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Greetings, Comrade

I stream video games for the common folk on a small site called Twitch dot TV: https://www.twitch.tv/realsovietbear

What kind of streams?

My channel is a gaming variety channel, I stream the type of games I play and I play most games. If it’s on PC or PS4, I can stream it. To add some order to this chaos, I have a schedule. You can view the schedule for the current month on the following link.

  • Tuesdays are Variety streams with my friend Christiaan. It can be single-player or multiplayer, but we’re playing it locally. We’ll try to do games at least one of us is unfamiliar with.
  • Wednesdays are gamedev streams with Christiaan. We’re playing games at least one of us worked on. Current game is Alien: Isolation.
  • Thursday are fighting game streams. Usually BlazBlue or Guilty Gear, but there will be new stuff now and then.

There are also two Variety slots that are on Monday and Friday and are interchangable (I usually stream on one of these two days, but rarely both). These games can be anything.

All these streams are at 9PM Swedish time. You can view the current time in the frozen wasteland here.

You Are in the Wrong Time Zone aka WHERE ARE THE VODS?

My VODs are on the same channel as my Let’s Plays, the Score Attack Youtube channel.. I don’t post every stream here. Usually I post the more interesting streams, games or at least a highlight or two. Until there is demand, I’ll skip the ones I don’t think are all that fun.

…and Friends!

Most of my streams are open to invited friends, aka the Regulars. I also often bring offline guests and we sit next to each other trying not to punch each other. Games that benefit from being solo streams or games that I play when nobody is around are streamed solo. Sometimes a stream can be Free-for-All and I let anyone on the Discord server join.

By the way, here is an invite to the Discord if you want to join in general.

Chat and Rules

The chat has similar rules to this forum and welcomes anyone who abides by them. The actual streams contain a decent amount of swearing due to my Slavic heritage, but there is a strict no abusive language/slurs rule. There will also be puns, I am sorry.

May VODs/Highlights


Schedule has been updated.

Things of note for February:

  • We are wrapping up Sea of Lies: the Burning Coast for the gamedev streams this week
  • Next in the gamedev slot is Alien: Isolation with my friend who worked as a game designer on the game. He’ll be talking about the development as we play through it
  • I’ll be playing some Nioh when it releases
  • Fighting game of the month is Street Fighter V. I might do BlazBlue streams outside of regular hours, but that’s up in the air.

Tonight’s stream is at 9PM Swedish time / 3PM EST and will be Jalopy, a former Eastern bloc car simulator.

2 hours from now my friend and I will be doing our weekly Mega Drive ROM Pit stream. Feel free to tune in for probably 20 sportsball games: https://www.twitch.tv/RealSovietBear

Today’s ROM Pit will be an hour later than usual, due to IRL obligations. (So 10PM Stockholm time)

Since we’re doing the Alien Isolation gamedev stream next week, let me know if you have any general questions about the game and its development and I’ll catalog and bring them up during the stream. If you have spoiler-y questions, then please ask those during the stream after we’ve passed the relevant part. There will be a VOD of the entire thing, so even if you can’t watch it, I’ll ask your question and you can check it out.

You can ask the questions in this thread.

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How hard was it to use the Alien the right amount? Iike, not having it pop up so often as it loses effect, but not so infrequent as to be forgotten?


To finish off the “month of Street Fighter V”, I’d like to make a larger battle lounge and play with people. The stream would be on Thursday, February 23 at 9PM Swedish/8PM GMT/3PM EST time. It would last for around 2 hours.

If anyone is interested, please let me know.

So the very cool and talented @SuperGraffiti did new artwork for my Twitch channel.


Offline image:

And a matching new avatar you can see to the left.


March schedule is up!

Things of note for March:

  • We’ll be continuing the Devs Play Alien: Isolation stream each week;
  • Toukiden 2 streams will start at the end of the month and likely be semi-regular thing for a bit;
  • Fighting games this month will be varied and will start with King of Fighters XIV;
  • The Mega Drive ROM Pit will likely be full of sports games.

Hey folks, streams for the rest of the week are cancelled due to personal stuff I need to handle. That means Alien Isolation episodes will also be delayed. See you all on Tuesday March 28 for the next ROM Pit.

April schedule is up!

Interesting things for April:

  • The ROM Pit is dead and the slot is now . We’ll be doing Asura’s Wrath first.
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with my friend Loz
  • Street Fighter X Tekken with Dectilon

A surprise special feature to start off the month - Obnoxiously Modded Left 4 Dead:

Christiaan and I had the misfortune of playing Late Shift, a new FMV indie game:

Here is the first part of the VOD. It’s been a while since we were this antagonized by a game.

May Schedule

The May schedule is up!

There’s a lot going on this month, since I’m trying to get in more variety:

  • There will three one-off Devs Play streams. I’ll be talking to the developers of “Screw You, Bear Dad”, “Gemstone Keeper” and “Penarium” in three separate streams. The format will be similar to the Devs Play Alien: Isolation streams - talk with the dev about the game as we play through it

  • There will be a lot of creative streams: RPGMaker MV as I make a very small game and learn the tool, and Elegy for a Dead World, which is a game about writing

  • There will be a VERY SPECIAL stream with @TorpidTypist

  • Birthday stream where I play through a lot of childhood Master System games

There’s going to be a lot of variety streams and the usual ones with Christiaan. If you want to jump in on some of the variety ones, or just want to hang with cool folk, feel free to drop by my Discord server


Some changes were made to the YT channel going forward. Here’s a video update:

Short version:

  • Name changed from “Score Attack” to “Real Soviet Bear” to keep branding consistent
  • Passed the 100 follower milestone on Twitch
  • Am now a Twitch affiliate
  • Gonna be doing more RPG Maker streams at some point
  • New Let’s Play is in the process of being put together this month

The June schedule is up.

There will be lots of Tekken 7 streams in June, but also lots of stuff in the variety slots.

Also, Wednesday May 31 will be another Devs Play with one of the devs of Penarium, so make sure to catch that too!

Thanks to @SuperGraffiti, I’ve updated the Twitch page to give it a better overview:

Here are the individual headshots: