Embedded Youtube Video Replaying

Pretty sure I’m not crazy, but it feels like if you’re sitting in a post where you have either played or paused a yt video, it replays itself automatically if someone else posts in the thread and it auto “refreshes” itself.

Only noticed it once so far, curious to see if anyone else has seen the same thing yet?

I haven’t yet, no. If anyone else notices this we can contact Discourse and figure out a solve.

I’ve noticed that if I try to fullscreen an embedded YouTube video, it’ll refresh the page and cause every video I played in that thread previously to all start playing at the same time. This is happening in Chrome, by the way.

We’ve been trying to replicate this issue and have come up empty-handed - can you give us your OS, Chrome version, and steps you take to replicate this? That would really help!

Pretty sure this happened to me as well, in the Post Your Favorite Glitch thread. Had a few videos already watched, tried to watch a new one, clicked fullscreen, cacophony of sound ensued. The weird part is that I had watched some of the earlier videos in fullscreen as well without this happening.

I was on Google Chrome, with OS being Windows 10.

Something that happens 100% of the time for me, using Windows 10 and Firefox 51/Edge/Chrome 56/Internet Explorer (so maybe any browser?):

  1. Get to the bottom of a thread with a lot of posts and videos - Post Your Favorite Youtube Vids works.
  2. Refresh the page.
  3. Play some videos - or just one. Pause in the middle or watch to the end, doesn’t matter.
  4. Mouse wheel up 20 posts or drag the browser’s scroll bar up to the top to make it load more of the thread.
  5. Within a few seconds (of IE not shitting itself anymore), everything you’ve played so far will (try to) play again.

Unsure if this belongs in it’s own thread, but it was similar enough to this problem that I thought I’d bring it here… Just attempted to fullscreen a video in the Video Game Glitches thread and it fullscreened for a moment before closing and randomly scrolling me somewhere up the page. Happened twice, unsure if it’s only affecting me or not.

Happened on Windows 10, Chrome 56

Eyyy I managed to replicate this one! Same OS, same browsers.

Do you remember exactly which video it was? That’ll help us replicate it.

It was Chipcheezum’s latest post inside that thread. It’s the video about decreasing the defecation interval in ARK, yet everytime I attempt to fullscreen that video I am booted out of it and my thread is scrolled about halfway up.

I haven’t attempted to replicate it with other videos on the site yet.

edit: It seems to only happen with that video, but in testing that out, I managed to get the bug where all videos restart themselves, haha.

Yeah, it’s happening to me too with that one video. Though I can’t for the life of me recreate the effect in one of my own posts. Even copying and pasting the contents of the post into a new one the glitch doesn’t carry over.
Good job, @ChipCheezum , you done made a cursed post. I dunno if you remember enough about that post’s creation to help us out here?

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Talk about coincidences, I just got it to happen on Chrome 56.0.2924.87 on macOS 10.11.4!

Not sure what’s causing it to happen precisely, though it seems related to when posts are being dynamically loaded when you scroll too far up (maybe down, I haven’t tested that yet).

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Looks like the issue of replaying videos has been brought up before, about the same time as it’s been reported to us:

Seems to be an issue related to how posts containing videos are supposed to remain loaded if they’re playing.

I can also replicate the fullscreen problem on the forum topic referenced in that post on Chrome on macOS. Looks like it hasn’t been the first time it’s happened:

The bug referenced in this thread seems like it’s a Chrome/Webkit related issue. Not sure how we can go about fixing this though, since it’s already been closed as a ‘Won’t Fix’.

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