Contrarian's Catharsis: The Bad Video Game Opinion Thread

Ha ha sure, this will never be a bad idea.

Fuck, okay. Dark Souls 3 was great. I liked it enough to play it through twice on a Computer that technically didn’t meet the min specs before the performance started getting in the way of me enjoying it.

I’m going to try to keep an eye on the thread and keep it from being a horrible bundle of negativity and people angry at each other. I get that stuff like this can easily get out of hand.

And, hey, if more rules need to be added to the thread to keep us from getting to angry at each other, then yeah, they’ll be added

Style Savvy is the best IP Nintendo has.


If we’re going to continue living in a capitalist hell, mod developers should have the assistance they need to legally release content they create & be justly compensated.

All artists should be about to make cool things and not have to worry about balancing being able to create obtuse works and also paying rent.

Why is this even a controversial stance

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Fully endorsed

FInal Fantasy 13 is the best of the series, and 4 and 6 are boring.

Undertale is boring with an occasional laugh.

Dragon Age II is a good game. Inquisition is better. Vivienne is always right.


WHERE IS @ThatPazuzu?? He deserves to feel less crazy about not liking Undertale!

Meanwhile, I hate the universally-acclaimed Her Story so much, I’m currently writing the script to a BIG multi-video critique of the thing. I’m mildly obsessed about it :\ Pony Island has a more impressive “nostalgic bad 90s computer” UI that functions better for the story than Her Story’s dumb bullshit. People bitch about Gone Home being a “walking simulator???” Her Story is worse, it’s a sitting-and-typing simulator. I don’t get it!!! :rage:


As a fan of the Souls series:

I have no desire to ever play Demon’s Souls.
Dark Souls 1 is alright.
Dark Souls 2 is outright terrible and would be better as not a Souls game.
Dark Souls 3 is superior in so many ways to the first one.
I can’t bring myself to get anywhere near finishing BloodBorne.

But Voidburger, what about the wind and the rain?

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I would scold you because this is a thread for bad opinions but you have that part at the end so 🖒

This is a thread for bad and wrong opinions and we are ruining this thread by derailing it with good opinions. Sera is intentionally awful and she is so, so important and I appreciate (and fucking hate) her so much. I could talk a lot about Sera, I won’t.

13 Sera is alright but in the rest of the 13 sequels her character just kind of goes all over in real weird ways and I love it but sometimes I’m scratching my head and wondering where the hell that came from even as I appreciate and enjoy it.

This is a thread for bad opinions and we are ruining-- I’ll stop. Lava spider rules.

Bloodbourne just needed to triple down on the werewolves (and add more axes of increasing ridiculousness) and give the furries (I love you, furries) the yiff and murder game they deserve.

I said I’d stop the “This thread is for…” shtick but ya’ll are making it hard. Fi is completely obnoxious and I hate her. She’s a strong contender for worst character in games ever.

Woah now. She rules though.

Confession: I have not bought or played this game solely because our tastes and opinions on most things largely align and so your hatred of it has warded me away. Thanks! …I hope.


I enjoy Donkey Kong 64 and have 101%-ed it multiple times.


I have only good memories of DK64 because my friend had it and so we would play the multiplayer when I and other friends were over. I was shocked to find out that people didn’t like it years later.

Yeah same here I was shocked when someone told me that game was bad, it had Lankey Kong how could it possible be bad??? i grew up with that game the backtracking wasn’t that bad.

I… I actually don’t think the Moon song in the Duck Tales game is all that good.

Here’s the thing, I know it’s good, this is an objective fact but I just don’t enjoy it because there is something wrong with me.

Dirge of Cerberus was a fun game.


I love David Hayter but… he’s not a good voice actor.

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Halo 5? hate it, halo 4? hate it even more, halo 3? meh Halo 2? hell no Halo? love that game.

I thought that was always the fun of him is he can do just over the top goofy melodrama that is so bad it’s good.

No clue if this is a bad opinion, or just an unpopular sentiment, but Metroid Fusion is a good horror game.

I’d actually be really interested if you could go into specifics here! I played Fusion, and it never struck me as a horror game.