looking forward to seeing exactly what I’ve still managed to miss, though.

I still have to get around playing 2, but the original is one of my most played games. Super excited for this playthrough and hopefully we get a Death of the Outsider one later.

Yeah these levels are chocked full of stuff, so it’s easy to miss a lot of things. In my first playthrough, even with my attempts to explore thoroughly, I still missed like half of the collectables and even entire sections of some missions.


I messed up, should’ve been DtO as in Death of the Outsider, the new standalone game releasing soon-ish.

Wow. I didn’t know that half of that stuff was in the first level. Kind of amazing, especially considering that Dishonored 1’s first level was very linear with only a couple of secrets.

The level design in this series is probably the best I’ve ever seen.

I’ll probably cover it.

Also here’s the first Appendix episode.

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Update 02:



Had some recording issues which is why this took so long. Next proper episode will also be a bit delayed as a result. I should probably build up a back log before starting these things. :V

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Awesome I’ll definitly be following this one. I loved/played the absolute crap out of D1 and it’s expansions, but don’t really have the time or budget to play games much anymore. Thanks for your hard work.

Today we solve the Crown Killer “”“mystery.”""


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Hypatia is voiced by Jessica Straus.

I like how in both main Dishonored games, the first target you go after is the one the story has been hyping up as the biggest threat. Really helps with the whole power fantasy thing. I also like that the Outsider changes his shrine speeches if you deal with a target before visiting that level’s shrine.

Syringes like that do actually exist at least, I think my abu has one in the house somewhere.

Oh shit she voices Juri Han! I didn’t recognize it before but I can totally hear it now.

I really shouldn’t be surprised that those actually exist. Still feels rather excessive for what it’s used for in-game.

Oh, and since I finally got my copy of Death of the Outsider (thanks Amazon Prime) I’m going to be streaming some of it later today on my Twitch. Probably around 3-ish EST.

This stream was fun. Gonna stream more (at least mission 2, maybe more) today. In like, an hour or so? 2PM-ish EST.

Is there a literature link to go along with this episode, or is that still in the pipe?

Yeah I didn’t feel like doing it at the time. It’s there now.

Appendix time!

Also also I’ll be streaming more DotO in a little while. Let’s see if I can get through mission 3 in one stream.