Dragon Ball has fights

Dragon Ball has Tunes

Dragon Ball has Hair

Dragon Ball has Mr. Satan

Dragon Ball can be discussed here.

It has really cool video games, too. Dragon Ball is the best.



You talk about DB tunes yet fail to mention the GOAT? For shame.

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Don’t you dare come into my house with your damn Dan Dan Kokoro HikareFUCKINGTEKU (I like it but not as much as the original DB opening)

Dragon Ball has another spin-off with good openings too. This one came out yesterday, so viewer beware if you’re trying to not get spoiled on anything

Pretending “Dan Dan” isn’t the best DB OP is tantamount to sacrilege.

My personal favourite is “We Gotta Power”'s LatAm version, to be fair.

I’ve been really enjoying this show. I thought I wouldn’t but it’s got a lot of great comedy and self referential humor [SPOILER]Yamcha during baseball[/SPOILER] that I ended up really getting into it.

I feel that Goku, much like Homer Simpson, gets dumber every season.

It’s ok tho cause he’s good at punching.

Goku gave Cell a senzu bean. This isn’t any dumber, it’s just par for the course.

Goku was dumb, but he was never forgetful to the point of (DBS SPOILERS) practically dooming Trunk’s timeline. And now (MORE DBS SPOILERS) he’s placed the multiverse in jeopardy due to his boredom.

Goku’s the true villain of Dragon Ball.

Well, now the question is begged once again: who is the strongest human? Will the Survival Tournament shed any light on this or will we still be left speculating? (I miss THESTRONGESTHUMAN)

It’s Krillin. It’s always Krillin. He just always gets fuckin shafted by going up against dudes way above his pay grade.

Allow me to rebut with my favorite picture

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Yamcha is the obvious choice. He’s got so much hidden potential.

He’s earth’s strongest baseball player.

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I noticed that this thread is three days old and does not contain space warriors. I am here to fix that.




Oh hey Super 78 discussion time!

[spoiler]oh geez I wonder if Buu, who is practically immune to physical attack, got beat by this random wolf in a minute’s time?

Also I didn’t watch the preview either.[/spoiler]

I’m more interested in founding out how Goku and co. are gonna convince 17 to join the tournament.

Okay here’s how.

“Hey not only is the universe going to die if you don’t help us, that includes nature, that you range parks for.”
“HOAH SHIT. I’ll do it.”

E: Actually, this raises a good question for me. What should the unblurred spoiler policy be? I know that new eps are up for free on Crunchyroll the week after they air, but a lot of people don’t like listening to undubbed voice cast. What do you all think?

Actually it looks like Super isn’t premium locked, it doesn’t have a little crown next to 78.