Drowning, with options - Let's Play HITMAN™

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HITMAN™ is the sixth entry in IO Interactive’s Hitman franchise, a Stealth/Action series that puts players in the shoes of Agent 47, the world’s best hitman. The games are beloved for being open sandboxes that offer a lot of freedom for accomplishing goals - should you kill a man by poisoning his spaghetti? Or maybe it’d be better to push him off a cliff? Why not let him take a swing at an explosive golf ball? Or better yet, why not throw the explosive golf ball at him? The possibilities are endless! The series has been a bit uneven in quality through its history; the first game was extremely rough, but the next three iterations improved on the formula tremendously. The fifth game, Absolution, opted to drop the sandbox stealth gameplay for linear stealth more akin to Metal Gear or Splinter Cell, which made it a very divisive title and almost killed the franchise. Thankfully, IOI learned from their mistakes and this game brought the series back to what it’s best known for.

While this game is fantastic, it launched to some controversy because the publisher, Square Enix, decided to make this game an episodic title and release the game’s levels piecemeal as DLC - players would buy the base game, which came with the prologue and the first level for a meager $15, and then they were free to buy the rest of the 5 levels as DLC as they came out for $10 a pop. People who didn’t want to bother with that model could just buy the whole thing up front for $60 and get all the levels as they came out. A lot of people accused Square Enix of trying to milk their consumers and release unfinished content, but I think that’s the wrong way of looking at it. The game was incomplete as the DLC was being released, sure, but there’s not a whole lot of continuity between this game’s levels, so it’s not like breaking up the experience really hurts it all that much. Additionally, IOI can get live feedback about their released levels and use that to polish upcoming ones to make them even better, and because each level is separate DLC, players can skip levels that they don’t want. The episodic model doesn’t work for every title, but turning this game into a budget title was an incredibly smart move with a lot of pros.

This will be an informative LP where I try to cover as much of the game as is reasonable. The base game has so much content before we even get into things like Escalations and Contracts mode, so I’m going to stick to the main episodes. I’ll try to keep to releasing episodes once a week, but that is subject to change depending on how busy I get. Each episode will be broken up into at least two parts; the first video will show a simple way of completing the level, while the rest of the videos for each episode will be devoted to showing off more advanced kill opportunities and other easter eggs. I’ll do my best to cover Elusive Targets, which are unique targets that are only available for a week or so on a specific level that allow players only one chance to take them out, but because of the nature of how they work, some ET videos may come out long before we’ve even gotten to the level they’re on. I could wait until we start the episode that each ET is on, but I also want to demo each one as they go live for the people playing along.

HITMAN™ is not a very story heavy game, so it’d be a bit silly to have a spoiler policy in place for that, but I will ask that you refrain from discussing episodes that have not yet been covered, so don’t talk about how rad the final map is when we’re only on the first one, for example. Once we’ve started an episode, feel free to discuss anything from it, though if I haven’t shown something off, like easter eggs or kill opportunities, then tag your spoilers.

00 - Prologue

01 - Paris
The Showstopper


Elusive Targets

My Run

My Run
Jobbo_Fett’s Run

My Run

My Run

My Run

02 - Sapienza
The World of Tomorrow

Elusive Targets

My Run

My Run

My Run

My Run

My RunIntel Run

03 - Marrakesh
A Gilded Cage

Elusive Targets

My Run

My Run

04 - Bangkok
Club 27

05 - Colorado
Freedom Fighters

Elusive Targets

06 - Hokkaido
Situs Invertus

Console Catch Up Streams
8/13 - Paris and Sapienza


Fan Art

fleacircus shows us one of Diana’s favorite treats for a hot summer day.

Those certainly were a lot of options to murder that guy. While I have never played any of the hitman games I’ve heard quite a few good things about this one, so I’ll look forward to the crazy murders you’re probably able to pull off here.

There better be an exploding golf ball now that you’ve mentioned one though. :colbert:

I’ve seen a lot of this game thanks to Cheffo’s escapades, but relatively little of the main campaign itself. I’ll be keeping an eye on this LP for sure.

Here’s a thing from the first episode that I couldn’t find while recording.


I’ve seen a whole lot of out of context gifs from this game, but I’ve never actually seen a proper playthrough of it. I can’t wait for some wacky murders.

So it wasn’t just that they made the yacht out of IKEA materials, IKEA sells fake yachts. Is it supposed to look as bad as it does, or did they not bother to finish it?

I’m gonna err on the side of “they didn’t finish” because one of the maintenance dudes is painting a board. That said, I really like the unfinished look of the yacht! It really emphasizes how it’s not an authentic mission!

It definitely looks better with all the raw plywood. Do any of the other levels play around like this?

Ah yes, the very Swedish name of Yähkob. I feel like I am experiencing what non-Swedes see when they read IKEA names for the first time.

Well it’s ICEA not IKEA :colbert:

I really love this intro level. I love the plywood helicopter. I always wish that when you slap the button to end the mission a loud buzzer went off, someone said, “CLEAR” over the PA, and the civilians all went at ease and like applauded, the lights went up, etc.

This should be a fun lp, looking forward to watching you do a certain level which is kicking my ass pretty hard (and for no good reason, I’m just bad I think).

It’s not HITMAN™ related, but Faerie Fortune, Artix and I are doing something special over on my Beam channel around noon EST, so come join us if you can make time!


Been looking forward to a comprehensive LP of this game for a while! Roommate enjoyed the first ep too :3

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agent förtisju, I look forward to the rest of this LP.

I’m kinda sad there wasn’t an option to prop the chessboard with a bomb. You’d think that would be a fun way to kill someone.
“Checkmate! Wait, what’s that ticking?” followed by a boom.

We’re gonna step over to a map we’re not going to cover for quite a while because there’s an Elusive Target! Basically, with Elusive Targets, you get one shot at them, you can’t save during a run and they’re only active for a week or so, after which, they’re lost forever. You can restart mid-run though, as long as you have not completed any objectives. Completing any ET for the first time on a map gets you a bonus costume based on the default costume of that map and completing ETs with Silent Assassin ratings, which means only killing the target, not getting spotted trespassing or leaving any evidence of any kind, earns you costumes too.

This ET takes place in Colorado, which is the penultimate map of the first season, so if you’re not familiar with the game and are just interested in watching the LP as it updates, maybe save this one for later. There are two objectives: (1) eliminate the target and (2) steal a ledger. This ET is a little tricky because he will flee at the first hint of trouble and if he’s killed first, his guards will eventually move to protect the ledger. I also really don’t like Colorado, for reasons we’ll get to when the LP gets to Colorado, so my solution is very :effort:.

Damn that is a clean kill, I guess you’re not going in blind…

I really dislike the Colorado map. Military compounds are pretty boring places for Hitman IMHO.